>Video consistency in stable diffusion can be optimized when using control net and EBsynth. In this 2nd tutorial, I’ll share Tokyojab’s knowledge gained in the past 3 months, along with the insights I’ve acquired from experimenting with his temporal consistency method over the last 2 weeks.

Tokyojab uses the text2img tab instead of the img2img tab in stable diffusion, which allows for incredible style transfer in high resolution quality. It’s a crucial step to achieve flicker free and consistent AI animation.

He calls it the temporal consistency method. It’s the best flickerfree AI video technique I’ve come across in 2023, made possible with stablediffusion, controlnet, and EBsynth. Get ready to take your videos to the next level with these powerful tools!

0:00 Introducing Tokyojab’s 2 hacks
1:13 What is in this video
1:50 Installing Tiled VAE and Depth Map Extension
2:37 Creating the Grid & picking the best frames for EBsynth
3:43 Using the Depth map extension
4:30 Installing 3 Controlnet units, Lineart, depth map and Open pose
6:24 Creating prompts and install deliberate model and lora
8:47 Using the highres trick to get more detail
9:54 Merging the 2 clips and fix the teeth problem
11:29 Use Stable diffusion depth map extension to create a mask for flicker free background
13:05 Tokyojab’s Resolutions for 9×16 videos

-The 1st Tutorial link:
-Olivio Sarikas Video about Deliberate Model and Lora:
Other Links:
My Twitter account: @Digital_Magic_
-Tokyojab instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tokyojab/
-Tokyojab Reddit post:
The civit ai model:
Reliberate Model: https://civitai.com/models/79754/reliberate
LowRA Lora: https://civitai.com/models/48139/lowra
-TIiled VAE:
GitHub page: https://github.com/pkuliyi2015/multidiffusion-upscaler-for-automatic1111.git
-DEpth Map Extension:
GitHub page: https://github.com/thygate/stable-diffusion-webui-depthmap-script
-Pexels girl
Installing the vae model, on the hugging face website
Sebastian Kamph’s Installation of Stable diffusion automatic 1111 webui
Creating the grid and cutting it:
EBsynth Free Software

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