>Today we’re going to show you exactly how to make your OWN WordPress link in bio page and skip Linktree completely.

Why would you want to create your own Linktree style page? Simple: control over your platform!

Lots of websites need to start small, and Linktree is a great option. But when they want to grow? Then they’re locked in to a limited platform that has no flexibility!

By starting small with WordPress from the very beginning, you can meet your needs (or your client’s needs) while still allowing for flexibility and growth in the future.

A WordPress link in bio page is a great starting point. It offers a reputation-building web presence and quick access to all of your most important links & social media profiles.

Why lock yourself into a platform that only lets you build link in bio pages? It just doesn’t make sense if you expect to ever need a more complicated website.

So jump in and learn how to build your very own custom link in bio page using WordPress & Oxygen in just a few simple steps.

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00:00 Introduction
00:55 Creating the link in bio page
02:05 Designing the page background
07:41 Adding the page content
14:22 Including some responsive settings
14:57 Final thoughts

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