>Ai girlfriends, models and dating apps are getting more advanced, every single day. Which makes artificial intelligence a real threat to models on instagram and other platforms, since Ai can provide the exact same products and services, at a much larger volume.

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With artificial intelligence it has become easier than ever, to generate ai images of realistic women, that are indistinguishable from real photos. These system have been trained on millions of photos, to be operated fully by inputting text, of what you want to see.

This makes the process of creating images insanely easy and fast. In addition you can still build new training models, to fine tune your results and built the perfect ai woman.

When you then combine this ai image generation, with ai video generation, you get into the realm of fully replacing influencers, OF models and instagram models, since you have all the tools to do the exact same thing.

Video Structure:
00:00 Intro
01:11 What people desire from Ai
02:19 The abilities of Ai influencers / content creators
04:18 New possibilities with Ai image & video generation
05:16 The decline of Society
06:19 Early versions of Ai girlfriends
06:53 Future Ai girlfriends
08:42 What to do about Ai? Is this Good or Bad?

The speed at which ai girlfriends and models are developing and the speed at which the artificial intelligence industry as a whole is growing, is truly astonishing.
These hyper realistic images and video capabilities from ai, will definitely come with many opportunities, as well as major problems.

New York 2023/2024

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