Marble Arch & Oxford Circus 17th April 2019.

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  1. Power to the people ✌💓✌

  2. Utter bullshit by this guy. Every national academy of science agrees that anthropogenic climate change is a real and present danger. Who funds this guy ??

  3. Hand-wringing, masochistic misanthropic, pseudo-liberals are free, imv, to self-harm as much as they like, (The more the better) but I'm not buying it, so don't fuck with my lifestyle.  I'd drive over them without a second thought.

  4. I don't think ER are suggesting the world will die rather the life systems that we and many other species are dependent on are being slowly destroyed hence our extinction

  5. ah its a march! whats it for? who cares-i fancy a walk!!!!!!!.

  6. if you listen to some of the key players in ER they suggest their campaign is based on research so looking at non violent means to being about social change – some of the elements of this involved getting ordinary people together to engage in civil disobedience including being arrested and I think i've heard over 1000 have been arrested – of course business is going to try and profit from it all its the self interested system we live in

  7. If the banks released the money, that the working classes put into them, will said working class folks get their money back? Money that is rightfully theirs. I'd say, most likely not. It's a scam to ensure the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Besides, if Bill Gates et al were that concerned for the environment, they wouldn't be worrying about their own money being depleted. They'd be decent enough to fund all this themselves, for THEIR own and other people's future.

    My advice is to take all your money out of your banks and put it somewhere safer than a bank/other financial institution.

    The one thing that I had to laugh at, is this: we are carbon-based life forms, so we will never get our carbon footprint down to zero. Unless we are dead of course, but even then, we are likely exude some type of carbon from the decomposition of our bodies. So Al Gore bringing his carbon footprint down to nothing is a load of old nonsense.

  8. So many useful idiots.The globalists are rubbing their hands together with glee.

  9. These people don't understand the basics of what they are demonstrating about.

    They are sheeple in need of leadership, they can't think for themselves so follow anything that is willing to lead them.

    You hinted on how dumb people could be when you mentioned the millennium bug, you gotta rush out and buy a new computer or it will stop working in the year 2000! No you didn't.

    These people don't understand what they are demonstrating about, and are giving these rich people permission to raid their pensions.

    I'm just a doctor right, I'm just a mum blah blah, if you don't understand it what the hell are you doing standing there, that's pretty stupid, which is concerning considering one of them was a doctor.

  10. I would love to see Piers Corbyn debate George Monbiot.
    I recently saw the latter, tear (Sir?) David Bellamy apart, on some program.
    Bellamy is a CO2-driven-Climate-change sceptic.
    I respect and agree with Piers and David,
    but this George Monbiot, really, seemed to know his onions (so to speak)

  11. This is classic 'Problem, Reaction, Solution' technique. You 'create' a problem, to cause a reaction, then you step in with the solution you wanted to enact, but no one would go along with without the first 2 steps.

  12. The eu,un all Zionist banks media,ngos and borderless charities must be destroyed for Europe to keep it's cultural cultural, heritage,identity and for OUR children to have a safe peaceful future,

  13. Funny how they want a system to overlook the government climate change and would be unelected position. Just like the EU.

  14. The Science not the politics so far….

    1. Venus has permanent Global Warming; no cars or nasty humans on Venus?? Global Warming is a fact Britain would be a frozen hell if it wasn't!

    2. Carbon Warming as a catalyst for an earlier Global Warming is NOT fact but Theory; i asked Greenpeace for their hard evidence and they couldn't give me any; except Computer models.

    3 Reducing pollution and moving away from limited fossil fuels is sensible; but not at a pace where we are not ready to embrace alternative energy that at the moment is expensive and inefficient!

    4, Prove climate change in hard science and produce the energy alternatives that are cost effective without destroying the worlds economy!

    5. Nimbys need to stop Masturbating trees and Dolphins get off that grant gravy train and get a real job!

  15. A case of the blind leading the blind.

  16. These people are idiots, ask them a question and they say they dont have the background knowledge, so they demonstrate for something they dont know about, idiots ! As for a citizens assembly outside of politics, that's a ludicrous notion, it would have no teeth if that was the case though I'm sure they would bully normal people into submission. As for zero carbon emissions, lmfao, not possible. And their claims of extreme whether events increading, a common claim with no evidence…. Have you also noticed they all reiterate exactly the same points ad nauseam, they've been coached to double down and just repeat the same things, and they think their movement is grass roots, bollocks !!! You know, let government tell them they will lose the pensions and watch them change their minds quicker than shit of a shovel… as for the light worker who wants to raise people's vibrations, oh fa fuck sake ! Numpties one and all. Doomed, we're all doomed I tell ya, so far at least 3 times the world should have ended so far but we are still here… just a bunch of winging middle class hippy dippy t**ts.

  17. How many of these protesters have upgraded their phones recently, how many of them had take away coffee on the way to the venue, how many will go home to a centrally heated home? In short do any of them realise how dependent their lifestyle is on easily available energy? They will not last five minutes living in a world of carbon zero.

  18. I've just bought a nice new VW Diesel. It's fab. Mega fast and comfortable. If they ban diesel, I'll run it on chip fat. Fuck these stupid cunts.

  19. Here's a thing, If the capitalist western way of life (high carbon emission) is the problem, why do these hippies still espouse immigrating the 3rd world into a western way of life? They SHOULD be shutting the gates of western europe and the USA and saying "you can't come here and live this way of life". Quite inconvenient for them though.

  20. Vote farage on may23

  21. he's got his yellow shirt, his pink cap n pony tail, rockin' his crystal ans he's all set.

  22. At Marble Arch they were not mostly young people or "hippy types". Many middle-aged and elderly people were there. They were mostly middle class. And yes they were mostly white, probably because black people have a very different experience of the police than we do. Greta Thunberg and the school strike movement is a parallel phenomenon – many XR people have been campaigning for the environment longer than Greta has lived. Greta has a very good understand of the global problems.

    I'm 1:35 into this 37 minute presentation and it has been largely inaccurate to this point. Why would I continue to listen?

  23. "The world will end in 12 years – and if it doesn't, it's because we are demonstrating!" (That's very convenient.)

  24. Check out Maverick Star on Youtube find out why the weather changes and jet streams are crazy.

  25. Informative. Thank you. The truth will prevail. Subscribed.

  26. complicated issue.. a lot of information to digest here. thanks

  27. "end of the world as we know it' FFS she's a pawn. Plain and simple.

  28. 'I don't really know you've lost me' typical of demonstrators on serious issues. It's serious because of the way this subject is being used by governments and global corporations (who run governments) to manipulate sheeple for their own goals and agendas. Climate change truth is still uncertain, but we do know it is naturally cyclical.

  29. I'd give up every last penny of our wealth if it means we save the planet for us and all life here it sounds like the guy believes climate change is real and we do have to solve it but he doesn't want to spend his money on it which yes the rich and corporations need to pay too but we should be willing to help financially and any way we can and not just say fuck off kill the planet just stay away from my money

  30. A young impressionable child ripe for manipulation and indoctrination by far left ideologues, do they care she has mental health problems hell no.

  31. I have doubts whether Heiko is sober. Extinction Rebellion has been more than 2 years in the making, and by this point we've had many climate protests in the UK.
    But Heiko's abysmal journalism and ludicrous conspiracy theories undoubtedly appeal to climate change deniers.

    Honestly, there's a good case for Google to ban these trashy, science-denying videos.

  32. the new technology; 5G to imprison you will be brought in by these do-gooders…

  33. Communism is doing a wonderful job fooling thousands of well meaning naive lovely people to work hard at destroying their own country.
    Unless we have a civil war, second great depression, or World War III these communist will take over the planet without firing a shot.
    These women are going to win being used by the Communist agenda so people better start taking them seriously.
    Nobody will stop this woman……….she is completely brainwashed………..we are going to loose.

  34. Oh God, please SAVE US from well-intentioned but utterly naive people who have not only swallowed hook, line and sinker the propaganda on 'climate change' devised by globalists as part of their plans to establish world government … but who have also never taken the time to do research on the network of rich elites who control everything via the Federal Reserve and banking system, the CFR, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission etc etc. They think they are working to save their children's future, but they're really useful idiots for globalists working to facilitate their own enslavement. The theory of anthropogenic Climate Change is a fiction. None of the predictions made over the last 30 years have proven correct; polar bear numbers are far higher than ever; the Maldives are not only NOT being submerged by rising sea levels but in fact are thriving (in 2018 a new airport runway began construction); the climate hasn't warmed for the last 20 years etc etc. WHY do these idiots not look at the evidence, rather than just believe in an unproven set of lies?

  35. The bill and melinda gates foundation has been boosting the population in africa. The obvious thing would be to encourage less births not more. Once again, total lies from the ((( big corporations ))).

  36. I think it's the communist Chinese that are backing this to destroy western economy and technological innovation so they get the upper hand.

  37. We must do something. This is something, therefore we must do this.

  38. These people are not going to stop until every ounce of freedom is gone.

  39. There's one born every minute.

  40. Good vid. Swilliamism also done a vid on this, it seems corporations behind the scenes are using the good will of the public to push their agenda. The woman he interviewed has been conditioned into a state of fear through the use of emotive and manipulative propaganda.

  41. Thank goodness there are sources of money for such important issues as our very own survival and of all life. This guy has an obvious bias against focus on revenue used for environmental support. The military, pharmaceutical, agricultural complex agendas are thoroughly supported by public capital. His insecurity and bitter attitude is noticeable in his body language. He is too darn distracted by his intent to promote the false narrative of money and politics that he cannot focus on the important issues.

  42. He sure seems armed with the ability to use fallacies and distractions, and cannot understand that there are many stages of awareness in the protestors, but at least their direction is noble. Is he naive or playing devil's advocate?

  43. We have an environmental department, an environmental protection act, a legal system. We don't need another tier of

  44. Although she constantly refers to "a crisis" and you ask how she knows, she replies "environmental scientists". Unfortunately, that is the extent of her knowledge – she is "only a mum", after all, as she demurred when asked uncomfortable questions about the Atlantic Council. If she took the time to dig a little further, she might learn that she's been had. It took me all of 30 mins to find and read articles on these climate predictions from which I learned the following:

    The IPCC produced 4 scenarios called RCP2.6, RCP4.0, RCP6.0 and RCP8.5 (the numbers refer to the number of watts/square meter of forcing in the year 2100 compared to 1750). I continued to probe, and learned that they then worked out the CO2 concentrations required to achieve these forcing's. It turns out that it requires CO2 levels of 938 ppm to produce the RCP8.5 scenario, compared to 600 ppm for RCP6.0. But it gets worse. When I looked further into how we achieve 938 ppm, I discovered that it assumes that 1) The worst UN population forecast of 12 billion is realised and 2) that 50% of the energy mix will be coal. That hasn't happened since very early in the 20th century (you would have to have coal fired power stations and coal burning trains). I then read that a logistics exercise found that CO2 levels are rising at only half the rate required to produce the RCP8.5 scenario.

    Now, any impartial reading of that information would conclude that the RCP8.5 scenario has a vanishingly small chance of being realised. So, RCP8.5 is taken as worst case then? Wrong! The people pushing this agenda have taken RCP8.5 not only as business as usual, but in the case of the extinction rally, it is taken as literally the absolute reality of how the future will unfold. This is blatant politicizing of science. But nobody on this rally has a clue about any of this, although I am pretty sure that the people at the top who are running the show know exactly what they are spinning to the useful idiots. If people don't understand even the basic foundations of that "climate crisis" prediction, if they have never heard of RCP8.5 much less RCP6.0, then how the hell can they stand up and demand the government cuts CO2 emissions to zero! What right have they got to dictate terms to anybody if they just don't know what they are talking about?

  45. 13:30 – Unfortunate lady has absolutely no idea she's being played. Though she said it all herself. The naivety.


  46. Greta Toon is a clueless useful idiot. She and her fellow co-travellers should be campaigning against the mass unwanted third world non white immigration and the Islamic invasion of the west. Therein lies a real and imminent danger to civilisation and the extinction of the white race. The climate change hoax (formerly called global warming, is a tool to transfer wealth by taxation from ‘We the people’ to ‘Them’ the less than 1% psychopaths who own the planet and it’s inhabitants. Fuck the new world order!

  47. Why shouldn't our pension funds invest in technologies that will reduce climate change? isn't that what our pensions are about – our survival in future times.

  48. "The scientists have said." Which scientists? What body? What authority? Where have all these scientists stood together, as one, and publicly confirmed that the world will end in 12 years?

  49. So sad how so many people will believe almost anything, if someone in apparent authority with a shirt and tie and a badge on says it to them. We know that 50% of people will administer a lethal shock to people, just because someone in a white lab coat tells them to. This is the same thing at work here. Of course, in 12 years time when the tipping point hasn't been reached, it'll be because we did stuff or because we're just not quite there. I want the climate-change nutjobs to tell me how we on earth managed to cause the polar caps on other plants to warm up?

  50. These sheep have no idea what they are talking about. All they know is fear. It’s a great example of how well the programming is working on them. Corrupt politicians and their cronies are having a great laugh over this one!

  51. Prince Phillip was International President of WWF for many years. A notorious big game hunter. Yet these animals still face extinction whilst big game hunting has increased. They seize land for game hunting. Look how many lions are caged for the rich to shoot and kill.

  52. The average iq must be well below 100 now.

  53. ' I'me just a Mum and i'me really scared for my children !!!…' . Happy to lead them though into yet another generation of ignorant slaves . WTF !!

  54. Heiko is good at heart but thrives on controversy and knows little about XR, which he repeatedly refers to as ‘Climate Extinction’ rather than ‘Extinction Rebellion’. It is wrong to label the protesters as ‘hippy ecotypes – mostly white middle class kids’. Being an old-fashioned Marxist who’s preached that controversial ideology from Speaker’s Corner since 1986, he appears not to have noticed that environmental concerns now overshadow social concerns, nor to know that the two are inextricably connected.
    ‘Get the facts, or the facts will get you. And when you get them, get them right, or they will get you wrong.’ – Dr. Thomas Fuller, 1732. In fact:
    1. “In late 2018, Ingmar Rentzhog, founder of the non-profit We Don't Have Time Foundation – WDHT [not ‘Time’s Up’ – as he calls it] recruited Thunberg to become an unpaid youth advisor and used Thunberg's name and image without her knowledge or permission to raise millions for WDHT's for-profit subsidiary We Don't Have Time AB, of which Rentzhog is CEO. Thunberg received no money from the company. She terminated her volunteer advisor role with WDHT, stating she ‘is not part of any organization… am absolutely independent… [and] do what I do completely for free.’” (
    2. Teenagers are not ‘too young’ to comprehend the increasingly desperate need to change our economies: they are the first generation which will suffer terribly if we don’t all take radical action now.
    3. A lot of the protestors have full time jobs which they took time off from – and lost income and risked imprisonment – to take part in the XR protests.
    4. Although XR owes a lot to Greta it is not a conspiracy (they never last long anyway for a secret can be kept by 3 people only if 2 of them are dead). The organisers behind the XR actions have been planning for the last 30 years. They are neither young nor hippies but respected academics.
    Heiko annoyed the International Marxist Tendency so much that he was actually expelled from it in 2010, since when his Marxist activism has been mostly standing on a soapbox in Hyde Park, the closure of which by the XR action Heiko probably found highly irritating.
    In “Rashid Nix (Green Party) Questions Heiko's Criticisms of Extinction Rebellion & Greta Thunberg” Heiko suggests that a it is more effective to stand on a soapbox at Speaker’s Corner or to fill up Tesco trolleys and leave them at the checkout. We’ve been doing that kind of thing for decades with no discernable results. XR has brought global attention to the crisis we’re in and might even get the politicians to do more than make empty promises.
    Love & respect,
    Psy <3
    Knowledge : Hope : Unity
    United World Awakening

  55. XR isn’t focused on Greta thunberg
    Do your research buddy

  56. Who is that very stupid, ignorant woman??? She is a very very ignorant woman taking up an agenda that she has no clue about. She would do better by going home an cooking for her family, which might be in her intercultural scope.

  57. Yeah, some science…. which is very precise.
    The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report published October 2018 by 91 scientists from 40 countries who received over 6000 references and 42,000 expert and peer reviewed publications. The report states: “Unprecedented changes are required if we are to avoid climate breakdown.”

  58. Big business must have been very disappointed with these snow flakes who said they was going to stay indefinitely but lasted ten days and four of them days was a bank hoilday weekend #ment nothing did nothing

  59. Another smokescreen 😮diverted away from 5G ☣️which is dangerous .an diversion away from Brexit immigration and extreme ideologist☝️

  60. Always been a bit sceptical of the whole Greta Thunberg thing. Not criticising the girl herself. She's too young and inexperienced to know that she is probably being exploited. But "there is a special place in Hell" (to borrow a phrase) for those who would exploit her.

    Also always felt that those symbols used by the ER movement were very creepy. Where do they come from, I wonder?

  61. Thanks for another perspective 🤔

  62. An observation: for some reason, in the UK, on both Brexit and Climate disputed facts and fears dominate the debates. Many proponents on either side express absolute certainty about their case. There is a widespread perception that being for Brexit and against man-made climate change is somehow right-wing, and being for remain and accepting the theory that man-made CO2 drives climate, is somehow left-wing.
    I am agnostic on both issues and do not consider either view to be intrinsically left or rightwing. It appears to me that the confusing language of US political ideology dominates the definition of left and right, and this pervades the discussions.
    There are big businesses which back both sides of the debate on both issues.
    The specific connections between the World Economic Forum, powerful NGOs and Greta Thunberg as a selected figurehead have been well documented by Cory Morningstar. She is a green activist who opposes the green business industry while supporting the theory of man-made CO2 driven climate ( My interview was based on her research.

  63. Extinction Rebellion, Car emissions BAD. CHEMTRAILS good. Anyone with half a brain can see that they are a contrived Government agenda. The Government are treating most of them like useful idiots. They have their hearts in the right place but are just being used by Government/Corporation agenda's.  All that media reporting and not a mention of the skies being sprayed with heavy metals. Them not ever mentioning Chemtrails utterly and completely gives their game away. PS when did the earths climate not change? Look up Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers Corbyn. He blows climate change out of the water and he has a ton of qualifications to back him up, spent his whole life studying meteorology, weather and studying weather patterns.Read more Show less

  64. Absolutely jaw dropping to the extent of brainwashing within society.
    Climate change is the biggest farce period.
    Hell, I'm shocked as to how dumb down this society is.

  65. Nobody dares mention the elephant in the room. OVER POPULATION. There is no doubt that the human race is trashing the earth at the expense of wildlife and ecology and the powers behind this new CULT don't really give a fuck about wildlife.

  66. The "energetic being" that has meditated for 10 years should give it another 10 then he might realize he's batting for the wrong side.

  67. These people are batshit. If they even came close to implementing what they want to do THAT would kill their children well before the climate change boogeyman does!!

  68. the 4th world order is on its way I think.

  69. Alert controlled opposition to the humungous rort that is eating them from head to toe – and the expression on their face – it's that look of somebody who's just clueing on that the mysterious large shoe box jammed under their seat at the auditorium where an extravagant blockbuster musical is about to begin – is jam packed with fresh, warm, steaming, horse-dung.

  70. Thank God, somebody with some logic.

  71. What climate extinction? Lack of water because of over farming, yes. Plastic pollution, yes.But the sun warming the earth, is natural. We have to adapt. Doesnt matter how much co2 you capture, we are warming up because of other reasons. NOT carbon.

  72. If global companies want to pay for climate change action… that might be good.

    If they’re trying to work out how to make it profitable… that might also be good.

    There are plenty of powerful business interests trying to do the opposite because they want to avoid tax.

  73. No excuse for this level of ignorance in this day and age.

  74. Like you say, all this alarmism is clearly orchestrated by those behind the curtain to fit an agenda in the coming years.

  75. Who funds Content Over Everything?

  76. This vid is some true with some lies.

  77. If these climate activists and the scientists that are predicting climate collapse are wrong then some people make large amounts of money and will be found out eventually, whoopee shit… but if the climate change doubters are wrong and we do nothing then my grandchildren's future is fucked..!!

  78. Global warming is a tax scam by the Globalist so they can get their hands on the peoples retirement funds because they can't tax the sun which is the real cause of climate change.

  79. Hi video creator, can you please post links to the company "Time's Up" and the app that you mentioned? I looked for them but can't find anything.

  80. The sun causes climate change.

  81. Carbon is a by-product of global warming NOT the cause. All this carbon is released from the sea as it warms, we are all carbon based along with the animals and plants. Plants get bigger with more carbon and give off more Oxygen a by-product. Pollution and plastics is the real problem.

  82. The greenest thing about the hypocritical bourgeois extinction rebels is the 💩 pouring out of them.

  83. At 13:00 — What an incredibly stupid woman. You can't get any more ignorant that she …

  84. "Extinction Rebellion". The name tells the real truth behind the motives …

  85. The fact that this guy calls the company We Don't Have Time as "Time's Up" shows that he hasn't done his research. But i agree that capitalism must fall. These coming decades people will experience the death of capitalism. Either it kills us (and it self) or we kill it

  86. Also the fact that they want to ban all cars, to take away the freedom of going wherever you want in a moments notice and not dependent on public transport….I didn’t think the China dystopia would come here so soon

  87. Makes one think that the Fracking extraction is one huge controlled operation , including the protestors as part of this , with the aim to highlight this move for Eco investment by the banks .
    Carbon is a natural emission that is dealt with by nature . Excellent expose of the hoax climate change movement who’ve naively been manipulated by the corporations!

  88. Bless these people…they are good souls, but so over their head.

  89. This video is total bullshit …

  90. In 12 years these so called experts on climate change will be No where to be found . WTF does zero carbon actually mean ? The battery for an electric car is all from fossil fuels . The tactics to even fix said climate problem is ridiculous.

  91. What we could do with is a Resource Based Economy…..that would clear up all the bullshit, who knows what is right in this situation, or indeed any situation, whilst we live within exchange mechanisms……all for profit and competition!

  92. it is so scary to me that people actual believe in C02 and Methane driven global warming.
    I guess i am lucky that 50+ years ago i was told why the powers that be wanted to push forward with geoengineering. He didnt use that word but that is what was being described to me at the time.
    And how is it the everyone has forgotten all about the really toxic chemicals that are killing life on earth. I just do not understand how it is that people believe that C02 is dangerous for our environment. its just so fucked up

  93. How ever did it come this no such thing as democracy as far as the brainwashed manipulated so called clever people is truly alarming, useful idiots the lot of them.

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