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Death rates

How to avoid environmental viruses


Reducing fever, good or bad?

Reducing fever part 2

Clinical features of infection

Vitamin D and immunity

Infection, immunity and epidemiology

The nature of infection

The nature of infections, part 2

Hand washing video

Oxygen in the blood

Droplet verses airborne infection

Protect self and family

DW TV interview

Fox news interview, short and sweet

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    Prince Charles has it yet he is traveling with his entourage… Putting them and their families at risk… He should lead by example and self isolate…

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    Best wishes for Prince Charles recovery.

  3. Avatar

    20:10 Bit of a typo in france there. I hope

  4. Avatar

    11:17 WHO lost the credibility in my humble opion. They were in bed with the chinese and did not alert the world in December. Now they are playing with football… Laughable.
    WHO has literally blood in their hands.

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    Thanks again, and reports here say lock down and distance helping. Directly noticed in NYC.

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    I have a feelinng that China could be responsible for that. I found an article in the nature magazin from 2017 about a new opend class 4 labratory which is the highest class. There were alot of experts and scientists that were worried about that new facility because of low security and chinas history of accidents, note that the SARS1 virus could leak 3 times from labratories in beijing in the past. This class4 labratory is in Wuhan! https://www.nature.com/news/inside-the-chinese-lab-poised-to-study-world-s-most-dangerous-pathogens-1.21487 This article worried me

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    Interesting theory regarding TB vaccine and the younger populations low symptoms with COVID-19.


  8. Avatar

    Meanwhile in Sweden

    "let's just test fatally sick pll, skipping even the medical staff"
    (trying to hide from the swidish ppl how our capacity of testing is to low).

    I live in Sweden and I'm scared!

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    Surprisingly I haven't change at all. Because i always stayed like this for almost 2 years now.

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    Seriously if we don't have the kits (which we don't )then quarantine and isolate suspected cases as if they have the virus. Why do we feel we need the testing in order to isolate? We should just be assuming we have it if we are showing any symptoms.

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    I saw last night, here in Eastern Washington State, a grocery store had placed X's on the floor, 6 feet apart leading up to the checkout counters, with bright green tape.

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    John, if you look at the California numbers, it is clear that very little testing is going on.

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    Do people with blood group A have a significantly higher risk for catching COVID-19?

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    geuss charles aint becoming a king after all…

  15. Avatar

    At least with these daily videos I know what day it is and what the date is. The days are starting to blur together.

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    What would Dr. Campbell think about Brazilian case, with the President thinking about finishing lockdown measures the next days…? 🤔

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    NO sports or war metephors.

  18. Avatar

    The President didn’t mean there won’t be anymore cases as of Easter lol. He meant like people hopefully will be able to start working again, and quarantines can be lifted. People are obsessed with bashing a good President because the media has been lying for over three years. People here are acting like it doesn’t exist because they don’t know of anyone that has the virus!!! Other people think it’s only affecting the US 🤔🤔🤔. It’s sad how stupid society has become. Everyone is so entitled and selfish,Well most people. I have seen a few good people helping others.

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    "Dr. Tedros", who is not a medical doctor, and therefor not "Dr.", accepted the lies of China's govt.

    For this we are now paying a huge price all over the world.

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    Also, can anyone tell me about second wave of this pandemic? Is it really happening or not?

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    I read that,Prince Charles has tested positive. I'm in the US but feel like the Royal Family is a part of our world too. I wish him a full recovery and hope the Queen stays well. Her age would definitely work against her. Charles is even in the dangerous bracket. Stay safe and well everyone here too .

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    111,822 recovered! Look on the bright side! 91% of China's cases recovered!

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    there is another virus in wuhan worst than this one and there is no cure it comes from rodents. you will be dead in 72 hours if you get this.

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    I live in the in a small village outside of Hull in the North of England. My parents own a small supermarket and everyday since the lockdown I've watched people going about there life as normal. I inform the elderly they should be isolating at home and they think coming out for a newspaper everyday is essential shopping. I believe the only way to beat coronavirus in this country is to have a strict lockdown enforced by the police and the army.

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    514 deaths yesterday, total 2800. Italy 69,171 confirmed cases. UK 8167 cases, +87 deaths Monday=422. Doubling every 5 days. France 222,673 confirmed, deaths over 1000. Japan 1193 confirmed. Germany confirmed cases 34,009.

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    I feel like you tube is hiding channels …I have to go to my history to find you and other channels I watch on coronavirus and I watch these channels everyday multiple times .

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    Are you Hitler's son

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    Already reached our testing capacity here in Germany, it seems we are not having enough enzymes for the tests, our local testing center which just opened a few days ago had to close for the day. So yeah they already only tested people with symptons and contact, so numbers will be garbage soon.>.<

    And I just realized our epicenter in Germany 'Heinsberg' is just about 0.5 % of herd immunity with a 1000 cases and 26 death, now only 69,5% to go, who thought that was a good idea?

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    Cuomo said NY is treating people with blood plasma from recovered patients. At last someone using his brain

  30. Avatar

    New York state is actually over 30k, it's new York city that's 15000, 300sq mile city.

  31. Avatar

    Hello Dr. Campbell,
    First off, thank you for this great public service.
    Secondly, thank you for maintaining a respectful dialogue regarding President Trump. We need a sense of hope, and I trust that if Easter comes and goes and things aren't safe, then he/we won't reopen anything.
    Thirdly, I don't hear anything about Mexico. Perhaps I missed it? They are apparently doing nothing. President Obrador is dismissing the whole thing (at least he was as of recently) A Mexican ER Doc says they have 2,000 ventilators in the whole of the country! Currently they don't have many cases, but with no one taking any precautions, it could be disastrous!

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    I have a theory, 2 weeks after the lockdown the cases will spike up a little more than usual then go down, and thats because most countries announce a lockdown and people do last minute stuff causing the biggest chances to spread the disease, and these new cases will be the last spike before seeing the curve go down.

  33. Avatar

    Most people will not need to be hospitalized. Its mostly old people who die from it. Not often young. Only old people should be quarantined. With the exception in some rare cases''. https://youtu.be/gMTZu6_TjU8

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    What is alarming is that the number of recovered is not escalating as those who are infected. If all is well then the recovered number should be rising substantially…and it isnt. So that means some 300k pple, minus those who perished, are still sick…and thats only for those who we know tested positive.

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    Breathing up the steam from Boiling lemons .

  36. Avatar

    Not a thing had changed here ffs… I'm convinced people are absolute retards in my city.

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    Why are you sending best wishes to Prince Charles, you witless twit? I hope he dies now, as he will be a terrible King (why do you think the Queen is hanging on for dear life, she knows her son will be a disaster for the UK, therefore the ban of everybody criticising the bastard). How dare you make out that you are giving us serious medical information and advice and then shove your personal preferences in our faces and have the cheek to say that WE all wish him the best. WE wish the normal people of this country, who don't have the best medical care in the world, and who are in trouble now with no food, no help, no people who can help, the best. And trust me I have an excellent source. My husband was chief technician on the Queen's flight for almost 10 years (5 years tour, then 2 recalls for 2.5 years because he was the best), so he knows the RF very well, and the first thing he said, when we saw the news that Charley the cheat and liar, the week vacuous moron, was positive to CORVID-19, was "I hope he dies!!!" Not everybody believes the official UK line that Charles will be a wonderful King, and is an intelligent humanitarian. He is a first class es aich 1 te. Don't you dare use your platform to spread your personal feelings that have nothing to do with the treatment and behaviour of people during the pandemic. We do NOT have to wish Charles the whinger, all the best, in order to prevent people becoming become infected with CORVID-19! Try being compassionate towards normal people in this country, who are suffering from Boris the Clown's, late implementation of the NHS open letter for a lock-down.

  38. Avatar

    Saying a drug is dirt cheep will just challenge the greedy pharmaceutical industry to find ways to increase the prices.

  39. Avatar

    That Tedros is a communist and a friend of Xi Lingping – It is claimed that he is an ex terrorist from Ethiopia. Early February he flew to a chummy meeting in China with Xi.
    Afterwards he praised China to the rooftops and that they have it under control – said there is no need to stop flying. So- infected people flew all over the world on Chinese new year celebrations. Italy and Europe in general, Iran etc infecting others.
    It is claimed he is no doctor.

  40. Avatar

    Have you seen this fantastic piece of engineering Dr Campbell? They have printed a 3D valve and added it into a Decathlon Scuba mask and thus creating a cheap ventilator https://www.isinnova.it/easy-covid19-eng/

  41. Avatar

    lol youtube putting my comments down to 2 hours they don't want the truth out there

  42. Avatar

    HI Everyone, Please look into these facts: Wuhan 5G launched Nov. 2019, Italy major launch Jan. 2020, Spain major launch Jan. 2020, these countries have extremely high death rates from Covid-19. 5G is an immune suppressor (proven) and releases non stop radiation and illegal levels. Belgium halted 5G, notice they have a 0.8 death rate from Covid-19 while Italy and Spain have over 10%. Please get 5G turned off and banned in your area. 5G is related to the death rate of Covid-19. Do your own research. W.H.O. is pushing (aggressively) 5G to monitor people with Covid-19. Do not allow 5G in your area. NY has 5G from all carriers, like Los Angeles. Good luck everyone.

  43. Avatar

    You can not trust anyone to self isolate…look at the Queen and look at Trump and his last rally.

  44. Avatar

    Today Stockholm have 18 new deth of virus
    Was 45 in Sweden totalt before! 😲…

  45. Avatar

    Walked into my manager's office today.She was crying heavy stress.I work in a grocery store we were ran off our feet last week.All the females are very worried,all the males don't know what all the fuss is about.Hey from Canada

  46. Avatar

    I really hope that the governments have a good exit strategy to de quarantine people. Otherwise all hell might break loose

  47. Avatar

    A heartfelt thank you for keeping us updated with facts. This is clearly difficult for you too. We are very worried in South Africa.

  48. Avatar

    Dr Campbell, Here is an article that explains the low death rate in Germany (0.4%) in comparison with 9.5% in Italy and 4.3 in France. Turns out it is because they have flattened their curve by aggressive testing, contact tracing, quarantine and isolation. It works! Vietnam, where I live is taking this rout – I hope for their continued success.

  49. Avatar

    Testing will start by next week. In my opinion.

  50. Avatar

    US doesn't seem to want to follow any of WHO guidelines. Lack of testing, lack of contact tracing, lack of enforced quarantines, etc. It is going to be a disaster.

  51. Avatar

    I'm not sure if you read the comments? But dr Campbell do you think it's time for medical research on how the covid19 is going to interact with insects! I know that we are not in sight of a vaccine. But now we are about to enter warmer weather as its turning spring in the united states. I know that there are growing cases in Australia an it's super hot there all year round! But if the covid19 is transmitted by breathing an other forms! So my growing question is let's say a fly lands on you an you are sweating, let's say you have covid19 on a mild side an that fly flys away an lands on another person can that be a point of transmission of covid19? I truly hope we can pull together as a world an tackle this thing before the whole world comes down with this! God speed stay safe an keep us informed as always!!

  52. Avatar

    God bless you.

  53. Avatar

    Hope the president have a Rabbit In his hat,I DOUBT IT,but lets hope.

  54. Avatar

    If you can try and volunteer, if you have medical background of course, but also if you have hobbies I know people who sew right now are making cotton masks to help combat shortages

  55. Avatar

    Again , you fail to properly present what is happening in the US. To begin with I think you need a geography lesson on the size of the US in comparison of European countries.

    You praise other countries for lock downs that you say “will work”. Yet, you ignore the lock downs in place all throughout the US.

    You praise countries whose leaders report hope in slowing the cases. Yet you misrepresent what our President said. He was expressing hope that by the states enforcing lock downs we could stop the curve by Easter and hopefully start a recovery He repeated what Americans hope for; a return to work ASAP.

    President Trump closed travel down from China much ahead of the rest of the world. While the WHO blasted him on that PROACTIVE measure.

    Our states had the chance to procure ventilators earlier. But now people want to pretend that this situation we are now facing was self evident a year ago?

    Our President has marshaled the forces & ingenuity of the private sector to repurpose industries to help manufacture more of everything we may need.

    Those crappy “tests” you lament we haven’t given out are being replaced with BETTER ones of US making. They are ACCURATE and quick. No more false negatives. We have tested more people in 8 days than S Korea did in 8 weeks.

    America is not a dictatorship. We proceed by local, then state then government. Our private sector has been the heroes here and will continue to support & lead in this fight.

    It won’t be easy, but we will prevail.

  56. Avatar

    You'll note that despite millions of test-kits not available, they managed to test all the Royal Family no problem …………

  57. Avatar

    PLEASE do a video on how to properly reuse a N95 mask on how to clean it? Just read the inventer of the polypropylene material that is inside these masks do not recommend leavinging it to soak in the sun to because it damages the polypropylene. Is there any thoughts on these matters? Also there are countries that live life like normal, like Mexico. They are going to be worst then Italy. Really frightening

  58. Avatar

    Good morning Dr. thx 🙏🏼😇😘 from Cleveland Ohio!

  59. Avatar

    If the issue is hypoxia, wouldn't the better position to be lying on your back with your legs up? This way you have higher blood pressure on the lungs and presumably better oxygen/co2 exchange.

  60. Avatar

    "Treacle"……..England and Ireland, okay, gotcha……………….rest of the world, Huh?

  61. Avatar

    I am very surprised that you don't speak about information on possible cures with Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycine or high dose vitamin C for example. It's the second time I am writing this, but you totally ignore it. What matters is not really your statistics and oft repeated do's and don'ts. What we require is expert opinions and view points on the cures and management of the infection. If you have taken upon yourself to be that expert commentator on the world scene of the pandemic, it will be well for you to dwell upon the proposed cures, for example, by Pr. Didier Raoult which seems to be so underrated but which makes a lot of sense. So please do your followers a favour and dwell upon the announced cures. Thank you.

  62. Avatar

    Thank you for your work sir!

  63. Avatar

    I live in Wayne county, Michigan, USA and work in Washtenaw county Michigan, USA. I work in healthcare. According to our organization leadership, we plan for our coronavirus cases to peak between May 2nd and May 12th. President Trump can say what he wants, and we will prepare for reality.

  64. Avatar

    I can’t get into this video – anyone else having the same problem?? I watch faithfully everyday!!

  65. Avatar

    17.22 WELL THAT WONT BE HAPPENING HERE IN UK DR.JOHN DONT YOU WORRY, BRIT FOLK ARE KIND FOLK. THE quicker we get the antibody test quicker we can all volunteer. its really not fair when brit doctors tell elderly not telephone taking up beds on c4.

  66. Avatar

    Here’s the 40 year old I told you about.


  67. Avatar

    Post a self testing kit to everyone who wants one, free of charge.

  68. Avatar

    Can you suggest zinc level and replacement as indicated
    Zinc helps to maintain sense of smell and
    taste. Zinc inhibit viral replication. Zinc
    shorten comon cold symptoms. Chloroquine
    helps zinc to enter the cell. Zinc synergies
    antimicrobial effect of azythromycin. Zinc zinc

  69. Avatar

    There was a vid of him shaking hands with everyone..😦

  70. Avatar

    If the WHO world health organization had advised closing borders and stopping all flights and practicing social distancing right from the start we would not be in such a dire situation as we are now.!!!
    They saw what was happening in China and they saw what was coming! It’s like when you see a storm coming. What did they do? They advised against closing borders. They advised against stopping air travel.
    Who trusts the corrupt WHO?
    We don’t need these kinds of absolutely useless international organizations.
    And I wish you would not always bring up statements from the WHO.

  71. Avatar

    I follow your videos every single day now, like everybody else here, I suspect. Thanks for bringing the need for waftable mucus to our attention! 😀

  72. Avatar

    Thanks for the update John

  73. Avatar

    I have lost hope in the Healthcare system of the U.S.A .

  74. Avatar

    This is a fake pandemic being used by the elite to strip away any freedoms we had left and to destroy the world economy to hide their financial mismanagement.

    Research Event 201

  75. Avatar

    Whilst no Democrat can defeat Trump in the presidential election, it looks like Coronavirus will. Trump risks making many mistakes that will lose him the presidency.

  76. Avatar

    covid 19 symptom, lose of the sense of smell. So if you are curious who has it, fart in public and those who don't complain HAVE IT It a new social test instead of hand shaking.. Welcome to the new world order.

  77. Avatar

    Keep up the great work Dr John, and all Doctors & Nurses and medical support staff.
    … …
    At the moment, millions to billions of people feel like they are on death row; waiting to catch this thing, and/or to lose one's job.

  78. Avatar

    Isn't the infection in the USA in states like here in WA and in NY and OH which are currently around 10c degrees a sign that warmer weather does stop or prevent the virus spread? The spread in southern states except for Florida has all been limited so far.

  79. Avatar

    Has Dr. Campbell’s site been shut down by YouTube? I can not open any videos

  80. Avatar

    I've been really sick mimicking symptoms of Covid19 coughing fever and shortness of breath. They declined to test me twice at our local Covid19 assessment center. I live in Toronto, Canada.

  81. Avatar

    Dr Campbell, Orion Welles had nothing on you!!! The NWO globalists chose well!

  82. Avatar

    Dear Dr Campbell,
    Why do the mortality statistics for Italy fail to show any unusual increase in deaths over the preceding 3 years?
    Is this whole thing a scam?
    "Mortality monitoring in Europe"

  83. Avatar

    Something serious is wrong with the statistics for this virus. The percentage of deaths of all resolved cases is rising dramatically instead of falling as predicted. This can only be adequately explained if the the seriously ill are the only ones being tested. And the accelerating of the pandemic despite social-distancing can only logically explained if its far more widespread than even the most pessimistic view up to this date. And that means a far higher R0 than previously believed. We need an antibody test and widespread study of the general population. Cuz I suspect this virus has been spread a lot longer than thought. And it’s very possible that a large portion of the population has already had this Covid-19 and already recovered. In which case, we need to know who is already immune so that we can release them to go back to work and help support the economy. Paychecks will help society actually get thru this event.

  84. Avatar

    Can some one tell me why the house building sites and other nonessential sites are still going I have been told that if we do not go to work the small company I work for will get a non compliance order which basically would send us under there is no direct message going to these greedy building company’s to close site down they are only interested in money not lives

  85. Avatar

    "I do hope he;s right" (Referring to the comment of the president.

    I find myself no longer arguing with people. I just respond, "You think so, huh?" they usually reply, Oh yeah!. And I leave it with "I hope you're right!"

    That usually ends the conversation. Its not worth my energy anymore.

  86. Avatar

    Here in Brazil the president is saying we should let children go back to school, and young adults go back to work. He is more dangerous than the virus. On the upside, the national veterinary committee has published a list of equipment that could be adapted to humans. Don't know if they thought of that anywhere else in the world. Keep up the good work, doc! Your efforts are very important and most appreciated!

  87. Avatar

    Lopinavir and ritonavir are used for HIV.

  88. Avatar

    Essential worker is kind of British humor lol…

  89. Avatar

    Dr. Campbell, how does a 'virus' infect, when it is not a living organism?

  90. Avatar

    Had pneumonia back in 1958 ( I was 3yo). No oxygen. Just got better in a smoky industrial town with two parents who smoked cigarettes at the time. Nobody thought about air pollution or knew about the carcinogens in tobacco smoke. Well the tobacco industry knew about it, but they didn't tell the rest of us. Anyway, I got better but I could never manage better than 4th place in school cross country runs. There were always three kids who beat me. A pair of twins and a boy with naturally muscular legs and a tiny torso. Though I did beat the boy once. I ran him into the ground and passed him throwing up on the final hill before the school gates.

  91. Avatar

    12:22 And a bunch of people ran for it, too. Escape From New York for rrreal!

  92. Avatar

    Thankyou, your videos are very comforting and informative, I wait and watch each day , you’re doing a fantastic job, and re very much appreciated

  93. Avatar

    The WHO is only 3 months late with this advice.

  94. Avatar

    There was a sign on a door that I saw read…

    For once in our history we can save humanity by just sitting down and only watch TV.. let's not screw it up.

  95. Avatar

    My mom got tested for Covid-19 eight days ago and we still have no word on results. They're starting to get snarky with her when she calls now, too. (We live in Northern Michigan, USA. She was recently in Florida and had a cough after coming back)

  96. Avatar

    I dont care anymore. swedish goverment just cares about economy and epidemologists is downplaying the virus and saying the situation is under control.

  97. Avatar

    couldnt give a toss about prince charles

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