I am away today and working on my supporter video – which will be posted late tomorrow – the videos in this clip reel are taken from Italy which is currently in the midst of the covid19 epidemic. These videos are a few weeks old.

Some context – the first video is people waiting to get into a super market. The rest are self explanatory. The last video is a prison riot related to covid19. These videos are a few weeks old, so do not reflect what is happening now.

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    Some context – the first video is people waiting to get into a super market. The rest are self explanatory. The last video is a prison riot related to covid19. These videos are a few weeks old, so do not reflect what is happening now.

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    Thanks Ed. Hope ur having a good day. Be well. Great content today. Sad 😞 but a good job .

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    Does anyone know what is happening at minute 5?

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    Haven't those coffins been exposed as from a ship that sunk a couple of years ago? What a scumbag cop! What a scumbag!

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    old video clips, what's up Ed, running out of material? Where are the Hospital staff? Thin ass evidence. Proof of nothing.

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    Thank you from Washington DC πŸ‘‹β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌβ€ΌοΈπŸŒ€

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    Thanks for sharing this Ed I think it’s important these are shown.

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    Watch πŸ‘‰ HighImpactVlogs latest video interview with doctor, about viruses ~ VERY informative…

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    I terrible that I keep asking myself is this for real or just an elaborate production. Either way sucks.

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    Great job Ed. What's your thoughts on reports they are save kids being trafficked by the cabal and other groups

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    All that footage looks fake.

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    amazing content

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    If you that are POSTING HERE,truly believe the CCP VIRUS is all a scam,then PROVIDE HD VIDEO,That *YOU YOURSELF TOOK* OF YOUR LOCAL HOSPITALS, EMPTY ,oh and walk around inside doing so without a mask on or eye ppe,while doing it to. Then upload it to your channel,and link it here. OR? STFU.

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    Definitely seems to target the elderly. I thought I read somewhere that the 2nd video with the caskets was footage from a 2013 era movie?

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    What the hell use is a tank going to be? It's f*cking laughable. It's psychological wa*fare.

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    Ppl here in the usa have fear in their eyes.. all you hear is the word corona everywhere

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    I guess Xtinction Rebellion just wasn't fooling anyone.

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    The world is watching Italy. Treat your people with respect and give them the meds to cure them.

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    Hundreds of years ago many towns were empty
    No trace of anyone .. scrawled on the walls… the word Kronos…

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    I guess tanks are necessary for the containment of the virus..

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    average covid death age in italy 78 years old.. average lifespan in italy is 82

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    The clip around minute mark 2:45 is in Brazil. Not Covid-19 related.

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    Something smells.

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    I would be interested to know who filmed the hospital? Pretty certain random people aren't going to be able to wonder around being saluted by the staff? I'm not making any oblique references to anything, I genuinely want – and think it would be helpful – to know.

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    Gotta treat this like a bio-weapon that it was intended on being; don't use cloth masks, get the full faced rubber gas mask with glass eyes.
    The actual 40mm filters are expensive, but you can tie off one of the cloth masks over the inlet or even better get a carbon filter sheet for a home furnace; cut you off a fresh piece each day.

    Or even dyi a carbon filter canister, at least with the military full faced; your eyes are protected… those safety glasses aren't going to protect anything flying sideways.

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    Is it spelled pandemic or plandemic?

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    Hi Alison! πŸ‘‹ Haha

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    It’s amazing they ALL had the Karachi 🦠 and not one person/dummy coughed or sneezed no hick up, nothing? not even a wet fart πŸ€”… 🚩

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    Ppl still laughing at "conspiracy theorists" while locked in their homes, voluntarily.

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    We are here to help you.
    We are here to keep you safe.
    This is for your protection.

    We are here to help you.
    We are here to keep you safe.
    This is for your protection.

    We are here to help you.
    We are here to keep you safe.
    This is for your protection.

    We are here to help you.
    We are here to keep you safe.
    This is for your protection.

    We are here to help you.
    We are here to keep you safe.
    This is for your protection.

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    its a hoax………..5g or something else

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    an excuse for tyranny

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    If you not start to reconsider this whole situation I may watch you a bit more. But ey. Answer this. This videos should proof, confirm the necessary of a global shutdown for months? Why not videos from India where people are heavily troubled for lockdown reasons. These is going to get more ' Coronadeaths '

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    Filming is not allowed in those parts of the hospital. Those coffins are from dead migrants from several years ago.

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    DucDuckGo the colorful image "17 Goals of The United Nations to Enslave Humanity…" for the math of NWO🀯😷😱

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    Italian government is corrupt. The Vatican owns them.

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    ex – Vodafone whistleblower explains Wuhan, Italy and Spain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2YAnfSbuRY

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    How many were given chloroquine?

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    Nice quake here Ed. Guys get prepared

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    Anyone thinking the mass migration into Europe and elsewhere, as well as letting certain groups comite crime as they please were used in advance for this event? The lemmings are loving seeing a bit of law and order, even if it is over the top.

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    Who's the director,,Spielberg

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    Italians do not have a fundamental right to bear arms, and there are tough laws regulating both ownership and use of guns in the country.Β  Β probably a good thing if you are going to smack around your citizens who are hungry

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    As much as I love to hear your voice (and laughter), Ed… I must say this "silent" post (sprinkled with Italian) is deafening! Thank you for all you do⚘❀⚘

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    The footage at 2:40 is not related to the outbreak. The man had threatened bystanders with a knife, he was drunk and belligerent. The country of origin is said to have been in Brazil.

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    Sorry – not Italy in all the videos. Some Moldovan and others in there.

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    Hey I first wrote this on Facebook in the beginning of March and I was put in Facebook jail for a few weeks because of it. NOTHING has changed since then…..

    I’m an American living in Hong Kong πŸ‡­πŸ‡° for 6 years. I’m married to a woman from an old, large Hong Kong family with great grandmas and lots of aunts and cousins and all that. Also my wife is a flight attendant on a major airline with a very extensive, industry-wide group of friends/colleagues and EVERYBODY is connected to everyone else with WhatsApp or wechat or instagram or whatever. The whole fucking city is a giant instant communication network because everyone has a cousin or an uncle or a co-worker or a friend from any other part of the city and they’re all connected with various electronic smart devices.

    Why am I telling you this? Here’s why:

    NOBODY IS SICK. We don’t know anyone is sick. We don’t know anyone, who knows anyone who is sick. None of my wife’s flight attendant friends are sick. None of my students are sick. None of their family members are sick. We had some empty store shelves about 2 weeks ago but not anymore. People did the toilet paper thing 2 weeks ago but not anymore. We got some canned food, we bought some big bottles of distilled water, people are washing their hands more and avoiding going out more, and not crowding elevators and all that……. but NOBODY IS SICK….. nobody. Whatever is happening in mainland China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ is a lot bigger than a common cold.

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    Looks more like a genocide than a pandemic

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    I just love all the over the top loony Americans screaming the sky is falling yet never providing any evidence, yeah some shit is going down but unless you can provide sourced evidence STFU you retarded Yanks LMFAO

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    the sounds of those ventilators was enough to kill anyone.
    itlay is filthy gross.

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    Ed your show really sucks.

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    Thanks for sharing. OK there 's an agenda behind it. But there are also real victims and we should pray for them. God bless you

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    Ed, you’re starting to spread disinfo now. The footage of the coffins & the guy getting arrested was not from Italy.

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    Hey Ed did you remove the video of people being pushed out of hospital by police? I cant see to find the video anywhere now.

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    Breaking news…..old people die when they get sick

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    Poland 1983 now you all know how it was from me pole nothing new

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    This is a chilling reminder on how we take out health for granted & this a harrowing video of the plight of the people I;Italy. It resembles something out a dystopian Hollywood film.

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    The central planners were dream is coming true. I bet they are happy as happy can be.

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    Strange days for sure. Hang on everyone ✌️

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    Is this by chance part of the "sky news" footage that NBC tried to pass off as NY? Here is a good video to help put things in perspective, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odkgliCAw9o

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    Whenever I try to post these on fb they always take them down.

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    Most of these are clearly fake "poor quality psy op" just like the terror video's it's so clear you must be either not very bright or dis info ED !!! please think !!! PLANDEMIC !!!!!

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    The only thing that's real you can prove is a police state !!!

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    And then cops wonder why no one trusts them. The violence is for the most part unnecessary.

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    someone plz tell me wtf tanks and mraps do against a virus.
    this shows just how much control the govnts really have.
    the only control they have is what they can get from fear

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    here in the US they are instituting curfews.
    you know… because you can't get viruses after 8pm

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    The one where the guy gets his legs swept is from Brazil a while back, not Italy and not now

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    Why would they need 5 tanks I’m confused

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    2:40 is not italy but brazil. also nothing to do with lockdown its just a dude with a knife fighting police.

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    New World Order Agenda

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    Ed I watch all your work it is very good… look up the "International tribunal for natural justice" it is a fake pandemic a minor desease but a major fraud….check it out.

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    No Zionist bankers / politicians / eu,un No problems

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    WOW. JUST, WOW.. 😳

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    Old sick peoples dying . that’s life

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    People need to stop showing the "overflowing er" videos. The er at the hospital i work at is like this on most busy days. LONG BEFORE THIS COVID NONSENSE! i work at #9 hot spot (per capita) in the world and we are barely at 1/4 capacity!!!!! (You wouldnt know this watching local news) we also received doccuments from the CDC saying our federal funding would be pulled if we tested ANYONE WITH MILD OR NO SYMPTOMS!!!!!! So they are trying to artifically inflate the death rate. From our testing MOST people under 40 show little to no symptoms (less than the flu) and if you are older with medical issues it can be much worse for you. But dispite that we just sent an 81yo man home who was previously on a ventilator because he recovered!!!!! THIS IS FOR CONTROL!!!!!!

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    Definitely crazy times , Its been a mad house , here in AZ someone barricaded themselves and shot three cops , killed a police commander. Something is really wrong and off, this is the Calm before the storm Stay Ready stocked and loaded.. idk what else to say but check in with your loved one's make sure there ok.

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    Whether the virus is real or not, it is all straight from the globalist playbook and is being used to further their agenda of a one world government, monetary system and religion. This is all explained in scripture as signs that the end is very close. Unfortunately these things must come to pass but take heart because there is salvation in Jesus Christ. H eis the way, the truth and the life- no man goes to the Father but by Him. Repent and believe the gospel. God bless you all.

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    That Italian cop. No mask on???? Can't quite make out if he has gloves on but if wary of a virus his dusting his hands after is not that clever. And tanks? To fight a virus? C'mon?

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    They just look bored.

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    The authorities have to die.

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