Zelensky, Hunter Biden — and Their Sugar Daddy, Kolomoisky

Published on September 24, 2022 by

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  • Sally Sailor 7 months ago

    I Think they had the Black Plague in those labs. . The only two countries that have this bacteria under heavy security, are russia and the us. So we can guess WHO would give it to the Ukrainians.

  • Drake Koefoed 7 months ago

    go gonzo journalist guy, how can you be a man of the right and now you're talking about the evils of capitalism? not that, as a man of the left, i mind a bit. and i'm really glad you didn't stay dissapeared. victoria nuland by the way, is a capitalist bond villain.

    i like the theory about the bio labs because mf are always up to something like that.

  • jeremy scorpio 7 months ago

    🗣 GONZALO LIRA II thats his new channel guys

    He is NOT posting here anymore, he is now on GONZALO LIRA II on youtube

  • Sergio Julian 7 months ago

    Well said. I speak and no one listens. I lived in Ukraine for 2 years so I know the Truth as you so elegantly stated. 🙏

  • FreeTrailerFreeLandLease 6 months ago

    Kolomoisky funded Right Sector at Maidan, Azov, Odessa Fire, washing USA prewar war funding, and DPR resistance. Owns a lot of land in USA.

  • eva ashebir 6 months ago

    Thank you hero of this world

  • Collins O'Connor 6 months ago

    No Gonzalo. You are wrong. CNN told us 🇺🇸 America is in Ukraine to promote democracy.

  • Yper Keimenos 6 months ago

    Kolomoisky is a Jew, Zelenskyy is a Jew, many influential oligarchs are Jews………………i don't know but do you begin to see a pattern here?

  • Christopher Fritz 6 months ago

    JUST got this thru my YT algorithm. Three months ago Lira was the MOST prominent existing 'on scene' journalist and then.. gone! But wait.. the FAKE abduction!! "Oh I'm OK!" What a FRAUD. Totally disappeared since.. 🤬

  • Saumendu Dutta 5 months ago

    Pseudo Feminism is the cancer of the society and only promoting women and insulting men is a kind of Pseudo Feminism that everyone should keep in their mind.

  • mash made 4 months ago

    cocaine in ukraine

  • Margaret Goodheart 4 months ago

    About the biolabs, in March (it) Russia made a report to the UN General Assembly detailing their finds in the first biolabs they took over. The US representatives called the report a lie, the reporters liars. Although Russia said it would keep the UN advised on future finds, idk if they were allowed to do so. Watching the US reps so bullying and rude in the number 1 house of diplomacy, totally shamed me. Sad.

  • Sean McNamara 4 months ago

    behind the curtain is Victoria Nuland!

  • cholito72 4 months ago

    This guy, was a few weeks ago missing, after Ukraine secret service paid him a visit……after he was declared for murded , 2 weeks later he suddenly appears alive………………………

  • Diesel Bourbon 4 months ago

    The sheep just do what they are told.

  • To Serve Man 3 months ago

    Where R U ?

  • Geri DellaPietro 2 months ago

    Many of us already know this that’s why we were against sending anymore $$$$$to the Ukraine because we have no idea if it is all going to the needs of their people. This information needs to be on every single news outlet. Of course it might get on a few year’s from now if Trump is in the WH, the only thing the fake news will do is replace the names BIDEN to Trump to protect the GUILTY BIDEN Family.!!!!!