WordPress 5.9 Classic and Block Theme (FSE Theme) overview

Published on September 27, 2022 by

The release of WordPress 5.9 enabled one of the most significant changes to the way WordPress themes work that we have seen in over 7 years. This one is a bit lengthy, so be sure to expand the description to see the timestamps.

In this video, I review
1. What a theme is and why it exists.
2. An overview of the new Block Theme and Full Site Editing features.
3. A brief walkthrough of how to create both Classic and Block Themes.

Our Agency: Peak Performance Digital:
WordPress 5.9:
WordPress Custom Theme Tutorial referenced in the classic theme section:

00:00 – Intro
00:35 – What is a theme?
03:30 – History of themes
04:36 – Intro to Block Themes
05:32 – Differences between theme types
06:07 – Building a classic theme
06:55 – Adding a page template
09:08 – Adding a navigation menu
10:52 – Additional classic theme considerations
11:50 – Building a block theme
15:45 – Building a block theme header component
18:49 – Block Theme menus
21:42 – Block theme index template
25:00 – Block theme page template
27:20 – Block theme post template
30:11 – Block theme front page templats
33:06 – Exporting and moving Block Theme
35:24 – Outro


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  • Anphira Web Design & Development 9 months ago

    So one of the great things about the "classic" theme system is it works well with git. All of this content in the database makes me really wonder about how it can work with tools like git. Those are rather important when collaborating.

  • Kyle Van Deusen 9 months ago

    Hooolllllly cowww! This is absolutely brilliant! I learned so much watching this! You gotta keep these coming! Excellent work!

  • Martin Kaspar 9 months ago

    Many thanks for this great video 🔥🎉🙏👍❤ Awesome to see your great introduction into FSE and Block-Theming. Covering these topics will help the whole worldwide community:
    Appreciate all the efforts you put in to make this awesome tutorial. – keep up your great work – i look forward to see more.
    btw: thanks for the timestamps – they are very helpful

  • Visualmodo 9 months ago

    Very good job!

  • Michael Fox 8 months ago

    finally some solid wordpress content where the presenter doesnt act like a coked up telemarketer.

  • P D 7 months ago

    Sorry for my beginner question but how do I connect visual studio code and wordpress?

  • MattFarwell 7 months ago

    Thank you for great tutorial. I have some good questions about our feature WordPress route.
    1. how many years do you think the Classic themes will survive?
    2. Do you think people will stop using Classic themes and focus on FSE?
    3. What is better to use (Classic theme vs FSE) if we use custom post type plugin like ACF? Do you thing FSE it will support ACF in very soon?
    4. Yet we cannot custom templates of Woocommerce templates, Learndash templates throught FSE themes, or any workaround to custom Woocommerce template via FSE?
    Can you please answers. Thank you very much in advance.

  • Line49 Design 7 months ago

    This is unbelievably good. So well done. Automattic needs people like this on its communication and PR team.

  • Shlomo Asaf 5 months ago

    This video is gold! Worth receive much more attention and get more views!!!! Thank you so much for the time you took to produce this video!