White Magic Alchemy

Published on July 2, 2022 by

stop getting caught up in these live chat hypnotic trances


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  • Mark Pulice 3 years ago

    Nice one hoax!! No one is having more fun than hoaxwars!

  • Thomas Lee 3 years ago

    A cinematic/macabre-core de-pantalooning of madcaps', quipsters' and harlequins' skullduggery via the clever sync-edit snipe and a good ear. What color alchemy is that? …. life's just bitchin' 🙂

  • Bryant Messina 3 years ago

    Oh shit here we go

  • Bryant Messina 3 years ago

    Spiggy diggy biggy iggy boo boo to boo

  • Eon Will 3 years ago

    Hoax has me!!!!!!!!!!!!! in a trance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • craig william 3 years ago

    Can I gitta shout out WHAT WHAT Maitreya booda…Hell ya !

  • Stephen Grahn 3 years ago

    Hoax Wars I should of known you were hip to Ween. 👍

  • Mel 3 years ago

    Incredibly mesmerizing! I have nothing else to say….everyone else nailed it!!

  • absent stars 3 years ago

    Nice cuts on doshi

  • Linda Chapman 3 years ago

    💃😂We are calling this WHITE Magic? OK😎😂💃

  • John Smith 3 years ago

    What is your problem dude? Come on now.

  • 1painter 4hire 3 years ago

    Came because of Lift the Veil, Loving Your Vids Man !!! Great Work !!

  • TONY DUCK 3 years ago


  • Hair Boy 1 year ago


  • Gladly 8 months ago

    It’s high art!

  • Linda Chapman 6 months ago

    I'm talking to Master Dave that coordinates Operations: WHY did all you Asshats drag me into this LARP 5 yrs ago? What do you doofuses want from me? I am an Ex 33yr Sarasota nurse who has always been harassed by the Psych Systems bc I stand up againt injustice. I was patient Advocate & repeatedly had conflict with Administrators in Psych Hospital Systems. If no one will join me in a Class Action Lawsuit againt CIA for Psyops & damages their Psychological manipulation experiments have done to Society & our families that BACK Out of my Life! I had no idea how lethal the experimentation is in Sarasota or that I was a CIA Widow when you knuckleheads dragged ne into this crap. Now my disabled son is trapped in THE HOLE in Florida Dept of Corrections after being jumped by prisoners. Sarasota Memorial Hospital Bayside dumping him to the street twice after he refused to continue Electroconvulsive Therapy Shock txs here was huge contributor in the set up. Sarasota is a smoothly run machine, I can clearly see now. Did you guys come after me bc my other son is a Sarasota County Mechanical Building Inspector & we are top Realty Sales Communities in America now? I think you all suck major balls, Dave. I hold you responsible, David.