What’s Going On? Vol. 6 πŸ‘€

Published on September 16, 2022 by

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The motivation for these videos is simply to ask the question – What’s Going On? The hope is that asking honest and legitimate questions will encourage others to do the same and enable change. Best wishes to everyone who has been experiencing issues and rest in peace to those who we’ve sadly lost.

WGO Playlist (Vol.1-6): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSrv9wD_TOvM_EuZj1pl_acSjE8LF9SBH />
Audio: Interpol “Twice as Hard”



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  • J Wilderness 3 months ago

    Continuing to shine a light on the topic of the collapsing athlete phenomenon. See description for more info. J πŸ™

  • Not Another Channel Name 3 months ago

    This is dark but all of these people somewhat deserved it. It's not as if the amount of people warning about this are small, there are a lot of people and they were all laughed at. Not one of these idiots even bother asking questions, they just follow through and now they are dead.

  • Paul Smith 3 months ago

    Awesome vid, combined with interpol even more awesome.

  • Just Enda 3 months ago

    Please do with the pilots too. A lot of flight cancellations these days must have something

  • J Damon 3 months ago

    This is very important info to get out, but most blue-pilled families/friends will just say – oh this is likely normal – do we have any way to compare the recent onslaught of deaths/injuries to historical norms? This could help them see the sharp uptick in these incidents.

  • Mary Bradley 3 months ago

    Thanks for another grueling video. Cause they are creating, I mean, expecting another pandemic!

    I decided to investigate SADS. πŸ€” it’s been around since 2010? Seriously! I never heard of this. I think I would have, since sleep apnea in babies, that causes SIDS affects our family! Thank you JESUS, I noticed one of my children wasn’t breathing right!
    You would think that there would be some kind of warning for our family!!!! Anyway, it has greatly increased since 2021! Imagine that!

  • Tamara Kenna 3 months ago

    Dominyka Podziute and Sarah Shulze committed suicude. check your shit better

  • Time will tell 3 months ago

    When are we going to say enough no more and start getting loud and round up all these vx pushers The time is now !!! we have the evidence !!!!!

  • amin ch 3 months ago

    covid vaccin effect..

  • bcs llc 3 months ago

    Climate manipulation

  • HuΓ’n Quα»‘c MαΊ‘nh 3 months ago

    Latest victim is kazuki takahashi, the yugioh guy
    'Drowned', aka Heart attack while diving

  • Peter Harter 1 month ago

    They are only interested in controlling the stupid ones. The smart ones aren't even listening to their propaganda anymore.

  • NATASHA HARPER 1 month ago

    Dear god so many

  • Jon Doe 1 month ago

    And they want to make people transhumanist, can't even get a vaccine right.

  • Penny meagher 1 month ago

    I need to share this to my loved ones…just so maybe…they will take the Black Seed oil caps I've given them…among other vitamins that may help those that got the jab.

  • sahara 1 month ago

    Guessing they didn't include enough athletes in the trials they never did.

  • Ratio’d 1 month ago

    We are literally living through a mass genocide.