Watch again: Ukraine’s president Zelensky addresses US Congress

Published on September 24, 2022 by

The president of Ukraine addressed the United Statescongress.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke to the US via a video call from Kyiv, Ukraine, where he adressed the war’s current status.

The leader has refused to leave his country as he stands strong against president Vladimir Putin of Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

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  • Lushh Club 9 months ago

    He is correct that Russia went against their values….fascism….the video of white people getting attacked in Donbas etc was sad…….

  • Kerryn Colin-Thome 9 months ago

    This WAR is another HOLOCAUST this time on the beautiful Ukrainian people and it wont stop with them. VPutin is a madman who will move through Europe as he pleases. What have we humans learnt from the past? NOTHING. ThIS IS US, WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. I just watched a video of a darling lady who had her husband blown up in front of her. I send my love and prayers to the Ukrainian people and prayers that the world leaders will take control over this RUSSIAN TYRANT. 🇦🇺❤️🕊

  • Garry White 9 months ago

    Looks Like Zelenskiy enjoys his fame and don't really plan to stop war, US Congress stands up, it is what they always wanted a war with Russia, but not on their territory.

  • Zara Semenova 9 months ago

    This ex-comedian is dragging you into the Third world war, brother. WHO asked him to blackmail Putin with nuclear weapon?! Now everybody know that SBU (Ukraine Secret Service) was close to produce 'dirty' nuclear bomb, using Chernobyl fuel remnants… what for? And now, he's asking for more and more deadly weapons for Nazis, who murder civilians and threaten to murder even more. What for? Why not asking for assistance in peace negotiations?

  • I say what I like and I like what I say! 9 months ago

    Dear Mr. Zelensky, I believe that the west is about to "throw you and your country under the bus!" The west does not really want to have to stop buying Russian fuels (such as Germany). I suggest sir that you acquire some kind of guided missile/s that have a comfortable range of hitting Moscow! That would then force NATO to pay attention! Putin will never be happy with any deal that involves him climbing down in anyway. He would only return in the future to harass you guys again! Long Live Ukraine!

  • SirGlockALott 9 months ago

    NATO says no, NATO is not interested in embracing Ukraine … Why would America want to encourage another world war in Europe? Why would America want to be involved in a civil war that could escalate into a nuclear holocaust? Ukraine has always been the cradle of Russia and it always will be. Putin isn't interested in destroying people on the ground, he wants an intact Ukrainian state independent of NATO, free of the threat of war. Ukraine has been poking the bear for years. Why encourage Ukraine to fight Russia under the impression of full Military support and then shy away (USA/NATO)? The the USA (CIA) are playing games and used Ukraine to start a Proxy War. They want to win a Soft war vs Russia by using Ukraine citizens as a shield. Very cowardly.

  • Al De Niro 9 months ago

    When is Zelenskyy going to address Switzerland, after all his boss Ihor Kolomoisky lives there?

  • Pallas Athena 9 months ago

    Is this the old age care home??

  • Johnson Chen 9 months ago

    Putin goes to hell!

  • Charlie Can 9 months ago

    East Ukraine is in Russian hands, you have your army totally surrounded, for god sake sue for peace and save your people.

  • DRR 9 months ago


  • Marie Wolton 9 months ago

    Listen to every word and watch every second. Where will they choose to stop Putin? Ukraine is to great a price! If only other leaders had a gram of the Ukrainian peoples courage.

  • Small Moon 8 months ago

    I dont like this guy at all.

  • DRR 8 months ago

    President Zelensky it was a GREAT and MOVING speech!! I know our President wants to do more but some in Congress are tying his hands! Much love 💙💙and blessings to you and all Ukrainian people! You all deserve ☮️ and I hope it comes very soon! Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦🇺🇦

  • Superkr starkr land 8 months ago

    Ukrajinci sú debili keď Zelenskeho zvolili na zaklade sprosteho seriálu debili zvolili debila tomu sa nedá diviť že Rusko ná nich zaútočilo keď Ukrajina je plná debilov

  • Victor Espinosa 7 months ago

    Hipocrecia de occidente y el peor