Top 25 OSINT Tools (Whats Hot🔥! Whats Not!)

Published on August 20, 2022 by

In this video, I’m reviewing the top 25 OSINT tools and providing my take on each. Ethical hackers and penetration testers use OSINT tools to perform public data reconnaissance.

These tools help automate and expedite the data gathering phase of a project.

📒 Show Notes 📒

⏰ Markers
0:00 Preview
2:05 CheckUserNames
2:40 HaveIbeenPwnd
3:10 beenVerified
3:39 Censys
4:01 BuiltWith
4:37 GoogleDorks
5:13 Maltego
6:04 Recon-NG
6:38 theHarvester
7:15 Shodan
4:46 JigSaw
8:09 SpiderFoot
8:38 Creepy
9:18 Nmap
10:13 WebShag
10:43 OpenVas
11:17 Fierce
11:57 UnicornScan
12:27 Foca
13:33 ZoomEye
14:36 Spyse
15:18 IVRE
15:59 Metagoofi
16:58 Exiftool

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  • Mohammed Shine 1 year ago


  • NoGamesSheep 1 year ago

    Dude.. Can't evenread anything on the video due to the poor poor video quality… Sucks

  • jake palmer 12 months ago

    Love maltego

  • jake palmer 12 months ago

    Recon ng is insane so good but hard to understand the harvester is pretty meh

  • jake palmer 12 months ago

    Spiderfoot is alright I don't like it my self but it's mainly used for bitcoin scarping

  • Alpian Noor 10 months ago

    This is a great video. It's just like a shortcut for me to find right tools for OSINT.

  • User X 10 months ago

    is there a free alternative to been verified?

  • Rich Bridges 10 months ago

    Maltego drives me crazy too, brother. They actually gave me a free 14 day trial back when I first got into OSINT. Honestly wish I had waited until now. I had no idea what I was doing and it was ultimately a waste of time

  • Loay Matar 9 months ago

    I heard that the PenTest+ is a lot of OSINT, will this video help with that?

  • BeginLinux Guru 8 months ago

    Very well done, and a great overview. But, I'm very surprised that you couldn't get OpenVAS to work. For me, it works very well, and I actually prefer it over Nessus.

  • Cory Resilient 8 months ago

    Not sure why you said that you can find the leaked password or info of the pwned website. It doesn't give you the leaked passwords lol 😆

  • Asid's Tech Tips 7 months ago

    is it just me or is this videos highest res 480p?

  • ND S 4 months ago

    Spiderfoot is pretty decent. The web portion is better than the command line

  • Mitch Malik 4 months ago

    Spiderfoot's localhost GUI helps a LOT.

  • Adnan Khan 4 months ago

    good video love it

  • Asa Egnaczyk 4 months ago

    Ur a gawd

  • Szabo Daniel 4 months ago

    Really quality video,I am impressed very much by it.
    That s why i was shocked how could you missed the lampyre e-mail/phone number/ etc. osint.
    Yes, If somebody do a research about it,the lampyre from owner side kinda shady,so lets just say if you want to osint about high rank russian citizens,definitely DO NOT DO IT ( or anything that could be interesting for the russian government 🙂 ).

    From personal POV,osint about regular citizens its an easily accesable and operatable website, example: after subscription for a phone number search you will get a full name and facebook,linkedin,instagram credidental ,moreover you can search after pictures but it is on testing phase,but still quite developed.

    It s not expensive,but I constantly wondering why are not everybody talkin' about lampyre how accesible and powerfull is that