The Largest Cyberwar In History Is Happening Right Now…

Published on April 6, 2022 by

Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we I wanted to share some developments in the world of Computer safety with you and talk about just how so many companies and organizations are seeing the next generation of malware and how you possibly can be affected from the fallout. Thanks for watching!
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  • SomeOrdinaryGamers 4 months ago

    Use code "SOG" to save money at
    Check out our newest podcast episode!:

  • A Voice From the Deep Underground 3 months ago

    reminds me of that star trek tos episode "a taste of Armageddon" where two groups are fighting a war entirely with computers.

  • Don Ixion 3 months ago

    I generate crypto addresses and use them as passwords. I find that the biggest threat is people that work at big companies that get socially engineered into giving sensitive corporate information ( like Passwords ) Or people who find that conveniently lost USB drive in the parking lot of where they work and then plug it into a company computer.

  • Sun Enthusiast 3 months ago

    I just updated my Geforce driver in late february and was about to install the latest update.. you potentially saved my info and my GPU along with my entire brand new pc i just got last year.. and for that you have my sincerest gratitude.

  • Rob Mulally 3 months ago

    Firstly, a Critical Infrastructure attack isn't typically done at the Operating System Level , Most Management Systems are just a "external" interface into something more hardware. So a Terminal might go down etc, but really how does the payload get onto the server etc? second, a management machine would just be swapped out, Most of these types of systems were virtualised a long time ago so you just spin up another VM, again, how does it get to the VM host? I don't see that connection, Lastly, Imagine its an older system that really does require an computer to be online, that just wouldn't be critical infrastructure. A truely worrysome virus isn't going to bring down the workstation or server its going to remain hidden and allow other code to be sent to the hardware that actually controls the infrastructure, and that usually has checks and balances to avoid code attacks someone really has to know what they are doing to pull down something like a power grid, because, power grids are much much much more complicated than code that kills a MBR. I might be missing something cool video but i'm not sure this is the virus i'd be worried about unless you wanted to bring down some desktops in an office. happy to be shown i'm wrong and the more everyone learns about how this stuff works the better so I still loved the video!

  • Saju raj 3 months ago

    Polyswarm the solutions check out..

  • Suprsn 3 months ago

    Cyberwar comm. baby!

  • ASCENSION 3 months ago

    Any real country. Mentions Israel. Dude, I have news for you..

  • ET 3 months ago

    No social media for years. Get with the program or get programmed.

  • Peace 3 months ago

    Wild times we are living in!

  • KNO 3 months ago

    my guy, 2 nights. 2 nights without power and the monsters come out to play.

  • Shawn Owings 3 months ago

    To fix boot.exe. spam f8 go to start up setting and restore the default settings for start drive

  • DerpyItsTheProGamer 3 months ago

    Uh.. I think the Internet War is happening.. Theres 2 teams around the world but if your in Asia-Middle East, Ur Team A and if your in Europe-Africa-South America-Central-North America.. Your Team B may the world may be safe..


    Team A

    Yea All Asia but not North Korea but Kim Jong Un didint want to be involved and yes Philippines is gonna help with VPN’s and the final one. Japan can help with getting good system

    Team B

    So yea its so large and.

    Europe will try to get satellites up and running

    Africa- They will start a Solar Panel Site

    Americas- They will try to find out the Country who lead the cyber attacks

  • Bruce Carbon Lakeriver 3 months ago

    This Video made me switch to LInux even faster LOL
    Thanks Muta – I was wondering about some malware reports I occasionally read myself… Gee. The sht hits the fan!

  • Nelson junior 3 months ago

    As a cybersecurity analyst i'll say:

    you are right
    everyone should be worried
    ww3 already started and no one is seeing that 😀

  • Tilock S 3 months ago

    I'm just a random kid playing games all day and found one of these malware somehow ended up on my system.
    I do have some knowledge about cyber security so I did a little investigation.
    Found out it was sitting idle for around an year and only activated once this war started.

    It attempted to preform some data exfiltration, and log into google (which got blocked by google).
    Manually identified it, locked down the system, changed passwords, and preformed a clean up so it should be gone now.

    No files were damaged and nothing is missing but idk how much data did it manage to push out before termination.
    It was running for a good 10-20 minutes before it got nuked by me.

  • Virgil kirschner 3 months ago

    Thank you for this link Brendon O'Connell