The first casualty of War is Truth (Live w/Scott Ritter)

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The first casualty of War is Truth (Live w/Scott Ritter)
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  • Robert Tony 3 months ago

    The world has changed, you can capture a lot of territory with far fewer forces by the extensive use of drones. You can now actively eliminate all of the enemy, by deploying tens of thousands of drones. Control the air, suppress anti-air defenses and go all, well, 'Dalek', on the enemy combatants. The modern battlefield is the drone battlefield, you need your military to guard and defend territory and control drones and the drones capture territory by eliminating 'ALL' hostile forces. You deploy drones as you would artillery and missiles, thousands of them, even tens of thousands launched at the same time, to eliminate all hostile forces within range, then you advance, and again, eliminate all hostile forces (no hiding, when in doubt, blow it up and your forces can be guarded in by drones all around them). Of course both sides can do the same or they will be able to in the future, creating an effective stalemate, the drones individual are not WMDs but when deployed in tens of thousands at the same time, that swarm of drones is a WMD. Drones do favor defense, because you can keep launching drones from immediate reserves and you do have other defensive measures operating to run down their drone numbers, supported by your drones, you can create really tight drone defense systems, offensive and defensive, a army of drones purely defined by your manufacturing capabilities, and technical abilities, extremely dangerous, the self destruct circuit the most important device in an autonomous drone. Stealthy drones a mass sneak attack, so borders now do require electronic fences that can count birds as they fly over.
    The delays are due to major force rotation, the Russians are quite logical, they want to train as much of their military under live fire as they can, it does take time to replace troops on the field, swapping over equipment that remains to be manned by new forces on rotation. The Russians are going to train as much of their military as possible. The vehicle badging wont change, so it looks like the same troops but new forces will be manning them, they want to blood the entire Russian military.

  • Drasko Mandic 3 months ago

    Top notch show ,Durans.
    Scintillating….best on tube.

  • Jason Hunt 3 months ago

    Ritter would have you believe that Gladio and it’s current iteration are phantoms and that the CIA serves the American people and not elite capitalist interests. Look how he throws around “treason” and capital punishment. This guy runs interference for US imperialism and does it with y’all thinking he’s got something profound to deliver. Oh well…limited hangout Scotty is playing you people like the intelligence officer he was trained as.

  • Jason Hunt 3 months ago

    “Gotta go. My buddy CIAmour Hersh is on the other line” wasn’t that how Ritter ended a recent talk with Max Blumenthal? Going to talk with CIA’s favorite old school asset Seymour Hersh?

  • csk4j 3 months ago

    I enjoyed this and didn't even notice the time 😀 Amazing content!

  • Eric Bergerud 3 months ago

    It's spring in the Ukraine – isn't the ground soft and bad for off-road movement? That wouldn't be good for some big attempted repeat of May 1940 in the Donbass.

  • Jan Albert Holwerda 3 months ago

    Good Day.
    A big thank you for input of mr Scott. The way he tell facts make it clear to me. I am not on twitter, but i would like see more of his commands on situations. Hope you will invite mr Scott more. Greetz from the Netherlands

  • Galina Romanova 3 months ago

    Thank you The Duran and Scott's for telling the world THE TRUTH. The only problem is that most of the world was made deaf and blind by the corporate media … even by a lot of Russian media controlled by the powerful "5th column".

  • Alex Avram 3 months ago

    The nazis killed those civilians after the Russians left the area.

  • Petra the rock 3 months ago

    It was fantastic guys

  • Byron Bryant 3 months ago

    1) Americans are really no chess player. But Russians are. The best in the world. It's part of their psyche. In chess, you don't tell your opponent or the spectators of every move you're going to make! That's stupid, and hilarious. It's the same in war. In the "Information warfare", the US/NATO/Ukraine is playing it real bad. This relentless, messy bombardment of news, fake news, threats, "success stories", etc. that they are doing is nothing but a cry for help, actually. On the other hand, Russia is conducting a solid, steady, well organized info operation. RT and other channels have reporters on the ground, in Donbass, Mariupol, Kharkiv, Odessa, Kiev, etc; RT has their shows discussing the Ukraine conflict, with respectable guests; full documentaries about Maidan, Donbass, Crimea, the biolabs, etc.; the MoD would release a statement when necessary; same with Lavrov and President Putin himself; even those very short clips from MoD, like the attack on airport, etc. What they ARE NOT DOING is telling the whole world of every military action they are about to do. No. It would be stupid to announce, "We are going to bomb the IPSC in Lviv on 15th of Feb at 0200". And so on… 2) "Kyiv Deception". It's a misreading, again. It's not a deception or diversionary tactic. It's a REAL THREAT. Before the Antalya talks, the Russian forces are really attacking Kyiv, slowly closing in, down to 3-4 km away from the city itself, shelling buildings used as hideouts by Ukraine soldiers or ammo depot. THE RUSSIANS WERE REALLY COMING in Kyiv. It actually panicked everyone, esp the Zelensky Govt. The Kyiv Operation by the Russian Military is for the Zelensky Govt to concede to Russian demands. MARIUPOL Operation is not meant for that. Mariupol Operation is territorial. Russia will take it regardless of diplomacy outcome… 3) "Putin Playbook" – this is another West-invented term. As far as war, the Russian Military has an invaluable wealth of actual experience, doctrine and tradition – from WW2 and beyond, the Civil War, the Revolution, WW 1, even the Imperial Russia. America has none of these. Americans can NEVER KNOW how it feels to be attacked. They just don't have an understanding of it. Whereas, the Russians know this in their collective soul… 4) I think the Americans are the real sub-humans. They are barbarous by nature. How could you bomb innocent civilians repeatedly without compunction at all, even cheered at it and remains proud of it? For oil. SUBHUMANS. NATO is "Nazi American Totalitarian Organization". Americans founded it together with ex-Nazis. All NATO knows is Blitzkrieg. Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb, kill civilians – "because they can make tanks or bullets" – then send the troops in. US/NATO PLAYBOOK is HITLER/NAZI PLAYBOOK. Americans know nothing else. They failed in invading North Korea in the Korean War; failed in invading Cuba; failed in Vietnam; failed in Nicaragua; failed in Lebanon; failed in Iran hostage crisis; failed in Iraq; in Syria; in Afghanistan. Their track record is horrible. The only war they won is Desert Storm – ironically, the Soviets lend them a hand there. A big one. Bye!

  • JAllanC12 3 months ago

    Russia will connect Donbas to Transnistria w/ a contiguous geographic territory, tying Crimea to Donbas, Kherson, Odessa, Mariupol, & Mykolaiv. Controlling Odessa helps Russia use commodities to counter sanctions.

  • Sergei 3 months ago

    Great interview! Have Mr. Ritter back very shortly.

  • Byron Bryant 3 months ago

    There are no American experts on war, strictly speaking. Americans haven't won a war, except the Mexican-American War in the 1840's and the Philippine-American War in the 1900's where they did genocide of the natives. For Scotty, Ukraine War will end with Russia losing and Americans winning. As to how that will ever happen, will remain a mystery. Kamala will explain it.

  • Roger Morley 3 months ago

    Just watched this and it is great. But one point I have to make is that the energy bills in the UK have gone up because the price cap that OFGEM had placed has been lifted to a higher level so energy companies can charge more for energy. It also has to be pointed out that gas prices have been going up in price since before Christmas and has nothing to do with the Russian operation, it is to do with supply and demand. In October, the energy prices will go up again because of this price cap will be increased again. This has nothing to do with the Russian operation or the 14% of gas which the UK gets from Russia.

  • Nobilangelo Ceramalus 3 months ago

    A ten-star video ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐