The Difference Between Gasoline And Hydrogen Engines

Published on August 20, 2022 by

How hydrogen combustion engines work, versus gasoline engines. Hydrogen combustion engines can be more efficient and with better emissions versus gas engines, due to the fuel differences of H2.

This video will look at eight major differences between gasoline and hydrogen fuels used in internal combustion engines. This includes the combustion reaction and byproducts, air fuel ratio, ignition energy, flame velocity, auto-ignition temperature, diffusivity, quenching distance, and density. These properties result in drastic differences between using the two fuels, though both can easily be adopted and used in traditional otto-cycle piston cylinder engines, often with little modification to the existing engine hardware. Are hydrogen engines the future of internal combustion? Let’s find out!

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  • Sally Pearson 4 months ago

    we had a fleet of hydrogen cars in the 70s they kept breaking down but when they worked they worked well , now with modern electronic management systems its the future better than the white elephants called electric cars biggest con to mankind

  • Warden Cobb 4 months ago

    Hydrogen enriched with hydrogen peroxide would eliminate nitrous oxide at the source. Zero emissions.

  • Heraclitean 4 months ago

    That was so clear and well explained. Thank you.

  • The Geriatric Dangler 4 months ago

    My brain feels like it's been pebble dashed

  • pliny The elder 4 months ago

    What about all the hydrogen in the Air? All combustion engines burn hydrogen through the green house gases in he air. (Water Vapor)

  • john smith 3 months ago

    Wht about propane

  • Steve Dowling 3 months ago

    Regarding the size of the tank required, how about making the hydrogen on the fly ?

  • AllOutOnline 3 months ago

    Didnt Stanley Meyers crack this a long time ago? Water powered fuel cell creating Hydrogen gas on demand?

  • Christopher Dawson 3 months ago

    Not to be confused with hydrogen fuel cell cars.

  • Poor Touring Hot Wire Garage 3 months ago

    Everything I've learned about running hydrogen, the ignition is instant as compared to gasoline and timing advance should be set at almost TDC

  • Chris VKR 3 months ago

    Would like to know the difference in power of two similar engines with both fuels

  • Jay Smith 3 months ago

    Can you do natural gas vs diesel, please?

  • Rodri RM 3 months ago

    Good, really good video. I wonder how hard and clean it is (or not) to produce hydrogen vs gasoline. Thats another good point of view of this alternative energy sources.

  • Nico Ketterer 3 months ago

    If the hydrogen is able to burn closer to the cylinder wall, doesn’t that mean that the engine will run hotter?

  • Miguel Medina 3 months ago


  • SLICK WHEELS 3 months ago

    Thank you Jason, excellent presentation as always!

    I'm sure by now Toyota perhaps already created a car that produces its own hydrogen 🤔 There are several ways to produce hydrogen: Natural Gas Reforming/Gasification: Synthesis gas—a mixture of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and a small amount of carbon dioxide—is created by reacting natural gas with high-temperature steam. 

    Please share your options 😃

  • Johnny B 3 months ago

    Regarding #8 – this is why a practical on-demand HHO system from a tank of water is the Holy Grail; convert to Gas as needed from a liquid AND utilize the O as well in combustion vs. "air"