Stripe Payments with React & Node | COURSE

Published on September 25, 2022 by

In this course you will learn how to integrate the massively popular Stripe payment gateway processor into your React & Node apps.

Resources needed for the tutorial

1. Completed Front End Github repo:

2. Hero Image:

3. Cart Icon PNG:

4. Studio Bag for homepage section:

5. The CSS for the App.scss file:

This is part of a larger course and is taken from the course: Stripe Masterclass With React.js & Node.js.

Get the full course here: />
In the THIS course you will learn:

– How to Build Real World Backend RESTful API For Accepting Payments With Stripe
– How To Build An E-Commerce Cart with React
– How To Accept Payments With Stripe using Stripe checkout

In the full course you will learn:

– How to build Node.js Server with Express and authentication for saving customer details for future purchases

– 3D Secure payment handling with Stripe

– Manage Stripe customers and save credit cards for future use

– Securely listen to events from Stripe via webhooks

– Learn how to read the comprehensive Stripe API documentation

Get the full course here: />
Course Chapters Timestamps:

2:03 App tour
4:35 Setup project
9:46 CSS setup
13:12 Fix Node issue
15:25 Build the header
25:48 Cart icon
34:22 Hero section
42:17 Main section
53:04 Products context
59:05 Featured collection
1:10:31 Footer
1:13:11 Layout component
1:20:00 404 component
1:23:30 Shop page
1:32:59 Single product component
2:00:08 React cart
2:01:41 Cart context
2:11:29 Add product
2:22:22 Cart helper function
2:25:01 Use add product function
2:44:54 Increase item quantity
2:52:13 Build cart page
3:39:12 Remove item from cart
3:43:44 Clear the cart
3:46:38 Persist cart data
3:52:19 Introduction to Stripe
3:54:13 Stripe account signup
3:55:13 Stripe dashboard overview
4:01:35 Stripe payment flow overview
4:03:17 Node setup
4:09:55 What is Stripe checkout?
4:10:56 Stripe hosted checkout
4:12:02 Create Stripe object in Node
4:14:24 Create Checkout Session Endpoint
4:25:35 Create Checkout Session Endpoint 2
4:26:51 Test Checkout Session Endpoint
4:30:24 Setup Stripe On Frontend
4:35:11 Checkout Page
4:44:41 Fetch Helper Function
4:48:09 Stripe Checkout Component
4:54:27 Stripe Checkout Component
5:07:06 Create Success & Canceled Pages
5:21:21 Introduction to Webhooks with Stripe
5:22:49 Success Component Fix
5:24:32 Webhooks 1
5:26:57 Webhooks 2
5:29:14 Webhooks 3


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