So zombies are real now. The end of the world is irritating me. RANT

Published on September 24, 2022 by

no time to die, mercury in retrograde, and billie eyelash.

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  • DaphneReloaded 7 months ago

    This video got lost in the shuffle when i had those unfair strikes. I thought you might want it back. Also, my friend Penny is helping me to do MY BEST WORK yet, so please be sure and check it out:

  • WILKO 7 months ago

    Interesting character and great channel

  • WILKO 7 months ago

    cool REAL chick, im glad i subbed

  • Big Flatso Minxy 7 months ago

    I’ve been watching Great Depression cooking and survival tips while I await another Daphne video.

  • Nero Machiavelli 7 months ago

    What the hell happened to you lol

  • Capricorn One! 6 months ago

    Daphne is NOT transgender 😇👍

  • Lilbaby Niy 6 months ago

    Best video I’m not getting it but I’m sending everyone this video

  • Lilbaby Niy 6 months ago

    Damn now I need to buy some food

  • windzeitwolfzeit 6 months ago

    It’s useful to have some canned food yes, but it’s better to learn how to do it. Knowing how to grow food and save it is more important than any prepper storage. The fullest storage will last only that long

  • Patty Bazzani 5 months ago

    I dont blame people anymore. The sheep . It's not their fault. It's the fault of the greedy and the ones that want to control. We are all victims of it. Some of us wake up some of us don't. I just don't blame the sheep.

  • Meliss 4 months ago

    Stevie Knicks' on Southpark as a goat🤮🤢😂

  • Meliss 4 months ago

    I have found I cant stand a lot of Hollywood , muscians,celebrity douchebags that ONLY write songs, 'stand up for insert victim narrative here or shill publicly to trigger emotional diarrhea from unhinged people & teenagers with too much time on their hands…they vampirize off their fans & social media followers and sheeple.

  • R 4 W 4 months ago

    Everyone I care about got the poison, so I think I'm to the point I'm so sick of this world. Really what's the point. Everyone around me is either deaf, dumb and blind, yet I'm the dumb ass and think they are superior because they're juiced up or if they are aware of some of the things going on, they know Every damn thing and I'm the dumb ass and think they are superior. Either way, what's the point? Sorry guess i'm just tired, feels like fighting a losing battle.

  • Kevin Wright 4 months ago


  • Richard Dutchin 4 months ago

    Billie Eilish is a man. Facts

  • Unpopular Patriot 3 months ago

    I was distracted by the maamories…you had me at boobs, the rest was blah blah blah

  • Rebecca Shifflet 3 months ago

    Dang it Daphne!! Stop looking so darn pretty