Putin Says He’s Unable to Recognize Biden as U.S. President

Published on April 6, 2022 by

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he’s ready to work with any U.S. leader, but still isn’t ready to recognize the election victory of Joe Biden.

“We will work with anyone who has the confidence of the American people,” Putin said on Russian state TV Sunday. “But that confidence can only be given to a candidate whose victory has been recognized by the opposing party, or after the results are confirmed in a legitimate, legal way.”

The comments are some of the most detailed since the election from Putin, one of a dwindling number of leaders who haven’t recognized Biden as the next U.S. head of state. Russia, accused by U.S. intelligence agencies of intervening in 2016 to help get Trump elected, has been wary of Biden, fearing an increase in sanctions pressure and clashes over human rights.

Putin described the Kremlin’s decision not to congratulate Biden as “a formality” with no ulterior motives. When asked if the move could damage U.S.-Russia relations, he said: “there’s nothing to damage, they’re already ruined.”

President Donald Trump “must recognize the results of the elections and all lawsuits must be completed,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call Monday. “Only after that will the results be officially summed up. But obviously that hasn’t happened yet.”

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  • George Pascal 1 year ago

    Biden is irrelevant, he has no soul.

  • Jason Hrnak 1 year ago

    Even Joe doesn't recognize himself as the president! Fact!!!

  • Luna Moon 1 year ago

    Putin we love you. You are wise. As Putin knows a double minded person can't even play a game of cards.

  • AL-B Huerta 1 year ago

    Yeah us neither

  • HEMPOPOTAMUS LOUDspeakers 1 year ago

    This is F-d up..
    The leader of Russia, President Putin recognizes that the election wasn't legit, and the winner had the victory stoled from him…
    he even states he will recognize ANYONE who is RECOGNIZED by the American people..
    .. But half of the people in the USA don't even see it, or believe anything except what the fake news jams down their throats..
    Putin does NOT recognize J-J-J-Joe B-B-Biden as president, the military doesn't…… and neither do I.

  • A.G.G 1 year ago

    I like Putin more and more every day !!!

  • Timothy Henderson 1 year ago

    Pretty apparent Russia wants to work with the US what are dumbass president doesn't want that he just wants to keep kids in cages give all your tax money to illegal immigrants Biden is the death of America

  • cheesey 1 year ago

    We do also

  • Cart Dauria 1 year ago

    That's because he's not our president and it's all being revealed very soon.. just got word that President Putin has acknowledged the 10 days of darkness that's just ahead of us and we are ready as you Mr Putin. (Thank you)🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • patrina Mason 1 year ago

    He knows biden cheated his way to power .corrupt biden .good on putin for knowing the truth .biden is a fake president and the world knows it .he only has blm antifa fans .

  • Barbie G. 1 year ago

    Dear President Putin..Biden is not our President. Please don't take anything he says seriously. He doesn't have our support. We are hoping for Trump to come back.

  • Falcon 117 1 year ago

    All bad yo…

  • Game Zone 1 year ago

    when putin says trump is a better president…. that point out that russia really did Hack the Votes against hilary, and russia is Qnon.
    they really are messing with our democracy.

  • lisa solis 1 year ago

    We still don't recognize him either.

  • Jeffrey Bailey 1 year ago

    I agree with that comment .

  • B Poe 9 months ago

    Putin is a stronger leader than our current us government.

  • Steve Jepson 5 months ago

    I wish Biden would go in person to the Ukraine and try to stop Putin from rescuing the Russians living in the Ukraine.