Philip DeFranco LIED About NYC Subway Monster To Stay WOKE! Youtuber BUSTED Purposely Lying Its SICK

Published on September 24, 2022 by

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  • TheQuartering 8 months ago

    When You're Ready For A New PC Use Code "TheQuartering" To Save!

  • christopher Blas 7 months ago

    Skip to the 5 min mark for him actually talking about the story

  • Steven Chitwood 7 months ago

    he is biased, just more subtle about it. I like him still tho, i like his news. but still tho…

  • William CH 7 months ago

    I have unsubscribed from his channel after the covington kids incident.

  • D D Jay 7 months ago

    Difranco speaks way too fast and like Ben Shapiro I suspect he may like a certain 'marching dust' from Bolivia.


  • Kiano Uy 7 months ago

    Is Philip DeFranco and Hunter Avallone's relationship similar to that between Vito Spatafore and Johnny Cakes?

  • The Patient Gamer 7 months ago

    Hahaha i commented the moment i heard him skip over the color of the person, a criminal is a criminal, say theyre fucking skin color. White black, red or yellow.

  • Jessica G 7 months ago

    I stopped watching philly d for years. I lost interest in his work when I started to see that he is not reporting all of the facts. I watch many different new channels to try to get all of the facts.

  • Ben W 7 months ago

    Honestly I haven't seen any of his content since the Covington kids

  • Rick Davis 7 months ago

    I stopped watching Defranco when he started referring to people as “monsters” in his crime related videos.

  • S Marro 7 months ago

    I used to love Philip's show… He really sold out to big tech about 2018… The change was so obvious and the wokeness just got ridiculous. I couldn't watch anymore

  • Oliver Rezai 7 months ago

    You can tell DeFranco is a fraud by the fake soft way he speaks. He’s your standard brainless shill who pretends to be Dave Rubin

  • goodolbrad3 7 months ago

    It's so disappointing because it's someone who used to be fair and cover both sides if any issue even if he disagreed. Now it's always one sided and always the same side. He sold out hard

  • ifthisisntlove 7 months ago

    Yeah, I stopped watching Phil because I started to feel like I was being lied to. I’m gonna go double check that I’m unsubscribed.

  • Jiggaliciousmcjiggin 6 months ago

    Ya this dude is a joke. He's lieing like no other to protect the left. He is a far left extremist.

  • Ty! TIMES 6 months ago

    Wait you’re mad that he is taking precautions to not black the black guy immediately (because that is something that historically happens). The backlash for that would cost the channel too much. The way he did was smart from a business and social standpoint. Let’s snot call the guy a sellout when the next episode he said black man. I think you just want to be triggered man and complain about the reality of the society that we live in.

  • ⁷⁷⁷nataSaka⁷⁷⁷ 5 months ago

    Who the fuk is Phillip de Franco? After seeing this, who cares?