OSINT At Home #4 – Identify a location from a photo or video (geolocation)

Published on May 8, 2022 by

This tutorial is part 4 of the OSINT At Home series. It covers how to identify a location from a photo or video using Google Maps – also referred to as geolocation.

The techniques in this video should not be taken alone in their process, as the first three videos in this series cover the image reverse search, looking up metadata, and using advanced search techniques to find out more information in your research. All of this information adds to the context of an image or video you are trying to geolocate.

While I have tried to be as thorough as possible in my geolocation methodology to help you learn or master this technique, this is not a definitive learning resource, and it should be complimented with other resources, such as the ‘more resources’ I have listed below.

Many have asked me about how they can get good at geolocation, like what is seen in this video. I would recommend following some of the accounts I mention in the resources below, especially those that are transparent in their methodology. The other way is to practice, whether that be by geolocating images found on social media, in the news, or through games such as GeoGuessr.

The OSINT At Home series is useful for those looking to find digital breadcrumbs and pick up some methods of open source intelligence (OSINT), digital investigations and good old plain research. No matter who you are, or where you are in the world, you can follow these tutorials from home with publicly available information to answer questions such as who, what, where and when.

GOOGLE MAPS: https://maps.google.com/




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FOOTAGE FROM SYRIA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXNxKAotKSw />FOOTAGE FROM MYANMAR: Myanmar Army via AP: https://apnews.com/article/c8f628c535da565ab3d45b7905d1acaf
FOOTAGE FROM TWITTER: https://twitter.com/officialmcafee/status/1222192224412278784?s=20


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  • Jack Chew 11 months ago

    Great video. Learnt a lot.

  • Zabihullah Ghouri 10 months ago

    We have a situation here.. Here in Pakistan , satellite view is not as yours ! i mean we only see the routes not the people..Even if we take a picture , there are just imaginary lines that shows streets.. Might be that view is restricted due to security reasons !

  • Muhmmad Salman 9 months ago

    What a waste of time

  • Mario Botero 9 months ago

    tx. good information. a new follower here now.

  • Konstantinos Papageogiou 8 months ago

    the jealous girlfriend's tool of perfection

  • Bal Krishna 8 months ago

    Ben. Thank you so much for the series. Really useful for anyone who wants to start with OSINT. Look forward to many more videos. Great work

  • David Anon 8 months ago

    I will pay you to find a location for me. It will be worth your time. Can I email you?

  • Bal Krishna 8 months ago

    Could you please elaborate the steps you followed after you found thr oil company and the possible roads they might have taken. In the video ite conclusion is slightly abrupt. I understand that you did this to keep the video short. But many people would be keen to know the steps

  • Blb reptiles 7 months ago

    "Behind this… big… gentleman"

  • Ahmed Jabir Zuhayr 7 months ago

    Vedder man, come on…

  • Lexsah 7 months ago

    Are you Vedder Casyn ?

  • Balaji 5 months ago

    How can me find farmhouse

  • BDeanCow 5 months ago

    on the first one – you can actually go a bit further pretty easily. The checkerboard type pattern on the street just over his shoulder is noteworthy. After finding the building and view you can use the time adjustment available on google street view to see that the building next to it was demolished in 2015. The checkerboard pattern was repainted in 2008-2009 and showed a similar wear pattern near 2014. The first picture was taken in 2014-2015, likely in the autumn or spring, from the place you pointed out.

  • xenon244 4 months ago

    27:20 Noooo I hope he does not! Theres Pfand on that can !

  • damaris_gods on instagram 4 months ago

    I was able to get my wife to be location through picture this dude up my YouTube channel did it

  • damaris_gods on instagram 4 months ago

    I was able to get my wife to be location through picture this dude up my YouTube channel did it

  • Rodrigo Silva 3 months ago