New Video REVEALS Disney CEO Groveling On All Fours To Woke Mob Of Employees!

Published on September 24, 2022 by

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  • Ryan 8 months ago

    Pathetic snivelling sop, kids don't need to be exposed to this

  • Jay Nunya 8 months ago

    youre missing the Chinese gun

  • Peter Richards 8 months ago

    “Every time this corporation should have stood up for the community?” So…this is such a ridiculous statement. It’s literally apologizing for not giving the very vocal but very minor group of people the attention they DO N/OT DESERVE! Why? And to think that a California company can somehow dictate to the people of Florida what laws should and should not be voted into law….as they say, “pure fucking hubris!” Why would Floridians want to have their state be destroyed by the politics of Californians and their caving to Hollywood?

  • Mario Zamprogno 8 months ago

    Every day moralize more bullshit more nonsense more of everything that’s hated about Disney

  • Zachery Keeling 8 months ago

    Comment to help

  • Anonymous Anonymous 8 months ago

    It's because of the Blackrock hedgefund. Look it up

  • Victor Von Doom 8 months ago

    Let’s be honest here, if we let our kids watch this stuff, we take on a HUGE risk that they’ll be as dysfunctional as Disney’s current community as they take on their ideals. That’s just a fact.

    This is a friggin recruitment tool.

  • Klaus Heisler 8 months ago

    On his knees to a small percentage of his company and his back turned to everyone else

  • David Parsons 7 months ago

    I have rethought my stance on the 10% of the lgbtq+ and I'm now finding that I despise them now. They believe in their twisted minds that they are better than anyone and everything. They are pushing the 90% away and creating a hatred towards them. Unbelievable and inconceivable.

  • Tony Cava 7 months ago

    Just get it over and cancel all your Disney accounts and stop going to Disneyland until they change their ways. That’ll solve everything.

  • Sir Rickard Jameses 7 months ago

    Disney putting up the 'don't hurt me' sign

  • J P 7 months ago

    ESG score pandering that is all this is…

  • John Steelman 7 months ago

    Why don't they take up the case of fat people they outnumber the alphabets

  • UnendedGalaxy 7 months ago

    Is Bob Chapek supposed to be an allegory for Dr. Breen or something?

  • joe smith 7 months ago


  • Terry Bane 7 months ago

    B O Y C O T T D I S N E Y !!! Spend your money elsewhere.

  • Da Mac 7 months ago

    Indeed, social justice warriors ruin the lives of blacks, homosexuals and transsexuals as part of the collateral damage of their personal campaigns of self-righteousness.