Motion.Page Review: Webflow-like Animation/Interaction Builder For WordPress (Walkthrough & Demo)

Published on July 9, 2022 by

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Motion Page is a new plugin that brings web flow like interactions to WordPress. It’s compatible with any WordPress page builder, theme, or plugin, and visually incorporates the GSAP library into an incredibly well designed user interface.

If you’re looking to make highly interactive websites for your users, and something that stands out to clients, this is the best tool to do it with .

This is a tool that’s great for both beginners and developers alike. For those who don’t understand JavaScript, or aren’t comfortable with coding, this gives you a visual interface to one of the most powerful and popular JavaScript animation libraries available.

For developers, it offers a unique and well-designed way to manage multiple timelines and animations visually. This makes building and debugging a lot quicker than hard coding.


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  • IsotropicTV 9 months ago

    Apologies for the missing cursor. Moved to macOS, which doesn't allow cursors with OBS and individual window recording. The next videos on this plugin, which will be tutorial style, will include the cursor.

  • indatext 9 months ago

    Is GSAP MorphSVG plugin supported oout of the box in supported?

  • Glen Coe 9 months ago

    Nice! Thanks for the vid!

    Of course another subscription and a pricey one at that. While you might argue its not that much for what it brings to the table once you start adding up all these new amazing plugins with yearly subscriptions then you start heading into thousands of $. And then comes the tricky bit getting your client to pay for it.

    Bring back $30 a year subs lol

  • DeeJ Alex 9 months ago

    too much for a gimmick.

  • Tom Sobczyk 9 months ago

    BINGO BONGO!!!! Thanks for sharing James!

  • AbuImad 9 months ago

    Great video and the isotropic group is great value, I've learnt about so many great tools and plugins through it

  • Dewayne Dailey 9 months ago

    Awesome tutorial at the end. Make a ton more of vids like this. Fiirst time viewer I am subscribed now exciting to see some other cool implementations of this..

  • Dean Phillips 9 months ago

    Love this! What font is the spain site using?

  • Raymond Ng 9 months ago

    Awesome video! I am excited for the upcoming tutorial videos!

  • goshenweb 9 months ago

    James – thanks for sharing the benefit and first look of motion. Not sure what resolution you typically record your videos, but the video becomes somehow blurry and not easy to follow when viewed on large screens such as iPad or desktop.

  • Yasien Sarlie 9 months ago

    Thanks for the review. Please do a tut on the last animation, with cursor working 🙂 less talking 🙂 more showing 🙂

  • Pete Grant 7 months ago

    Hi there,
    It would be 'really' helpful to know the page setup you use for the Spain & Portugal expanding middle image. I've been testing this for a day and a half and no matter what I do I can't get this to work. If using 3 columns there is now apparent way to make the middle column expand. Using 3 images horizontally wont work either. MotionPage isn't the issue, we can use this for countless other things….this expanding middle section is proving very tricky.
    Any thoughts would be great 🙂

  • Walizen Le grand 7 months ago

    Even the price is animated

  • Pk G 6 months ago

    Thank you for the video, nice and clear. I purchased the plugin from your link ^^

  • Tytus Dubel 6 months ago

    Hi, than You for the video, great to see finally an animation tool that use GSAP, I have a question – is it possible to create a slider? so to speak, like Slider Revolution stuff with Motion.Page? Thanks in advance.

  • JoeGator23 6 months ago

    MotionPage would make far more sales if they had demo content of full websites running for us to review. Same for this video… why would I want to watch a tut that does not immediately show the final product? Thanks anyway.