Javascript Fundamentals for Noobs

Published on September 24, 2022 by

In this lesson, we’ll cover an introduction to some Javascript basics for beginners including functions, variables, and if / else statements. We’ll conclude by putting it into practice on a game build.

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  • Sergey Kondrashin 11 months ago


  • Noah 11 months ago

    Every tutorial of yours is a masterpiece. Easy to understand, good tempo and you keep it interesting through the entire video! 🙂

  • Diego A' Mendoza 11 months ago

    Every video of yours is like a gem for a designer & developer like me than wants to learn JavaScript and JQuery to improve in the Webflow game, awesome work Timothy. I would definitely buy one of your course about it in the future.

  • Noah Shreve 11 months ago

    Great tutorial as always!

  • Vagif Mammadov 11 months ago

    Your jQuery builder was amazing, and I was just thinking about starting to learn Javascript after using it. Thank you so much!

  • magui pezzm 11 months ago

    Thank youuu. The practical example in Webflow project was really helpful 🎄 merry xmas

  • Adil Shoaib 11 months ago

    If this turns into a series or you create a javascript course I'll be sold out! Thanks a lot for the amazing content.

  • EthanAcapella 11 months ago

    This is awesome, been learning some js lately but couldn’t find a way to implement it, by looking at a real example made so much sense now. Adding this to Webflow is gonna be a game changer! Thanks!

  • no-code nomad 11 months ago

    Thanks Tim! Great video once again.

  • Thabiso Dhlamini 11 months ago

    You make js seem so easy

  • Crazy Coding 11 months ago

    one of the best beginner videos I've seen

  • Yasin the Human 11 months ago

    Outstanding tutorial! Thorough and easy to follow + the game example was beautifully designed — I’m looking forward to adding JS into Webflow, you just got a new subscriber. 🤙🏽

  • Calvin Ng 11 months ago

    Happy New Year!!!

  • Prateek Keshari 10 months ago

    You are the best Tim!

  • Seyi Oniyitan 10 months ago

    this is god mode webflow and code integration

  • Natey McBatey 9 months ago

    Thanks for this, great resource as a refresher course.

  • Noah Raskin 9 months ago

    Just a quick side tip: With ES6 you actually don't have to use semicolons to end a statement. Javascript is now smart enough to know what is what. Only in certain circumstances.