Jack Murphy Is BACK & You Won’t Believe What He Said!!! Has Tim Pool Finally Had Enough?

Published on April 16, 2022 by

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  • Michael Arens 3 months ago


  • Sports Fisher 3 months ago

    Lol GigaCuck Murphyweeny.

  • Steven Paul 3 months ago

    "Why did people care…?" he asks!?

    I can't speak for anyone else but for me personally, it was the "Heartfelt f@*k you" & everything that followed.
    The lying, the playing victim, the overt efforts to "wage war" on & "destroy" people HE CLAIMED were friends!
    It was the posting of s#!t saying "Sydney & Elijah have posted revenge porn of my wife" etc all the while simultaneously denying & doubling down on things he had said & done that were demonstrably true!
    As I said when he DM'd me on Twitter… I didn't give two s#!ts what he did when he was (purportedly) "at his lowest point," we all do what we've gotta do to survive.
    But him knowing what he had done, ostensibly to survive & then reacting the way he did when it resurfaced, just smacked to me of rank hypocrisy, fraud & grandiose insecurity wrapped in a patina of narcissism!
    THAT was why I cared!

    He's a lying, back-stabbing, grifting piece of s#!t who evidently hasn't learned a damn thing outside of what he THINKS people want to hear; if only as a means to continue this grift.

  • K. Lanio 3 months ago

    I did not Realy care back then & don't now

  • Goalieman Jmk 3 months ago

    He’s a joke!…John Goldman….aka “Jack Murphy”. Sad pathetic, clown. I take offense at this “Cuck” using an Irish name. He should choose a more appropriate fake name like Whoopi Goldberg next time.

  • Michael Arens 3 months ago

    The "manoshpere" is a joke.

  • JABBER JAW 3 months ago

    that explosion was totally not a military strike just a warehouse. because warehouses are just like bombs dummy

  • TH H 3 months ago

    Jack Mcuckphry back at it.

  • philospeak 3 months ago

    Benjamin is a good guy.

  • Ace Freely 3 months ago

    Nerds should never have power. Jack Dorsey nerd is what you get when you put a square peg through round hole. These weak men get power and have no idea how it’s actually hurting people.

  • Hank Moody 3 months ago

    He should shave that stupid beard

  • TrangleC 3 months ago

    The real "Manosphere" were people like Barbarossa, Stardust/Thinking Ape and Karen Straughan, not "Fresh and Fit" or whatever those clowns call themselves.

  • jimsto7453 3 months ago

    I don’t hate jack but he’s a lying grifter and it’s hard not to ignore

  • thenson1halo 3 months ago

    There is a colossal difference between people deciding that they do not like a person and no longer wish to view their content based on that person's current actions and orchestrating a campaign to convince EVERYONE to do so as well as seeking out the person's employer when applicable and trying to get the person fired and blacklisted. Deciding to remove a person from your own life is not the same as trying to orchestrate their doom.

  • Kuzka 3 months ago

    Dealing with liars who try to extract money from you is now compared to cancellation? What's next? Are criminals going to be protected by the leftists because "Oh, so you didn't like this person stealing from you and now you want them to be punished for it? That's exactly like cancellation!" ?

  • Omizuke 3 months ago

    He is a public figures that he decided to put his name and his grandpa's name out there. HE doxed his family. We are not talking about people like ThatUmbrellaGuy or Liberal Hivemind. That really try to keep their face a secret.
    And he KNOWS what the problem was. He could've own it and move on but he kept going at it. And now he is playing victim.

  • Art Mullen 3 months ago

    Jack thinks lurking is logging off. Griftee McGrifterson.