If you want to STAY SICK, Don’t Watch This | Dr. Kelly Brogan MD on Aubrey Marcus Podcast

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What if all of your symptoms are serving an intelligent function? There is a new field of medicine emerging, and Dr. Kelly Brogan MD is one of the pioneers of this field. In this podcast, we discuss the lessons she’s learned from decades of practicing holistic medicine in defiance to the conventional allopathic medical system she was indoctrinated into. We explore how illness is in some way meeting needs, the trap of victim consciousness, shadows of activism, reclaiming sexualuity, immune systems of belief, and so much more.

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  • healing nature girl 2 months ago

    This is so in point. And what I’ve been FEELING my entire life. Thank the stars that it’s becoming more & more available to our consciousness via these beautiful humans ✨✨💦🐬💦✨✨

  • Andreas Lorenz 2 months ago

    This was a waste of time…

  • Crystal Mailloux 2 months ago

    Absolutely amazing and 100% spot on conversation. Thank you both so much for sharing with us and challenging people's perceptions of how we approach health and wellness. I've been a nurse for 10 years and in healthcare at bedside for 20. Over the last few years, since my conscious awakening process began, I have become completely disheartened to the point of feeling revolted by our medical system and people's trust and dependency on the current systems. No agency. No autonomy. No self accountability and no systemic checks and balances for how we treat these processes. The general population believes the answers are out there, outside of themselves, in a pill, whatever. At the same time I had lost all faith in our systems, my own body began betraying me. I developed food intolerances that escalated into allergies and now, through my own research and trial and error, I have deduced I have a couple of autoimmune disorders. It's like the world out there isn't safe for me. I can't eat anything out without harming myself, but I have to eat! I understand what is going on on all levels– from my spiritual to my emotional to my pain to my physical body. I know how my traumas and unprocessed stuck emotions are manifesting in this physicality and I am doing the work to process those, but taking it to my physical body… I I'm doing everything I know to do and I'm still sick all the time. I can't turn to our profits over humanity medical system for help because I don't trust or believe in it. I stopped taking all medications a couple of years ago. I manage everything through diet, exercise, breath, presence, awareness, shadow work…. big big big on the shadow work… and I'm still in this state. I just want to live pain free again. I just want to feel full and satiated for once. It's been SO long. 😞 Anyway, all this to say, I am so glad that there are people like you Kelly. I have been seeing a paradigm shift and new ways of approaching wellness and know that I meant to be a healer in this way myself, but trying to keep up with having one foot on both sides of this is exhausting and draining and I'm starting to fear I'm not going to have the energy to get there before my body kills itself… or I do. I can appreciate that my experience is giving me insight that I will be able to use going forward to help others. It's just really hard.

  • Nicole Davis 2 months ago


  • Sarah Mankowski 2 months ago

    Aubrey I’m continually impressed by your ability to level up. I’ve been listening for quite sometime now because this is consistently a place where I resonate deeply and feel at home. These podcasts have been invaluable to me in helping me remember who I am, but it’s also just been so fun to watch you grow/learn/evolve yourself in front of our eyes. As a viewer I appreciate how much you share of yourself. It is truly a gift. 🙏🏻
    And Wow! This is the first time I’ve heard Kelly Brogan. I’ll def be looking more into her… amazing ❤️ Thank you!

  • Lee 2 months ago


  • Lisa H 2 months ago

    So much powerful information. Thank you so much, the both of you. Much love.

  • Celestra Cassidyne 2 months ago

    So much wisdom in this talk. Thank-you Kelly Brogan! And Marcus Aubrey.

  • John Bradstreet Williams the I, III and last 2 months ago


  • lainey mckenzie 2 months ago


  • Claudia Ochayon 2 months ago

    I would so love a conversation with you, Aubrey but I'm happy just listening to your fascinating conversations. ☺

  • Jenn Hallowes 2 months ago

    I chuckle because at one point I believed I was hearing the faint cry of my cat and went running in a panic to rescue him from the closet or garage I must have inadvertently locked him in. 😄 Turns out it was just Aubrey's kitty.

    It gave me a chance to apply learnings from this conversation with Kelly, and see how extreme and fearful I am about the idea of causing suffering within my cat. Which then helped me see why I am able to judge helicopter parents of today's world… Because the very thing I judge is within me.

  • marcus 2 months ago

    Jesus was crucified at Golgotha ( place of the skull ) in between 2 thieves (your physical eyes ) Matt6;22 if thy eye be single your body will be full of light. Matt6;25 take no thought, repeated 5 times = meditation.
    Genesis32;30 and Jacob called the name of the place pineal: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved. John5;30 I of my own self can do Nothing, as I HEAR, I judge ( do )

  • marcus 2 months ago

    They are playing unconscious roles, from imagination of who they ' think' they are

  • Brenda Tanner 2 months ago

    idk. Not really a great idea to tell a man you "like feeling like a bad girl ". Not in my experience. lol

  • DJ Sweatpants 2 months ago

    Aubrey be tearin up them hot ole ladies

  • Celena Brown 2 months ago

    Alpha Brain Black Label – do you take supplements when you’re preparing your body for ceremony with Ayuascua? Or skip it for that few weeks?