How To Secure and Anonymize Your Online Activity

Published on September 24, 2022 by

In this video I go over ways to Anonymize your online activity in your browser

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  • Sergey Chistov 6 months ago

    Why protecting your data? Surrender into us, and I promise, your life will be turn in to a paradise!

  • Skye 5 months ago

    "advanced interrogation techniques" ie torture

  • Yoda 5 months ago

    I would just like to say I had an account with tutanota for years and after 6 months of both using it they deleted my account

  • [USER_REDACTED] 5 months ago

    YouTube actually does support skipping frame by frame. While paused ',' is to go back and '.' is to go forward.

  • Noneof Business 5 months ago

    This is informative

  • Yuval Talya Nehemia 5 months ago

    YouTube absolutely does support going frame by frame. It's just not something commonly known.

  • Rafael Acurcio 4 months ago

    YouTube does support frame by frame skipping. Just press the < and > keys.

  • Joshua Burbulys 4 months ago

    Hey, is any of this still the best solutions?

  • Content Eater 4 months ago

    We’re worth about $2 – $5 a month and yet we can’t just pay that to opt out of being spied on.

    You can pay extra to remove ads, but they still spy on you..

  • Kell 3 months ago

    11:55 YouTube does support Frame-by-frame if you use , and .

  • bigtiddies 3 months ago

    The most private thing you can do on the internet is to not use the internet at all

  • smithy2170 3 months ago

    I just want my FBI agents to be entertained

  • Hatla NED 3 months ago

    A more detailed video please

  • deb patterson 3 months ago

    Oh shit!! Guilty, Guilty and really guilty! I figured why would they wanna get information on me! I'm past poor! Well telegram has hacked me twice and I assume it was just fun for this person! So there's that reason!

  • deb patterson 3 months ago

    Are you serious? What a pain in the ass! How about a burner phone? Oh that's right the government took that away from us!

  • deb patterson 3 months ago

    You know what we shouldn't have to do all this shit! Especially for those of us that don't use it

  • Steven Gill 2 months ago

    OK, here's a question: what if you're extremely poor and rarely buy anything…..who cares what ads they show?? That's not to say I don't value my privacy….and I realize it's a matter of security too….