How To Add Custom Code in Bricks (CSS, JS, HTML, PHP)

Published on September 18, 2022 by

Learn how to add your own custom code in Bricks (CSS, JS, HTML, PHP)

Global custom CSS & JavaScript can be added from the Bricks Settings.

Page-specific custom CSS & JavaScript can be added under the “Page Settings” inside the builder.

Element-specific custom CSS can be added under the “CSS” control group when editing an element inside the builder.

Use the “Code” element to execute PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.

To further extend the functionality of Bricks, such as creating your own custom elements, you can use the Bricks child theme (downloadable from your Bricks account).

Bricks Academy – Custom Code:

HTML & CSS Code Completion via Emmet:


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  • Andy 9 months ago

    Wow, this is an awesome feature — great work! I also have to say I do love the interface you have created, clean and intuitive!

  • Jay Mandell 8 months ago

    This is beautiful!! How will php errors be handled? Will you get the typical php error message output on the page?