How to Actually Escape the Botnet

Published on September 24, 2022 by

In this video I discuss an article called “Escaping the Botnet: A Practical Guide” and I make some corrections on the article and expand on some of the subjects talked about

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  • 0 1 2 months ago


  • Luis Marquez 2 months ago

    10 minutes in and you say don't trust us…lmao

  • j2simpso 2 months ago

    The Swiss can snitch on your bank account because the GDPR doesn't apply to them. Try doing that in a German bank account though! ๐Ÿคฃ

  • HOF 2 months ago

    what about matrix/ element? i have never heard you talk about that

  • Metruzanca 2 months ago

    Not only is there a smart buttplug. The smart buttplugs are open source.

  • Fact Checker 2 months ago

    If you pay for your email or web server it will normally be on a cloud provider – That did not work so well for Parler

  • Fact Checker 2 months ago

    VPN's are great, but the people you do not want to see your stuff is Big Tech and all you are doing is creating a secure link to them and sharing your data.

  • Fact Checker 2 months ago

    It is great for a corrupt government to have a honey pot VPN company to try and get people who have something to hide like me – Sell us a VPN because we want to hide our tracks and look at everything we do !!

    I realize that big data can link everything we do even though I think I know what I am doing when it comes to my linux firewall/router and my own VPN in my Amazon VPC (I know I should use Linode). One day the CCP will come knocking on my door.

  • lopwidth 2 months ago

    Rule of thumb. Is it shilled, it's a 14 eyes botnet. Imo Signal is no different. Proton and Signal are imo honey pots. I wouldn't discount WhatsApp actually being okay, with all the fuzz about it being not secure. It's like reverse psychology

  • Blue Priest 2 months ago

    is there a good search engine alternative to things like google bing or duck duck go that do not censor political opinions?

  • Lucas 2 months ago

    Man… I hate living in this dystopian shit so much, it's all so tiresome

  • MaxCreates 2 months ago

    Every American company offering a VPN Service is compromised by seret court orders & standing intelligence subpeonas…every single one has been forced to build in backdoors but they are still better than nothing. Once again much better to just spin up your own through AWS or something similar. Companies are inherently bad at offering such services because they cannot legally offer a good service.

    …Just like Apple fighting similar issues publicly, to avoid setting a precedent, when they were already complying with a secret court order that compromised all of their devices a few years ago.

  • Jordan 2 months ago

    A good rule of thumb is when you hear "military grade encryption"…

  • Killa Dilla 2 months ago

    for the algo..thanks you for all teh info

  • Yizhi Zhu 2 months ago

    I hate to say it but Jeff Benzos knows my street address and my billing information and that I drink black tea and bought a dildo last Friday and I don't know how to escape that.

  • The Untraveled Path 2 months ago

    12:15 It's also important to know where the data is encrypted to. People think 'Oh I use HTTPS so it's encrypted' yeah they're right, but that only means that it's encrypted from client to server. Not client to client. Facebook still collects your data, regardless of whether you're on VPN or HTTPS or are using a different DNS, etc etc.