GPU Price CRASH Has Begun!

Published on August 20, 2022 by

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AMD’s Ryzen 7000 gets 3D Vcache, the GPU crash is here, Intel’s ARC GPUs get a massive performance boost and 13th Gen CPUs get amazing clocks! Stay tuned…

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0:00 Intro
0:18 Intel’s 13th Gen CPUs Get Insane Clocks
2:12 Intel’s ARC GPUs Are Way Better Than We Thought
3:49 GPU Crash Is Here!
5:03 Ryzen 7000 3D Would Destroy Intel


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  • Pete Steffan 7 months ago

    I'll say it crashed when I can buy an rtx 3080 easily for at or under its original $699 MSRP. Til then it's still price gouging by a greedy corporation and their board partners/resellers

  • james matheson 7 months ago

    Amazon still has plenty of GPU price gauging

  • TheFourthWinchester 7 months ago

    What crash? Idiots are buying 1060s for $250-300 still on used markets.

  • John Kernelle 7 months ago

    whers the "Welcome everyone to Gamer Meld" ?

  • Hudba Oir 7 months ago

    Im not at microcenter because flying over the pacific is expensive '^^

  • Hudba Oir 7 months ago

    I hope for the scalpers' fingers to get bitten off 😈

  • Reza NG 7 months ago


  • shaolinskunks88 7 months ago

    Let the scalpers sit in their stock.

  • Hi-Level 7 months ago

    If you have 5000 amd or 12th gen Intel it's safe to say don't upgrade for 3 years since ddr5 is yet to be matured, softwares and OSs to be supportive without bugs. It's a phase like from Ddr3 to ddr4.
    But the advancements are really good.

  • SEVEREC0BRA 7 months ago

    Ok this is obviously an excuse to create more videos.

  • S W 7 months ago

    Just shopped around for a 3080 and no. No it's not. No the GPU price crash isn't here……

  • Lester John Talde 7 months ago

    GPU prices will never go down. lol. You made content like this for 1 year + now. and people still watch this

  • Patryk Zmyslony 7 months ago

    y not just jump to Giga cache but bump by few mb each like little bitches. just jump over like a fucking king

  • xiveee 7 months ago

    OHHH so that's why I found an rtx 2070 super for under msrp

  • Roxy_xc xc 7 months ago

    lol..yeah go ahead don't buy 3000 gpu🤔🤗 cause 4000 series gpu worldwide retail store will be mass seeking vengence & raise 4000 gpu $1000 more…3rd week later launch😂. Trust us, it is coming.

  • Nuff 7 months ago

    It's always what's available at the time and the cash at hand that determines your computer build.

  • Daddy Alpha 7 months ago

    It's funny how all these techies/reviewers always claim that gpu prices have dropped or are going to drop or even worse be at msrp 🙄😂 While they have 0 knowledge if gpu prices will drop or are dropped in the rest of the world mainly in Europe 🙄 I live in Belgium Europe and the gpu prices even have increased! So for the love of god please stop with misleading titles/clickbait or mentioning in the video that gpu prices are now msrp or close to! It's false. America isnt the whole world 🙄 its just one continent that doesnt represent the whole damn world. For example the rx 6800 xt msrp is 650 dollars supposedly 🙄 here in Europe the cheapest model is 1150 euro or 1200 dollars! Thats 2x the msrp! For 2 months you damn youtubers are claiming that gpu prices are dropping or already have dropped. So you youtubers live in every country in the world thats why you know for a fact and even dare to claim openly and publicly that gpu prices are now at msrp 🙄😂 again usa doesnt represent the entire planet.