First look – 1,000 Robots by OpenAI Design Director – DALL-E 2 (3.5B) by OpenAI – Launched Apr/2022

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DALL-E 2 announcement:

1,000 Robots by Ben Barry, former Design Director for OpenAI.

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Dr Alan D. Thompson is a world expert in artificial intelligence (AI), specialising in the augmentation of human intelligence, and advancing the evolution of ‘integrated AI’.

Under licence.

Liborio Conti – Amazing (gift outro)


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  • Dr Alan D. Thompson 3 months ago

    CORRECTION: I mistakenly used the term 'Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)' in this video, which is a related but slightly older technology. DALL-E 2 is actually proving that we don't need two competing systems to achieve amazing output. The actual term I was looking for was 'Diffusion Generative Model'. More reading below…

    Paper: Diffusion Models Beat GANs on Image Synthesis (May/2021)

    Deck: Diffusion Generative Model for Categorical Data Modeling (2021)

    Plain English:

  • Vanja Cuk 2 months ago

    Not sure to what extend I should believe that the AI actually creates these paintings "out of nothing". My guess is that it's been fed training data very specific to the prompts they were going to make. Also a lot of other stuff has probably been rigged to create the illusion of intelligent & creative interpretation of the input texts. We'll know when they actually release this thing to the public.

  • Andrew Raphael Lukasik 2 months ago

    I can see artists & art directors generating ideas with dall-e. No doubt about this.
    Some will even forget to be open about their process at first* :T

    *for many years

  • Amelia PC 2 months ago

    That's great for us artists! It will allow us to experiment with real art and let the aping art movements for bots. This is ideal for entertainment production, e.g. movies matte painting, and more. The production cost will decrease and more people can be creative. Impressive! (Now, it'll be immensely useful if there's a 3D version of that. Create a whole 3D model, with good topology, from an image.).

  • Grant Anderson 2 months ago

    I've been interested in developing a new surreal puzzle video game and have been waiting for something like this. This will change my life. I have to wonder what it would create if you told it, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." I hope this software is free to use. I can't wait to see what I can do with it. It's like a dream come true.

  • the akasan 2 months ago

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Rinner 2 months ago

    That's astounding. Unfortunately, most people won't care. It makes me really sad because there is no doubt this is art.

  • TommyKnow 2 months ago

    I want to play with it so bad

  • stagename2 2 months ago


  • erikals 2 months ago

    incredible !

  • Rat Park 2 months ago

    Colourful but disappointing kitsch.

  • Hvitis 2 months ago

    Absolutely historical

  • Simpitriy Cuckinchenko 2 months ago

    What they're not telling us about Open AI is terrifying… 💯

  • nobody nowhere 2 months ago

    So how long until these end up as NFTs?

  • Wizard Clip Audio 2 months ago

    Well,… if Modernism and classical are distinguished by the advent of the camera,.. and modernism,.. is a general progression of abstraction,.. into virtual non objective media,… and that’s the advent of post modernism and contemporary. I propose we call art created by humans, after the advent of Artificially Intelligent made media, Post-Contemporary/Organic art.
    That’s my manifesto,… peace. 😏😅

  • Klipkon 2 months ago

    I don't know why this made me super emotional <3

  • WaDai 2 months ago

    Now someone has to make it learn how to animate , tell it a story and watch a movie when it's done.