Fedora vs Debian and Arch Linux

Published on August 20, 2022 by

Lets breakdown Linux Distributions and figure out which one is good at what.

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  • Matt McCullough 4 months ago

    Linux Mint

  • DC Valenzuela 4 months ago

    just wanna ask, since Fedora and Centos use the same package managers coz both are under RHEL, so their terminal commands are the same right?

  • Vemu Yaswanth 4 months ago

    I left fedora because of dnf……
    oh i hate its speed
    a snail is fucking faster than dnf

  • Vitor Hugo Barbosa 4 months ago

    I have finally make the move to Fedora 36, but with kde plasma installed.
    For some reason I had issues with Teams on GNOME 42. Solved with kde and is out of the box for every app…weird tough (gnome case on Fedora)

  • Ja.KooLit 4 months ago

    dnf is the slowest of all package manager.. even you enable parallel downloads and or fastest mirror…

  • H B 4 months ago

    Three great distros for different segments.
    Debian: intermediate distro for production and servers
    Fedora: easy distro for tinkerers
    Arch: distro for tinkering veterans

  • Isaac Franco 4 months ago

    please we need an update on this project so bad

  • Clemens 4 months ago

    On apt and the pop_os Linus story:
    main reason why things go wrong is combining versions of different sources which are not compatible. When you add external sources apart from the well maintained distro sources, it can be they hold newer version of certrain SW, with other package definitions. Apt will always install latest…and by doing so, it might happen e.g. glib gets a big upgrade as a new version of it is included in the external resource, not compatible with the gnome your distro uses and causing apt doing weird things because the package defintions say so.

    The solution? When using external sources, set up a proper pinning so the external sources get a lower priority. When a package only exist in the external resource, you can install it, but otherwise for all other packages (and dependencies of the package you install from external sources) it will keep taking the ones of the distro. It might result that the package from the external source requires minimum version of some dependencies and because of that you can't install it, but in most cases api of typical dependencies are rather stable and everything weill just work.

    So as a tip: when adding external resources, add a pinning file for them in /etc/apt/preferences.d

  • WolfRites 4 months ago

    You forgot Gentoo. ;p

  • Oscar Olsson 3 months ago

    I used fedora before as the OS of my main computer. I loved it, never any issues, before I used Ubuntu and I had more troubleshooting then. Now I use EndeavourOS (arch) since like a year back, never had any real stability issues on it either, despite I have not always had the slightest idea of what I was doing, I had issues like 2 times but it was so easy fixed so it doesn’t even count. So even tho I love Fedora it’s unlikely I will go back to it, arch was easy to learn, “yay” is super simple, and also arch comes with a far larger availability than Fedora counting the AUR. Of course AUR can be of a risk but use it with carefulness and check what you install, just as you would have to do installing something on windows.. so I don’t see any reason to be scared from the AUR

  • Ronald Geerligs 3 months ago

    Great video. I used to use RedHat, later Fedorah, Ubuntu, ended up with Debian. Loads of VM's here still testing.

  • TokSic 3 months ago

    Another Tool fan I see.

  • Visual Network 3 months ago

    You did not mention that debian has a rolling distro called sid which I use daily via siduction.

  • Visual Network 3 months ago

    I find the most problems with linux occur because of conflicting repositories. For instance when you use a rolling distro but want to use an old reliable app that doesn't use the latest libraries. If the old app is critical then it should get its own machine or vm with an appropriate distro. I have been guilty of trying to shoe horn that darn thing in.

  • Visual Network 3 months ago

    It would be neat it linux could use an age appropriate library with apps. In some cases it can but often some new app will get confused about which one to use and presto you are falling down the linux hell shute. In recent years I keep the repos to a minimum and pay attention to round pegs into round holes etc.

  • Oswaldo Aquique 3 months ago

    I really love your desktop environment. Could you share the list of components and tweaks? I'd love to replicate it

  • Nathanial -né Ashby- Ashtier 3 months ago

    Fedora isn't based on RHEL. RHEL is based on Fedora.