Elon Musk On Putin, Nuclear Power, And Love


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  • Nothing 2 months ago

    Always remember there are exceptions to the rule on too old or too young

  • Illumi Naughty 2 months ago

    Mmmm, I don’t think it was madness at all. Germans are efficient AF. They do things FOR A REASON. There were UFO’s that flew over and decommissioned nuclear plants and warheads DECADES ago… meaning SOMEONE OUT THERE HAS THE TECH TO SHUT DOWN NUCLEAR FACILITIES AND CAUSE CATASTROPHIC NUCLEAR EVENTS WHEREVER ON THE PLANET THOSE FACILITIES ARE.

    Elon MAKES solar batteries so OF COURSE he’s going to push them. They can be hacked to overheat, though, so ONE Russian a$$hole (not all Russians, not being a d!ck) can take out every home and business those things crown. Remember the Iranian center Fuge debacle? The huge companies making money from nuclear energy are doing the same. Everyone sucks and we’re all gonna die so let’s make cannabis legal, hold hands and just enjoy the Thelma & Louise drive off the cliff, shall we?

    What is the big fight about anyway? So we can all hold on to being nickel and dimed by our governments, mow our lawns another 500 times, see some talentless idiot get paid millions to pretend to be a hero in a sequel of a sequel of a sequel and eventually die of cancer? Pass. Puff, puff, pass to be exact… and GIVE ME THE KEYS BABY, I’M DRIVING😎

  • Ember2460 Harrington 2 months ago

    "Richer" how? Putin's soul is empty.

  • Yo Ya 2 months ago

    Who is the interviewer? He's so full of himself, aggressive energy too. Probably the type who beat up Elon when he was a kid. Elon is so thoughtful giving answers, down to earth and without any pretensions.

  • Scott S. 2 months ago

    Most all of our nuclear plants were built on earthquake faults. Why? Because they're idiots

  • B 2 months ago

    Of course,
    Putin’s personal Empire is 70 Billion US dollars.
    No wonder, he inspired Trump

  • pamela kendrick 2 months ago

    disagree. when you are disconnected through work money religion that distances you from human behaviour which is not your own behaviour the ones disconnected can only give out flawed advice. just because he is capable does not mean others are. his electric cars confirms this. govt still has not banned oil for everyday cars.
    you can only give fire to the ones who can make AND put out even smoke.
    of course it's a viable option if there were no outside hostile forces whether it be space other time zones or earth. if there were no wars in the last 50yrs then have the nuclear discussion.
    naked young girls running from madman's actions not enough for any of you. IF SHE WERE A WHITE BLONDE BOY WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO CONNECT TO THE CANCER.

  • BangDroid ✪ 2 months ago

    The editing is utter garbage

  • Hossin Safaee 2 months ago

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  • Ryan 2 months ago

    Musk would be a good poker player.

  • Mike Rilling 2 months ago

    Why do Republicans love people like Putin?

  • baraka Stive 2 months ago

    good for you musk

  • SeaDawgOST 2 months ago

    rocket taxi haha look at elon dodging that one

  • Ron Walker 2 months ago


  • RealTalk 1 month ago

    Elon says alot of things during the day but unless he doesn't put his money where his mouth is I don't believe a single word he says. How can he believe so much in the benifits on nuclear power plants but somehow not put a single dollar in any kind of research regarding them?
    He clearly has something to gain from Germany not shutting down their nuclear power plants otherwise he wouldn't go to so many talkshows and talk about exactly that.
    In Germany we decided 10 years ago that they are going to shut down, he never said anything against it, he even mentioned in another interview in 2018 that nuclear energy is to expensive but now that he decided to build a gigafactory in Germany he somehow is all for nuclear power plants.

  • Jacqui Learnit 1 month ago

    can u allow love in …that may be different than what u r used to…i hear different can be mind blowing n out of this world…timeless too…just have to be open/believe it then it will appear!?!!aug19/2022

  • Lawrence Tate 1 month ago

    When one factors in the energy lost to the need to cool nuclear reactors, just how efficient are they?
    I see HUGE "cooling" towers and SMDH!
    Hopefully, new technology will improve efficiency.