Different Types of Virtualization

Published on April 22, 2022 by

In this video I discuss different forms of virtualization (mostly type 1, type 2 hypervisors and containers)

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  • zahna 5 months ago

    i like your comment about security through obscurity!

  • Russ Timberman 5 months ago

    What you showed for Vmware is the training for Vmware.. not the licensing

  • Ritchie Valens 5 months ago

    Sadly everything is becoming Cloud based, Subscription based and you don’t own any software anymore.
    Thanks Crapdobe for starting that ball rolling

  • trigger 337 5 months ago

    Qubes: the best OS for coomers

  • flarn2006 5 months ago

    It's worth mentioning that with PCIe passthrough, you don't generally need to buy a second graphics card if your CPU has integrated graphics.

  • skeetplayz 🅥︎ 5 months ago

    KVM is type 1

  • Bonnie Munene 5 months ago

    I would say windows users minds and data exist in virtual matrix style as microsofts cashcow slaves

  • modiX 5 months ago

    Macs have integrated and dedicated graphics, could qemu work for gaming?

  • Hashbrown 5 months ago

    "You're typically not gonna see a type 1 especially at a home desktop"

    Uh, the very prolific WSL2 for consumer windows would like a word..

    If you [somehow] haven't heard of it, it's like Qubes except your interface in your regular windows install, and you can just run any native linux code through the windows ui on the linux sibling hyperv kernel/s

    Not for security, but ease of use and is pretty stellar. P9-facilitated, seamless, two-way filesystem mounts, cli interactivity, and graphics & raw disk passthroughs.

    But only for linux and no real control over other block devices for the linux kernel (but it is a real kernel and ive compiled my own to get wireguard working and it operates very close to metal).

  • Dragiux 5 months ago

    Eh, even projects that contain outright malware in them are open source nowadays, and nobody bats an eye because just nobody looks at that software. Things are as secure as they are reviewed. You really shouldn't claim that OSS is more secure.

  • dr3ambig 5 months ago

    Isn't kvm type one hypervisor?

  • Faice 5 months ago

    What[ forum are you on. I would like to talk

  • Wayne Van Son 5 months ago

    Thanks a lot, learned a lot!

  • Osirig 5 months ago

    Where does the standart Windows sandbox stands? From description it is container based. Is it any good compared to alternatives?

  • Philippe Chaps 5 months ago

    Hypervisers Type 1 0:00
    Xen & Qubes OS 2:00
    Type1 vs 2 vs 1.5 3:43
    Type 2 4:50
    Docker 7:23

  • fsdfgasgfisd 3 months ago

    Thank you for this video, Now I can do pci express pass through for free, Something that should come with and be expected in virtual machines.

  • Sharpㇱ 3 months ago

    Finally… A straightforward, no BS overview focused on the most used choices within virtualization/containerization, their practical application, and comparisons of how each relates to another.

    Great video and even better demonstration of knowledge related to these technologies.

    I don't understand why there isn't other content like this among other reputable content creators. It seems like most other videos are more geared towards a singular view or comparison.