Destruction of nations and individual rights by global treaties (Brian Peckford & Bret Weinstein)

Published on September 24, 2022 by

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Bret speaks with Brian Peckford, who is taking the Canadian Federal government to court over COVID vaccine travel restrictions that he believes break the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a document similar to the US Bill of Rights, which Brian drafted and signed.

Brian Peckford started his career as an educator, then served as the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador for nearly a decade. He is also an author, former minister, and notable member of the PC Party in Canada.


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  • David Richardson 7 months ago

    Nothing scary about it. I personally can’t change others but I’m 100% happy I don’t comply to anything stupid. Like wearing a mask

  • lifeofluke 7 months ago

    Thank you Brian Peckford!

  • Gaston Maqueda 7 months ago

    Globalism is the new fascism

  • Timon Kanter 7 months ago

    The Netherlands is one of the playgrounds where they implementing these tyrannical laws. The people seem to be victim of mass psychoses, while the government is making mistake after mistake. It's all accesible info but even then they play very, very dumb.

  • Benny Alminde 7 months ago


  • I I Fguo 7 months ago

    It’s time for Brian to get a microphone upgrade 😀

  • Tony Smith 6 months ago

    The USA will give up its sovereignty to the W.H.O Globalists because we're to small minded to govern our own affairs….Obama

  • Shane Ferris 6 months ago

    It's not an unnamed something. It's a banking family named Rothschild.

  • holcroft1969 6 months ago

    The best thing to happen to the UK was Brexit and there are other countries that WILL follow.
    The left wing media and the rich however, didn't like it and have done their very best to overturn it time and time again.
    It's a mad, mad world but at least we aren't answerable to the unelected dictators of Brussels anymore.

  • ShaRon Stone 6 months ago

    I listen to your discussion, you might as well be talking about what is happening in South Africa.
    Frightening stuff

  • anne maria clarke 6 months ago


  • L M 6 months ago

    You two gentlemen, Thomas Sowell, Dr. Carol Swain, Paul Rand, and many many others are our philosophers our great minds. Many of you and more are voicing the dangers, the similarities, the patterns, the injustices of this tyranny. I am a regular Jane and I am hearing, seeing and understanding our perils. I have and will stand against this tyranny. Don’t stop, stay safe and thank you.

  • Some Christian Guy 5 months ago

    It is amazing how archetypes keep repeating themselves over and over again through the thousands of years.

    Whether you believe in its historicity or not, there is a reason the project that was the tower of Babel was rejected by God. It was a globalist project where a few sought to make themselves as God, and every attempt ever since ultimately failed.
    May wanna start paying attention to those timeless insights.

    You say that it is not Mengele and so forth and you're right and you ask a good question as it seems there is something in common in all of them never the less. Its what we call the same spirit that drives these people brother.

    Our world views will likely never agree on ultimate things sure, but Brett I sure as heck do appreciate the measured way that you approach everything and find that people like you are closer to me than many sitting in the church next to me.

    God bless you and your works brother.

  • LionheartedDan 5 months ago

    Canadians thank you for hosting Brian Peckford.

  • Dennis Orr 4 months ago

    As per Dr Rand Paul dems pd faulchi the dog torturer with our money to unleash this virus to remove Trump before he put them all in jail. Also for control and because no one is stopping them or hanging them for many crimes against humanity including breaking with nerimberg law, they can continue to work to expedite what's foretold.

  • Economic Developer 4 months ago

    Oh My! Thank you so so much! God Bless you!

  • Rob K 4 months ago

    The ACLU has extreme BIAS… look at the favortism of the mother's "right to kill" over the Babies "right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness"… That is an extreme bias and ACLU has become extremely L E F T in who's (not what) "rights" it will defend.. There was an extreme at the ACLU when they focused on "WHO" and not "WHAT"…. ALL HAVE RIGHTS … NOT WHAT RIGHTS..