Covid just Hit China Really Hard – They Can’t Hide it This Time!

Published on September 24, 2022 by

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Massive lockdowns are now in place and this is really serious!

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  • serpentza 7 months ago

    A huge thank you for NORDVPN who is willing to stick their neck out and defy the CCP by sponsoring this video!
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  • beeman4266 1 month ago

    Still blows my mind that the world, especially China, thinks covid is serious. It never was serious and never will be. I'd bet my life savings that all the bullshit policies and lockdowns killed more people than covid would have if we'd have done nothing.

    Never forget that covid was used as a way to accelerate the agenda of the world economic forum and governments around the world.

    Covid was and is bull shitm

  • LargeBlueCircle 4 weeks ago

    "I climbed the fence because I am starving"

  • R B 4 weeks ago

    Love your content

  • hllboi817 3 weeks ago

    Dont forget the ones traveling internationally testing positive when they get off the flight in places like canada, during china saying it had 0 cases

  • Lloyd Holm 3 weeks ago

    Democrat party talking points, in China.

  • Terry Chu 3 weeks ago

    This is, actually, the second culture revolution, but in a sneaky approach.

  • DMG 2 weeks ago

    Still, the unanswered question is, Why in China Now?

  • Sana 2 weeks ago

    5 months later .. it’s still going on. Our city had been on lockdown for 2 weeks and then they released us for one week and then there one case popped up and we have to do tests again … can’t leave the city for 7 more days ..

  • kathleen lewis 2 weeks ago

    Evil place

  • Texx Mexx 2 weeks ago

    Why doesnt the US allow WHO to inspect Fort Detrick ?

  • Don Wald 2 weeks ago

    Why is China still fighting Covid-19 when their wet markets are already developing Covid-24?

  • Don Wald 2 weeks ago

    I wouldn't mind being welded in, it'd give me an excuse to be antisocial.

  • Ciborium 1 week ago

    Those scenes from China look like a Socialist Democrat wet dream. So many governors of Blue states want to do the same thing to their citizens. Fortunately, there are Free States like Texas and Florida.

  • Ciborium 1 week ago

    102 days in a tiny prison cell in "quarantine" for a disease that runs its course in, at most, 14 days? That's even worse than Australia and Canada!

  • Ciborium 1 week ago

    Alachua County, Florida, passed a law deputizing every citizen to be a government informant. Every citizen was ordered to snitch on anyone they saw violating the Covid Quarantine Laws. This law was also adopted by the City of Gainesville and the University of Florida (a Top 5 university for "smart" people). However, the law was overturned by the Florida Court of Appeals. The Florida Constitution is unique in that there is an amendment that states it is every citizens' right to be left alone by the government. The government ordering them to be an informant violated the State Constitution.

  • Ciborium 1 week ago

    The UN WEF Great Reset is REAL. The pandemic just made their plans easier to implement. Remember, like the people of China, you will own nothing and be happy. Or else.