China warns of the ‘worst consequences’ to nations supporting Taiwan

Published on September 24, 2022 by

Chinese officials warn “the worst consequences” will follow for any nation offering military support to Taiwan.

The tirade was delivered a day after Chinese President Xi Jinping engaged in diplomatic talks with Australia in an attempt to repair international relations.

Defence Minister Peter Dutton says Australia will do “whatever we can” to deter China from enacting aggression towards Taiwan.

China’s Ministry of National Defence called out what he says is Mr Dutton’s “ideological bias”, adding “no one and no force” could stop Beijing from bringing Taiwan under its control.


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  • Cancel Government 8 months ago

    I'm not surprised. The US has been sending a lot of weapons to creat inflict. The formation of the 'Quad' is threatening to China

  • Toni Perry 8 months ago

    My name is Kenny I'm a proud patriotic AMERICAN bite me China as far as I see it you need to own up to the scourge you turned on us. And helping screw our last election up which I believe was planned. Before screwing Taiwan, bullies only pray on the weak like Russia is doing . Pay us the rest of the world you caused great harm to many others again I think this was planned we should stop trade with, pull out manufacturing. You have no respect for other nations rights. We shouldn't worry or care what happens to you. Your not a great country your a shameful country.

  • Bikechiatry 8 months ago

    How many of you realise that all this shit has nothing to do with borders or religion or people ??? borders, people, religion is needed to get soldiers to fight. The real reason for Taiwan is 90% of the world's most advanced semiconductors.

  • jasper mcmillan 8 months ago

    Another even bigger mess brewing in Asia…

  • Susan Summers 8 months ago

    I kinda want China to try the JSA cause let's get this over with now USA is the greatest military ever . I mean Ukraine is beating Russia that's bad.

  • Susan Summers 8 months ago

    China is not gonna hold.tiawon they may get it

  • Susan Summers 8 months ago

    The USA has such a strong military in fact even in chinas backyard I mean I'm.sure India don't care but

  • Susan Summers 8 months ago

    Japan and USA military they are both the toughest strongest men and women made by god.

  • Susan Summers 8 months ago

    China lets doit

  • Greg Smith 8 months ago

    I think it's time our military leaders take over the white house and run it until we vote in All politicians.

  • merv 8 months ago

    come on China we have time for you another country that thinks it is bigger then it is

  • G T 8 months ago

    death to the ccp

  • KRS Movie 8 months ago

    America is digging its own grave.

  • fred james 8 months ago

    the twin dictatorships of russia and vachina are a huge threat to the democratic free world

  • Demon Slayer 8 months ago

    Why do the US, Australia and Japan such affection, intense devotion and perfect love for the Mandarin speaking Chinese people of Taiwan? We Taiwanese are so touched and a little embarrassed that you would come all this way at your own expense, leave your families and pets behind and even put off having children, to die and drown in the South China Sea in a war with China if necessary, just for us and our freedom.

    Thanking you in advance. You Americans. You Aussies. You Japanese, do care after all! Keeping in mind that it’s about us Taiwanese Chinese and our interests, not you guys and your interests, right? Fact check, you have always had in mind the independence and prosperity of us Taiwanese Chinese right? Fact check, its not because you want to harm our cutting edge champion TSMC right?

    When we fight and win, our right to make hard won democratic decisions, hold elections and have free speech for our Taiwanese Chinese nation (whilst living and thriving in the rubble of our post war torn cities) would give us tremendous democratic energy. We look forward to voting for breakfast, protesting for lunch, rioting and firebombing for dinner then raising more funds to repeat the same process at the end of each day.

    But the world has warned us, after mighty Taiwan has won its independence against China, that we could end up being a US pawn or puppet, forever indebted and politically castrated like Japan, South Korea and Australia.

    Not so. Even though we are Taiwanese, we are extremely proud of our Chinese heritage though you have tried to Americanise us. Therefore you will respect our new free and fair democracy to tell you about where to get off and butt out of our affairs in the future. We run our own Din Tai Fung. We don’t have to do business using US dollars either. Yes?

    Yes indeed, it is deeply heartwarming to know Taiwanese Chinese people are favoured and accepted with fondness in the heart of hearts of America’s political establishment and all Americans.

    So why are Asian people bashed and assaulted and murdered in America and other Western democracies? Will it happen to us Taiwanese Chinese too if we come over to visit, buy property etc expecting to be cheered and hugged and given top priority? For what other race of people in the world would so many Western countries want to rush in and die for? We had no idea us Taiwanese Chinese are racial superstar celebrities!

    But we would like to keep TSMC to ourselves…hands off!

  • Ilovelanguages 8 months ago

    Winnie the Pooh

  • Thomas Cox 4 months ago

    Xi Jinping is crazy. He is in no position to threaten America for defending Taiwan. America's nuclear arsenal can completely destroy China in less than two hours. During a crisis on another island, Cuba, Khrushchev realized, in the nick of time, that America will wage nuclear war under certain circumstances. Xi Jinping would do well to learn the right lessons from the Cuban Missile Crisis.