BSIDES CPT 2019 – Hacking satellites with Software Defined Radio (SDR) – Gerard de Jong

Published on May 14, 2022 by

Title: Hacking satellites with Software Defined Radio (SDR)

In this no holds barred down introduction to Software Defined Radio (SDR) you’ll learn how you can write software to hack remote control security gates, track ships at sea, code your own aircraft radar, and ultimately how to download data directly from various satellites in low earth orbit with nothing more than a cheap USB dongle and a makeshift antenna.

Speaker: Gerard de Jong

Twitter: @GDdeJong

Speaker Bio:
Software developer and consultant with over a decade’s experience building information systems. Holds a Master’s Degree in IT from the University of Pretoria and is a member of Mensa. Speaker at software development conferences such DevConf, Java Africa, LinuxConf[ZA] etc.


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  • BSides Cape Town 11 months ago

    To everyone who loved this video, submit your own talks. Open globally with live streaming to Cape Town & youtube. Otherwise come and join us for an amazing event:

  • 紀章kisho 9 months ago

    How can CB radio or Ham radio communication be achieved with SDR and a laptop?

  • I B Newton 🇺🇸 9 months ago

    You’ll find that South African authorities are quite draconian in their view as to who can listen to what compared to the Americans for example. In South Africa they get quite peeved if you receive police and listen to their dispatch radio transmissions.

  • Life & Tech 9 months ago

    I have SDR dongles since 2013

  • Kane 9 months ago

    aliens watching humans on Earth…doing this already…hacking satellites for free internet access…albeit it is much slower…perhaps they have methods of boosting reception.

  • Captain Midnight 8 months ago

    Hacking satellites? …pfffft.
    This video is NOT Captain Midnight approved.

  • Nathalie S. Dube 8 months ago

    How could they lost a plane that crashed in the Indian Ocean?

  • Half Rho V Squared 8 months ago

    Not all squawk codes starting with 7 are bad.
    There are three which indicate an issue.
    7500 – Unlawful interference with the safe conduct of the flight (hijack)
    7600 – Radio problems.
    7700 – General emergency.

    In the UK (and some other places), 7000 is the general VFR conspicuity squawk. If, for example, I am talking to Scottish Information and they have given me 7401 (which is usual for Scottish information) and I want to change to the frequency of my destination airport, I will be told to “squawk conspicuity and freecall xxxx” (where xxxx is the destination airport). At that point, I will change my squawk code to 7000 (as I am flying VFR) and change the radio to the frequency of my destination airport.
    Squawk codes are changed en-route and not always assigned prior to takeoff. I will generally depart my home airport on 7000, change to Scottish Information where I will usually be given 7401. If, during my journey, I want to transit Edinburgh’s controlled airspace, I will change to Edinburgh Radar’s frequency and will be given a different squawk code (usually 043… something – they have a bank of squawk codes that they issue, starting at 0430). After completing my transit I will return to Scottish Information and will be told to squawk 7401 again.
    This guy’s knowledge of transponders is somewhat faulty, but that can be forgiven as he’s not involved in the world of aviation.

  • CulpFiction 6 months ago

    Who needs the Geek Squad when we have the Epic BSides Cape Town Channel👍

    FU Geek Gobblers👎

  • fred flintstoner 6 months ago

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  • Brian the Brian 6 months ago

    That was 44:52 of my life I’ll never get back. I save you the listening and viewing displeasure this dude has reviewed very basic shit and he’s totally without any comedic value. JMO.

  • magaiver 5 months ago

    Can you track police vehicles

    I'm sure they have some kind transmitter that identify the police car, motorcycle or police officer or police radio location. TIA

  • Johannes Zwilling 5 months ago

    😆👍🏼 Fuuu-nny!!!

  • ManuelPinner 3 months ago

    I have a SDR Play RSP DX, Works much better than the Cheap Chinese Made SDR Dongles! I'm also a Licensed Ham Radio Operaters to, I have a Yeasu FT817 it's a whole Ham Radio Shack because it have HF, VHF, and UHF, All modes, I use SDR Angel Software and SDR Uno for My SDR Play RSP DX!

  • Xiaomi Telephone 3 months ago

    next-up: Satnogs

  • varol Abdullah 3 months ago

    english subtitle please

  • Richard Moore 2 months ago

    Q: How do you know if a person uses Apple products?
    A: Oh, they'll tell you.