Biden says Ukraine president Zelensky ‘inspires the world’ during State of the Union

Published on September 24, 2022 by

Joe Biden said that Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky “inspires the world”.

President Biden made the comment during the opening remarks of his first State of the Union address to Congress.

Biden’s words come days after Vladimir Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine, sparking international outrage.

The President said the Putin has been met with a “wall of strength” by the Ukrainian people. “To president Zelensky and to every Ukrainian… their courage and determination literally inspires the world”, Biden continued.

Congress then applauded Ukraine’s US ambassador Oksana Markarova.

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  • Kris Benet 9 months ago

    Zelensky a real world leader.

  • SpaceTimeContinuums 9 months ago

    UKRAINE & Volodymyr Zelenskyy

    Members of Terrorist Group "israel" commits child abuse and murder in Palestine constantly. The British "royal" family, Boris Johnson and the USA president and Volodymyr Zelenskyy personally and directly supports this evil terrorism by not sending weapons and troops to wipe the terrorists off the face of the earth. Now evil hypocrite Volodymyr Zelenskyy expects to be treated differently when he is invaded? – no honour among theives and murderers. Learn it well.

  • -- 9 months ago

    Nah he’s a clown not a hero. Sorry I ain’t brainwashed by the media.

  • Ajay Agrawal 9 months ago

    Zelensky is a total moron, ill-advised by US and NATO. He should have declared Ukraine a no arms zone and non-aligned in exchange for investments from US, NATO and Russia. He is responsible for the suffering of his people. No one else. This is not comedy.

  • Makai Mauka 9 months ago

    Biden doesn’t

  • Atheist warrior 9 months ago

    Biden basically said "Yeah you're hero, brave, and inspired many people but now you're on your own, we're not gonna help cause there's no oil involved ehehe"

  • ak 9 months ago

    Zhukov (on the radio). To all German units and divisions! Says the representative of the Supreme Soviet Command, Marshal Zhukov. Our only condition is unconditional surrender. Stop fire on both sides in fifteen minutes. We will take prisoners at the Brandenburg Gate. We guarantee life for everyone. Place firearms on the other side of the gate. Officers are allowed to keep edged weapons with them. (To the radio operator.) Repeat the same thing several times in Russian and German, so that it will be accepted in all units.

  • Margaux B 9 months ago

    What about his name appearing in Pandora papers? What about UN Human Rights reporting concerns about fundamental rights after he restricted media and freedom of speech in 2021? What about the various scandals and resignations of members of his government? This is even on Wikipedia, so not difficult to find!

  • zaini abdullah 9 months ago

    Is an actor and a comedian of a nation like the Ukraine for real ?
    Sacrificing a willing pawn for the EU in a western chess game, the Ukraine has outlived its usefulness. It is now on its own !

  • Juan Vazquez 9 months ago

    I’m inspired to support the 2nd amendment rights to bears arms. To fight tyranny.

  • Chris Guerrero 9 months ago

    Involve America again in this war? Fix your border!

  • Rachel Black 9 months ago

    Biden 'stands with Ukraine' while buying Putin's oil

  • will pinheiro 9 months ago

    I don't feel inspired by autocratic nazi apologists

  • SFJIM TV 9 months ago

    I dont Vote for president Biden But I'm glad he win on president election ….more power if he run again on another election I'll will make sure he got my vote…

  • Verba volant, scripta manent 7 months ago

    catholic biden makes protestant ukraine and russia fight each other…That's old 30 years war revenge in Europa..

  • jarla naudic 7 months ago

    Zelensky is blackmailing Biden and his son Hunter for their evil theft of the Ukrainian government. We are caught in the cross fires'. Joe and his pathetic son Hunter are two of the biggest criminals in the United States of America. To think he is our President!

  • Abuelo Piloto 6 months ago

    Biden is a Russian puppet