Are people now more willing to accept gene therapy? (from Livestream #117)

Published on April 6, 2022 by

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #117 (originally streamed live on March 05, 2022):


Head of pharma at Bayer says the appreciation of gene therapy is going up: />
FDA on gene therapy:

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  • ThomasJLarsen 4 months ago

    What’s the idea about peoples “accept” of gene therapy when they are not being asked?

    The “covid vaccine” is not a vaccine and it protected no one from getting covid.

    I don’t understand why the medical industry has not been trialed.

  • Ben Cordell 4 months ago

    Jews love gene therapy

  • Zani 4 months ago

    Prefer to stay Human
    what if it's actually worse then gene therapy

  • banced1 3 months ago


  • M dash Cube 3 months ago

    It is gene therapy…point blank, don’t polished it up.

  • David Pybus 3 months ago

    Brilliant explanation and discussion 👏

  • txdraw 3 months ago

    Just gos to show you how many sheep we have in this world.

  • Chuck Frazier 3 months ago

    I don’t anyone who hides the truth for 75 years. Just like they did with the JFK murder.

  • Liberty Bella 3 months ago

    It’s Eugenics with better marketing. It’s scary that people ignore what those involved actually say. It’s not hidden. Yet people prefer to follow the propaganda line. I just hope society wakes up. I understand people are in fear, it was done purposely to cause fear & compliance. Unfortunately many are so trapped in that fear anyone who dares question is ignored, shunned or silenced.

  • Ron Ferderer 3 months ago

    Pharma companies make their money by committing mass fraud.

    Our government is NOT on our side.

    No one in the pharma industry or government will ever be held responsible for fraud, theft, personal injury, or even murder.

  • Floating Points 3 months ago

    Is Novavax a form of gene therapy also?

  • R A M 3 N 3 months ago

    Haven't watched the entire video yet, my opinion is so far that gene therapy is acceptable when sequences are altered to imitate a nominal already occurring gene structure

  • John Palmer 3 months ago

    Great discussion… why I find both your discussions informant and is I subscribe.. tragedy is your podcast is a a rarity in the domain of rational discourse… for all those who are listening, please advise of other sources I should consider.

  • John Palmer 3 months ago

    Interesting example of Example of unintended consequences very similar to many other systems where the outcome often is different than the intended result can we look at for example asset forfeiture watch your shows where we intended to prevent organized crime from profiting from their illicit activity but ultimately what happened was we use it to do other things such as sheriff of Nottingham activities by law enforcement to take property away from law-abiding citizens. Stop

  • MyView 3 months ago

    Not like a lot of people had a choice!

  • Wild Weasel 3 months ago


    Globally, we appear to be signing up for CONDITIONAL FREEDOM predicated on constant compliance with government mandates. We are sacrificing something priceless in exchange for fleeting, trivial, passing pleasures. This is certainly leading to technocratic slavery and each citizen, whether they know it or not, has a role to play in installing (or hopefully preventing) the infrastructure/architecture that will enforce it on our children through our repeated participation (or abstinence).

    Warning: If you don’t comply with the next mandate, your freedom WILL be revoked (see the Super Green Pass in Italy for a glaring example). This is a global playbook with nations using it at different paces to ensure maximum success over time- worldwide.

    Every time any citizen flashes a vaccine passport or a vaccination card, they vet this system, give it credence, and building power; they become it. It literally leverages government sanctioned discrimination, ideological segregation and blatant coercion, while using duplicitous language under a faulty premise (it is a fact that the vaccine does NOT prevent contracting or spreading COVID). It breaks my heart to see broken spirits enforcing this system on their neighbors. Especially when our clarion call is diversity and inclusion.

    Why are we still wearing these chains?

    The goal is to corral us all into accepting a global digital ID.

    It will be relentlessly ushered in by pandemics, war, rumors of war, energy, economic and climate crises (see Ukraine for the perfect combination including the potential use of nuclear/biological pathogens). All of those will have a combined effect to instill fear on the masses and be leveraged to induce every one of us to sign up for a system of control to ration resources and manage carbon footprints based on social credit and constant obedience to a global oligarchy and their irreproachable mandates/edicts. Your ability/right to bank can also be tied to this. Many nations (Canada most recently) have already demonstrated this.

    Many ACROSS THE GLOBE have stood up to tell the truth in love about this in various ways and similar scale…Nevertheless, they have been systematically muted/dispersed through political/economic force in Canada, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, and America to name just a handful of democratic countries…Why is the media in general sleeping on the biggest story in the history of the modern world?

    Is it because we are getting played?

    We must continue to tell the truth in love through authentic relationships in everyday life.

    As we get censored, shadow-banned, and intentionally ignored, we must also be cognizant of the fact that we are in turn being harnessed as repeaters for a message that we know to be false through wearing masks. Everything we do is a form of communication, when we wear a mask we are messaging, “you are a potential biohazard; I am a potential biohazard.” This feeds the narrative which is by this point-clearly degrading to all. Watch out for other ways in which we will be harnessed to that end in the future. We may lack the imagination for alternative ways to do that but others certainly don’t and won’t. They will use you as unwitting repeaters and policy enforcers.

    As the conflict in Ukraine vacuums all of our attention, this system of control is slowly cemented into place.

    Hundreds of millions (if not billions) of others around the world understand that we are getting played. They understand that when you fire someone for declining a medical procedure, that is worse than saying they can’t go to the grocery store…it’s literally turning their spigot of income off. They are now impotent in ANY store, gas station or other essential market venue.

    The “relaxing of mandates” during spring time (as we have learned over the last two years) is a natural part of a ratcheting effect where the torquing is sure to come. It will next fall. That’s why it’s being preserved (just like the last two years). If that’s not the case then why not get rid of it?

    All mandates and compulsive use of vaccine passports, vaccination cards, masks and any other forms of nonsensical social control must be completely and totally eradicated and outlawed indefinitely. Do the latest revelations surrounding the efficacy of the vaccine really justify limiting a free citizens ability to work, buy, sell, trade, travel, get an education or exercise other previously inalienable rights? It’s not about vax/no-vax… it’s about the kind of behavior we are willing to condone, Nationally and Globally.

    Those who stand against these behaviors are exactly right to continue to highlight that in love for all.

    They know that what we do right now is WHO WE ARE. Every single one of us would do well to remember that.

    To whom much is given, much is required. Courage requires conviction, conviction should be predicated on truth and love. What are you and I going to do with it? We see what courageous citizens are doing. God Bless and Keep them for it.

    To every one of you who are showing courage in the name of truth, love and liberty, thank you from another citizen who loves and is concerned about liberty and justice for all.

    Above all, its individual citizens that guarantee freedom for their nations. Not militaries or politicians.

  • Milda 3 months ago

    First of all, The delusional God wannabes, aka psychopaths, truly believe that they’re smarter than the complex, genius engine of life that exists in everything in the world. Nature is genius. It’s a miracle. It’s a complicated unity of things and codes that knows what it’s doing without the help of “God Complex”, power hungry lunatics manipulating it. It’s existed for billions of years. And whoever thinks that stupid humans are bigger and better than this complex universe, or the psychopaths are trying to help us and the world by sticking their filthy hands in it, need their heads checked.