Anonymous Hacks Russian Military


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  • Danielle H 5 months ago

    Conti was hacked obvi! Duhhhh lol

  • Sue Garbella๐Ÿ‘‰{PURPOSEHACK09 ON INSTAGRAM}โ€ข 5 months ago

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  • Jeff Lincoln๐Ÿ‘‰ {PURPOSEHACK09 ON INSTAGRAM}โ€ข 5 months ago

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  • Diego Lamela๐Ÿ‘‰ {PURPOSEHACK09 ON INSTAGRAM}โ€ข 5 months ago

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  • Josh elder๐Ÿ‘‰{PURPOSEHACK09 ON INSTAGRAM}โ€ข 5 months ago

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  • Peter Kephart 4 months ago

    Why aren't these anonymous people hacking the real culprits in this war, like the US government (that started it in 2014) and its corrupt officials, NATO and its corrupt officials, the obscene US military-industrial complex and its corrupt leaders, the Zelensky regime and its corrupt officials, and all the other scum who are profiting from dragging this war on indefinitely?

    I am all for anonymous and their (perceived) mission; I have applauded their efforts in the past. But it seems to me that they are missing the target completely. I don't condone this war or any other, but the truth is that Russia had, and has, legitimate concerns that have been completely ignored by western powers. If we dig deep into the foundations of this conflict and seek truth beyond the lies being maliciously propagated by the west, it is clear that Russia is not single-handedly responsible for this conflict.

    Vladimir Putin was not lying when he laid out his reasons for taking action. The Ukrainian government HAS been committing atrocities against ethnic Russians in the Donbass region. The Ukrainian military DOES have neo-nazis within its ranks who have been committing genocide that has been completely ignored by western authorities. The arrogant encroachment of NATO DOES pose an existential threat to the Russian Federation, as it does to EVERY nation on earth. The US government has been arming, training, and materially supporting these Ukrainian terrorists for a decade at least. And the US has been committing war crimes everywhere on the planet that it wants to without anyone ever being held accountable while murdering hundreds of thousands of people.

    Why are these anonymous operatives ignoring all of this? To me, this is yet another example of ignorant and indiscriminate power, which is exactly what the US and its allies are guilty of. Doesn't this obvious fact make anonymous just as guilty? Misguided attempts at justice usually do more harm than good. If these hackers are so smart, they should already know that. And they should do their homework before arbitrarily assigning blame and deciding to attack any entity, whether individual, corporation, or government.

    Maybe they are tools of the west and not an independent collective of benign activists after all.

  • Oybek Masharipov 4 months ago

    Putin best

  • My Charmed Unicorn 4 months ago

    Why???? Do you really think it will help? OR cause even more harm?

  • Steven Campbell 4 months ago

    GoodOnYa you naughty folks who tickled Putin's balls. I hope he gets the crabs from your efforts. Skitch 'em.

  • Petter Val 4 months ago

    Thanks Anonymous for be my Hero.

  • sgprabbit 4 months ago

    How about hacking into Putinโ€™s personal accounts and exposing his ill-gotten wealthโ€ฆ

  • Robert 4 months ago

    Good Job guys and girls

  • Gotcha Bitch 4 months ago

    #ISTANDWITHUKRAINE ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฆ good job Anonymous

  • Ona Victoria 4 months ago

    also known as the CIA

  • John Wilson 4 months ago

    It would seem Anonymous has become politically motivated. Given the number of cases we hear of where Anonymous has exposed corruption within the system it would be more interesting if Anonymous were to expose the corruption within Ukraine rather than what the Russians may, or may not, be up to.