Adapting to Dystopian New Normal (Interview with Shot Magazine)

Published on September 13, 2022 by

The future belongs to solitary, self-sufficient narcissists and psychopaths with no empathy or emotions. Consumption is the substitute for life. Interview transcript here:

Proposed solutions here:


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  • E 5 months ago

    Beautifully scaring

  • H H 5 months ago

    Amazing as always

  • JMC 5 months ago

    Appreciate your HONESTY and ability to SPEAK THE TRUTH- even when it’s not easy to hear. UNFORTUNATELY; THAT is what I now consider to be a BREATHE OF FRESH AIR when being witness to the SH$& SHOW we are presented with now – THANK YOU; for BEING WHO YOU ARE-

  • Debbie Mohiosen 5 months ago

    Alex Amok says very interesting stuff too and pairs well with professor Vaknin.
    Most peculiar surname ,in greek "amock" is used to mean someone lost it and is running wild.

  • M L 5 months ago

    The real pandemic is Narcissist pandemic! He is presenting dystopia to Wake people up as society as we see it’s reflective of world created by all we see. Watch his next video : 20 steps out of the mess… this is important message!

  • Samuli Jolkio 5 months ago

    I was sure he was going to say "Some of the great child psychologist weren't children."

  • David Lubotsky 5 months ago

    Context dependent reality is fundamental in speaking of how humanity will continue to divide such as city people mentality vs those living far from cities as well those who live in underdeveloped places where nature dominates and a connection to food source and family fependence preserves culture however those in power creating the societal programs will continue to force upon those who are far from the cities by way of cell phones, schooling and Media. It's a state of confusion as this disconnection between dualistic mental constructs will continue do to the internet. There will be groups who reject what is being forced on us all by governments and global corporations but if not understood by the next generation what is being preserved as like religious/ cultural identity based resistance, they will be inevitably consumed by this narcissistic norm that is like a plague taking over humanity by way of digital media directly linked to economic opportunity. Right now that means also medical intervention. Young generations are under attack from every direction even though half of these forces are self induced. I must say the cultural divide is more and more about those who are consumers vs producers as well, those who have close human interaction vs those in increasing isolation. Mention must be made of those who refuse the injections as are preserving something that the world will sooner than later come to understanding.

  • Loubriel Sosa LAc 5 months ago

    She’s 🥵

  • Bronx Boi 5 months ago

    Professor V. Is a weirdo. Follow Jesus instead

  • mezazis83 5 months ago

    I was just itching to know where outside the west that "connectiveness" could possibly start the trend of change?

  • Lindokuhle Zulu 5 months ago


  • Lindokuhle Zulu 5 months ago

    The issue is the rampant infestation of capitalism in every nook and crevice of society today. Capital separates people who are within immediate spaces, capital requires today to have money to keep a social life, and proximity to capital increases clout. The internet has grown so appealing because it is so cheap and parts of it still are untainted by capitalism. On these internet spaces, the disparities that capitalism creates/perpetuates are less pronounced because it feels somewhat like a convention, or playground. But then in the real world, vast differences among people are created by the atomisation. It's why here in South Africa you can meet people who believe they have more in common with an American than they do with a neighbour. Or in America or broadly, the west, why somebody with lily white skin can identify Korean because the anime and music they consume is Asian.

    Modern capitalism has destroyed so much.

    Relationships are really not worth the effort either. It's about money and money is something that the younger generations seriously do not have and have not had, honestly with past recessions and COVID plus what comes next. But when you look at the wealthier guys who can afford the lifestyle that girls believe they are entitled to, these are the guys hitting home runs. Hence MGTOW, Red pill and manosphere, the idea of hypergamy.

    But what pains me the most is that nothing is gonna change because I don't think our generation can stand for change. Capitalist greed exhibited in us ensures that the older, kleptocratic generations will have some worthy successors. Many already have woke fatigue anyway. I fear that not much will change!

  • Will Feret 5 months ago

    What's most telling in recent years is not the general increase in narcissism but that Narcissists are increasingly comfortable with discarding the Mask of Sanity and are rewarded for doing so.

  • Indigo Smyth 5 months ago

    I love you Prof Sam ❤❤❤

  • Slowdul 5 months ago

    India has a lot of interesting things like meditation to give perspective farther from materialism. But on the question of where will the "healing" come from, maybe it'll come from a place that is not defined in term of a "place". That's pretty much individualistic. A bunch of people bringing stuff from all kind of places, working together to rise from the bottom of crumbling ruins, and setting up the future reference. I'm not knowledgeable but how did the Roman empire started? Wasn't that a bunch of no ones expelled from other places? I could see that concept in action again, the goal being trying to not become what made the suffering in the first place.

  • kdaviswbai 5 months ago

    Narcissistic world view.

  • Tanya Battle 4 months ago

    If you look at Dr Zack Bush. He thinks autistic children could be this new generation to save us. Let's hope so.