Have you ever noticed the big mural on the wall. What does this mural depict?

They hide it IN PLAIN SIGHT!

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  1. 1:34 Atomic Bombs are a Hoax (Cash Cow)……
    1:41 As I know the World Leaders like Bush & Co. are from the same korrupt "Christian" Bloodline of the Brotherhood of the Snake or Drako Bloodline = Vatican (See Walter Veith's Videos). They are not the good ones…….

    5:30 They Sleep very Well cause they are Stupid……

  2. Where is this video sourced from who is the narrator

  3. Folks, could not the mural simply represent the UN's boasting of power it received from the hand of G-d??? 🙄

    I believe all power comes from the Almighty. There is no power existing of itself!

  4. someone please tell me who's channel this came from!!!!

  5. That's because the Antichrist wants to destroy all the Jewish people. If you are against Israel then you have spirit of antichrist in you. Jesus the Christ will be returning soon. He wont be returning as a meek profit this time but as a Lion.

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