1. United Nations will be crushed and Yahsua will prevail.

  2. Put Hitler on the other side of your argument and you are automagically right… reductio ad hitlerum

  3. They are also gonna try to normalize pedophilia

  4. Henry Kissinger said if you can control energy you can control nations and controlling food controls populations.

  5. The Lord:
    Hey, what is the United Nations? It is an evil force, says the Lord, that is a stench to my nostrils.

    April 4th, 2009 – Seattle, WA
    https:// kimclement. com/prophecy.php

  6. it all  stems from Madam Blavatsky – a known Satanist! Lucid Publishing (1920s) specifically PRINTED Blavatsky Satanist gnostic ideology as well as ALL brochures for newly formed UN. Isnt that wonderful. Isnt that awesome! Right-O  Agenda 21 ~

  7. Red vs blue. Heart vs mind. When heart and mind fight there is confusion and manipulation.they manipulate our unconscious.

  8. It is true that the world is full of demonic entities. What is sad is that both luciferians and Christians are going to be in for a mind-blowing surprise when they find out the true nature of our reality. Luciferianism and Christianity is a system of Duality that they want you trapped in. Black and white light and dark good and evil. Reality hangs in between those two concepts. Sexuality is used against people because that's what Society dictates. Christians think that it is evil to be gay there for the luciferians have adopted gayness as one of their themes. Luciferians did not invent homosexuality and being transgender. There is nothing created outside of God. It is only because Christians give homosexuality and transgenderism negative power that luciferians are able to feed off of that negative energy by adopting that lifestyle even though it has nothing to do with them. every time you Christians freak out about something being evil the luciferians snatch it up as if it was their own. What Christians don't realize is that we have the power to speak reality into existence and every time you speak your fears they become reality. Luciferians love this, that's why they're here. Christians speak hate into reality and luciferians feed off of that energy, it's called LUGE. As long as Christians live in a fear-based reality there will always be luciferianism to feed off of that.

  9. Not a Phoenix but a pelican. It symbolizes sacrifice. The color has meaning as well.

  10. Wow all this is happening and has been happening! Our church is accepting things that shouldn’t, education is brainwashing, tv is brainwashing, the media try’s to tell us how and what to think

  11. LOL
    This video only proves that
    All created beings Angels or Humans cannot escape God's word. When God says the enemy is 666, even Lucifer cannot hide! And I just thought that Lucifer is SO miniscule to God. Because God is so huge.
    Even a Biblical Giant is so small. The bible says "Earth is a footstool of God" Have you any idea how a giant who roams the Earth is Soooo Small relative to GOD?
    No one, not ONE would survive if God can throw a tantrum and just decided to Press his foot harder on that Earth( footstool). Do not tempt God, even his blowing of air may just stir a Tsunami wave on Earth.
    LOL. We are just clay, God is the Potter.
    Give respect where it is due.

  12. Do we know what floor the meditation room is on? Just curious. I doubt it but ever public access to med room? Id piss on their stone!

  13. A bunch of fools,where is the money come from? See the lies.

  14. Yes Hitler, Rockefeller, Sanger, you will bend your knee before OUR KING, and you Will confess HIM to be the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD. We get to watch I hope.

  15. Built in 45. Two of those angles ,make the square and compass symbols……stop the meetings behind closed doors where they conspire…THAT is the only conpirasy that needs put to rest.

  16. They think there protected under religious practises…..my religion states stomp all of the negative out……theres only one religious term that's unspoken. Because what's obvious. Is unmistakably right with vibrational evolution. In a potential infinant

  17. Abused?????? We were abused with the genetic upgrade to breed… there's no science to give that much thought and time to our downfall!

  18. Misinformation. List of ten things is a bastardized list by Karl Marx regarding Communicism

  19. They plan to kill of judo Christian religions no matter what sex you are
    Edit: Sect

  20. Here we are UN and Satanic agenda!!!

  21. What I love about jesus is, even if he isn't real the words of that name will create a better moral human than we have today. This is why Im giving jesus a chance, their always mocking him and want to take him away from us…why? they would happily replace it with islam or Buddhism, just saying also the methodise church and the Catholic Church sponsor porn hub.

  22. DUMB deep underground military bunkers ( the dens of the elite)

    rev 6:16 says

    They called to the mountains and the rocks, "Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!

  23. Lucis Trust is Luci's Trust.

  24. There is nothing that I know of on this planet that confuses people more than the holy bible.. Its where we get the idea of Satan, demons, ghosts, Sacrifices, idol worship, raising people from the dead, Hell etc etc etc. What do you think this does to a young childs mind? WTF is wrong with everyone? They're mixing good morals with a satanic book and they can't tell the difference because that's what their parents and ALL their teachers are saying. No one thinks fur themselves anymore!. IT IS THE SOURCE of ALL THIS RHETORIC!
    they can't see the forest for the trees! A disciples blindspot! I feel like km the only sane one here for speaking the REAL

  25. "Judaeo-Christian" is an oxymoron! It's as contradictory as saying evil-good or dark-light! I know for a fact the term makes the truly born again, Holy Spirit filled, Christians shudder when they hear it.

  26. The political "left" and "right" is just a paradigm! "Democracy" is just a smokescreen because if voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us! The man at the end blaming the left needs to wake up!

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