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Today’s special guest is Andrew Mather, a mathematician and City finance and technology professional. See more of his work and COVID-19 updates at:

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    So what is W.M.D he still never said, talk about ignorant.

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    Stoltenberg is very,very remote as you can tell from the blank look on his face.

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    Commented on UK Column News – 1st April 2020

    It's pointless reading out these figures, THEY''RE MEANINGLESS Since everyone has one, two, or three CV's they can supply any number, you like. !!!

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    Amazing guest!

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    Thank fuck for you guys
    Can you post a link to the video your guest mentioned about the report in america of a hospital that is overrun, later shown to be false. Much appreciated.

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    Thanks Andrew …. great guest …..he does not drink juice.

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    7.15 That’s literally what Winston Smith’s job was at the Ministry of Truth! The BBC are operating the memory hole in plain sight.

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    Enoch escaped death.

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    Looks like they are planning genocide in this new hospital. They have, apparently also built a large mortuary in East London, the size of 2 football pitches. Who for? What if they plan to suddenly switch on 5G to full potential?

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    It’s like the people used to think that obeying the Priest could ensure the sun rose the next day. Science has just become the new Priests.

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    I hope people realise from this that this is exactly what 911 and the Moon landings were. If you look at the official facts and check others you weren’t told , it is just a clever manipulation. Most truth seems crazy when you are constantly lied to. They are Magicians.

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    They said it on one of the American President press release , " its a live exercise " !

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    You are so right to mention the Blame China meme at the moment, it harks back to sept 12th 2001, but against a different group, such vitriol on the internet over nothing (in the grand scheme of things)

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    Boom. Give that man a mic to drop! I wish there were more Like this guy.

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    Why did they invent the crisis?

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    Don’t forget 911 ANDREW. Dwarfs WMDs ! And government incompetence is a lie!

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    The biggest fraud in history by so few on so many ,

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    Yeh Tony Lee, a Planned emic lol! You're right there!!

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    woa… did Mike take some speed or what – verbal fluidity today sir! 🙂

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    This is great work UK Column, thanks @johnfordblagger

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    Tikkum Olam

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    Year 2020, either you can 'see' or you are blind…

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    Shame about Andrews audio – very hard to listen to nd im intersted in what he has to say, can imagine trying to show someone who has reservations? This Psy-Op has got people very scared.

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    Fucking finally I've been telling people this shit for the last two weeks cuz im not fucking stupid enough to trust the government and msm thank fuck people are waking up!!!!!!!!

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    WTF is he on about on the graphs, cant follow him especially with the sound problem!!!

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    REUTERS: "data from national statistics office ISTAT showed deaths in the north of Italy doubled in the first three weeks of March compared with the average during the same period between 2015 and 2019, reflecting the onset of coronavirus.

    In Bergamo, fatalities more than quadrupled, while they increased between two- and three-fold in several other Lombardy cities. In some small towns at the heart of the outbreak they were up 10-fold this year compared with 2019."

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    Excellent investigative #Journalism. Respect 🙏

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    The BBC is the ministry of truth for those who have buried their heads in the sand
    For those who are awake we know they are liars and puppets of the powers that be who are enslaving people without being in jail, may be the first time in the history of mankind people are being trapped in their own homes.

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    North Devon area has seen nothing but BT or other subcontracted telecommunications vehicles and workmen putting up telegraph poles, wiring up electrical boxes etc, wonder what that can be??? Mark my words they will 'roll out' 5G around September/November time then mysteriously a month later for Christmas another wave of 'virus' will hit us hence compulsory vaccines or you won't be allowed to work etc. This is evil and yet the sheeple have bought into it and still cannot see the extent our freedoms are being deliberately taken away. I for one will NOT be forced into having a vaccination I'd rather die free and will fight alone no matter the cost but then I'm luckier than most as I've no close family or children to leave behind so I'm not frightened by death only enslavement. This truly is turning into the Devil's playground now it's just nicely dressed.

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    Funny how the symptoms of COV19 are the same as the health complications associated with 5g

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    For the first time in 6 weeks, I'm feeling a bit more optimistic. Maybe, just maybe, we can imprison the criminals responsible for this attempted coup of humanity.

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    Tom all the moaners whinging about the interview audio, it is because he is talking via Skype. Just turn on subtitles and quit whinging.

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    I noticed that the BBC continually re-edit articles without telling the reader, even over a period of weeks to constantly reflect whatever propaganda is being distributed

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    Thank you once again lads for keeping us informed. What a relief from mainstream media.

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    Great true news as always guys 🎉👏🏼🎊💫

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    41:45 minutes in, sums up this scandal perfectly. 👏

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    😎Thanks guys, great show & info.. l have shared on farcebook & included Andrew's YouTube also.. 😎 (It's a very mad world 🙄)

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    As always, great reporting. My sister is a head ICU nurse. The extra covid ward that was recently created is already full.
    As we are after the truth, would you like me to ask her to appear on your program? It'd be good to hear what's happening on the ground from someone who is there.

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    On the other hand… https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
    Was SARS (another corona virus) also a hoax? Did India find an HIV sequnce in the covid-19?

    If this happens to have been a weaponized virus, chances of it being weapon grade are fairly high.

    Hit the Johns Hopkins link at the top.

    Don't lose your credibility over this. We need accurate data and it appears that the damage done to the NHS may be far worse than we thought if one in ten "confirmed" cases ends up dying.

    Note that the totals align with your data but John Hopkins doesn't have a separate category for "mild" cases. They only go by "cases" period.

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    Wonder how many NHS workers are bemused by people appearing outside their hospitals dressed as them, the crisis actors employed by BBC & other #FakeNews outlets. Only to then see them starting to talk to a cameraman about corona virus. So they decide on their break (that's if they get any) to go outside to give their account of what's happening (truth from those who actually work in NHS) but are told "No that's ok we don't need any of your staff to talk to us,we have our own NHS workers we've just interviewed!" Yes their actors,like they use often in other highly truth bending false flag circumstances where they've used crisis actors in the past!!

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    28m20s This is the point of nationwide house arrest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9dAN9VZdNQ

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    I am organising a human chain in my town to defy the social distancing. To be armed with the statistics presented today would be helpful in a graphical format that is easy to present.

    I think this will shock the compliant sheep to ask questions. The mask waring vunerables will be dieing to know more.

    If this can be done further afield then that would be something. Either this or accept dominant tyranny!

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    This is conclusive proof clearly stated and shown. But then this is true of all the deep state lies and tricks, including the steady parade of crisis actor enacted terror attack events. They've all been likewise exposed. But the problem is the sheeple majority who have been MSM indoctrinated. My siblings for example become instantly hysterical if I suggest they look at proof of deep state conspiracy contradicting the MSM narrative. Ten years or more I have tried to no avail. They will not look at ANY such evidence. Any effort triggers a mass attack with great relish against me the lone crazy conspiracy theorist and target of opportunity.

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    "Breaking the chains of transmission" means more surveillance.

  45. Avatar


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    Welcome to the new soviet.

  47. Avatar

    The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Their intention to provoke China and put us all under control was revealed back in 2010 here:
    Witness Interview transcript
    The Anglo-Saxon Mission
    Jane Bürgermeister update:
    Whatever happened to the Swine Flu?

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    The real danger is that these maniacs will start doing people for real. 5G next.

  49. Avatar

    So how about we do a quick fact check here. Between week 40 2018, and week 15 2019, there was 3,157 cases of influenza causing icu treatment, and 312 deaths (official uk figures published mid 2019). TODAY (during week 14 2020) covid 19 has KILLED 684 people, THATS IN ONE DAY!!! So before believing everything you here and see on youtube, do some research. Believe what you want by all means, but dont believe these idiots who are making up numbers and graphs, with no actuall evidence behind it.

  50. Avatar

    The un-red-pilled may look at this and think 'wow, the authorities must really care about us, putting in all these radical measures to protect us'. This is what the Global 'Elites' want us to believe so that they can press on with their dark agenda of genocide and Totalitarianism without too many dissenting voices.

  51. Avatar

    Absolutely brilliant job guys!!…Superb information, beautifully put together, needs to be shared far and wide..I'm so glad you can see through all this manufactured charade.. With regards to China & Russia…right on the button, my thoughts precisely. These muppets referring to COV-19 as ''Wuhan' virus'' .Blame China, blame Russia-same old, same old, nothing new. ..well done for exposing the lies,keep up the good work!!

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    Absolutely brilliant thank you so much

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    Great show guys, as always.

  54. Avatar

    Has anyone ever seen a single patient in one of these huge hospital centers/sickbays? Not me. If there were some we certainly would have been shown the images by our mainstream media. Sensationalism as it is. Sorry, for the woman's brother-in-law.

  55. Avatar

    Nightingale hospitals for isolation breakers.

  56. Avatar

    Oh silly guest, using ear buds/mic but tucking behind his head, so the mic is tucked up at the side of his neck……so hard to hear him
    Farage's comments were ridiculous, China burns your house down, then start a Go-Fund-Me to send you a couple of fire extinguishers!

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    It's quite astonishing to hear people on the street stating that they believe every thing the main stream media and unlawful government have publicized. People are telling me that they don't read, or study, research or investigate any matter, subject or topic, but just go along with anything the main stream news dictates. What about the large sign bill posters attached to sides of buildings which state that somehow, NHS employees are heroes! The people standing in queues are like zombies, and the so called social distancing has completely separated any unity whatsoever. Security officers have been employed to stop customers from fighting over bread, milk, sugar and eggs with other products and it appears that instead of people coming together to support one another, they have become savage, nasty and mean. Well done British people.

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    Everyone should post a link to this video on the comments on all media websites and social media. Lets flood the internet with this.

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    No vaccine, no 5G.
    No Bill Gates.

  60. Avatar

    What do people need most for there immune system..
    I think vitamin C does help.

  61. Avatar

    What do they achieve by this ?

  62. Avatar

    wake up People We have to remove this Government and the LibLabConRoyals as a whole and get the Bankers punished for creating another financial crisis eutruth.org.uk

  63. Avatar

    More conspiracy theory.

  64. Avatar

    Dr. Kaufman analyses ‘COVID 19’ and concludes that the ‘virus’ is, in fact, Exosomes released by the cells as a natural defence reaction to whatever is causing the trauma, and not a virus/invasion from outside of the body. COVID-19 does not exist!


  65. Avatar

    I said this weeks ago..it will naturally slow if it is a real virus of course..then they will say,,oh look what we did with our measures….here is your vaccine.!!

  66. Avatar

    theres no one left people need to use your own brain and RESEARCH. save hard copies. FUCK THEM!!

  67. Avatar

    5G = Corona Virus. Wakey wakey.

  68. Avatar

    Excellent show…shame the audio from the guy doing the stats is very patchy, but you're doing great work

  69. Avatar

    Officially the end of Lockdown as far as I'm concerned!

  70. Avatar

    In 2 years time I’m coming back to this comment section and we’ll see how right this video and you all are. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Also, the Tories, THE TORIES are giving ordinary people 80% of their wages… They’re spending BILLIONS on small business bail outs, hospitals and other poor peoples’ infrastructure. 
    THAT is all you ever need to consider if you believe this to be some kind of conspiracy. I hope you don’t have to see first hand the devastation this virus causes.

  71. Avatar

    1st point: this is not a winter virus!!
    2nd point: It's only just getting started!!
    3rd point: It's new so we are still learning about it!

  72. Avatar

    Yes. I am waiting to see people in those beds.

  73. Avatar

    The British Bodycount Corporation.

  74. Avatar

    Once Patricias hysteria is under control

  75. Avatar

    5g causes exosome excretions from toxic cells, which is a normal reaction to EMF exposure etc. These exosomes give the false positive PCR test which is a scam as it does not test for covid 19, nor any virus!

    Watch connection betw covid19 n 5g in clips below.
    D Icke
    Dr T. Cowan:

  76. Avatar

    do it again, dont offend people with cheap bad audio. good bye./

  77. Avatar

    My jaw is hanging. Your guest claimed 3,000 may die if we do nothing because 3,000 died in China?!?!?!?!?

    China had the most brutal and stringent lockdown in the world. The 3,000 deaths are contingent upon that. This guy is a complete clown and fool.

  78. Avatar

    Look at what’s happening in Pamplona Spain , RT reporting troops on the streets testing the waters for a more Draconian lockdown. Your analysis is making more sense every day. Have also studied Event 201 which was held in October 2019 . Promoted by Bill and Melinda Gates and The John Hopkins Institute. It is all planned out what could happen in a Alleged Pandemic. We are being played imo and they are using this to gain World domination and destroy all Countries Individual Sovereignty. They even publish their video sessions

  79. Avatar

    🙋‍♂️boy !!!! 2020 is truly a breath of fresh air ! I don’t even no where I’m at anymore 🤷‍♂️. Right about now I wish I had severe Alzheimer’s !! 😢🙏good luck and hope that a huge astroid hits 🙋‍♂️

  80. Avatar

    Difference is when die all have corna put on cert lie lie lie lie this is all about control

  81. Avatar

    Scary living with so many brainwashed humans …… wakeup and stand up

  82. Avatar

    Hi Mike and Patrick. You are right to be suspicious of gov't and the plutocrats but if evil men could cook up a hoax to destroy the world's economy, what makes you think they couldn't pull off the real thing.

    You are wrong about the seriousness of this pandemic. And the UK and the US (where I live) are the most in denial of the dager and most ignorant of the difference between this virus and even SARS and MERS (both of which are also corona viruses).

    This one spreads differently and has a longer hidden incubation period.

    Coronaviruses 101: Focus on Molecular Virology

    UK and world statistics from Johns Hopkins University


    The doubling period for CoV-2 (as it's called in the first video above) is about 6 days in the US, you are right. But it's about 2 and a half days in Russia. Why the difference? And why is the US responsible for what will be 1/3rd of the world's covid-19 cases by next week?

    This formula gives us the time it takes for the doubling of the number of cases.

    log(2) / log(day_last / day_first) x number_of_days

    From Apr 2 to Apr 1 -> log(2)/log(38.7/34.2) = 5.60735

    Looks great, I suppose. But taking a 4 day average up to when there were half the number of infections, we see that it has barely even started to taper off.
    -> log(2)/log(19.8/11.8) * 4 = 5.35681 days to double.

    About those evil men. We see in the virology video that the covid-19 is an exceptionally complicated virus with about 30K bases in its RNA and that reminds me of this footage of a project to alter the gene pool of a target population using a virus to delever the genetic payload.

    Just The Facts
    Weaponized Genetic Alteration
    DoD proposal in 2005 to produce weaponized gene altering vaccination targeting specific genes associated with religious extremism in order to create docile populations. The "vaccine" was to be introduced into the target population by a virus.


    Checkj around. There IS apparently a cheap cure.

    From the political Left,
    Best regards.

  83. Avatar

    Im interested to see what happens with our prison populations (I have no evidence of prisoners being released for flu epidemics (it also goes against government policy to let em out) However in light of how this is being rolled out they will have to let some out on tag. Maybe you could cover this topic (will they or wont they ) I would think as events unfold their can be much money to be made by releasing low risk offenders.

  84. Avatar

    "this generations dodgy dossier" in a nutshell

  85. Avatar

    Cheers guys best news channel I have ever watched and I am very grateful that you are available to view. I have been raising my concerns with regards to the negative effects of 5G or and RF that we are subjected to. I came across this and was wondering if you are aware of this? http://www.5gappeal.eu/ my concern is that this technology could be connected to the roll out of 5G. Is this why we a preparing for an influx of sick people?

  86. Avatar

    I want to know what the current figures are for deaths associated to normal influenza (corona virus), from the beginning of the 'flu' season?

    They can't say they don't have them because then that leaves them open to accusations of data fixing.

  87. Avatar

    They'll hire people who need money to act sick so they can fill up those beds in that new Critical Care facility! It happens in the mainstream news all the time! It's sickening! And the actors who agree to it are just as sick!

  88. Avatar

    This is a False Flag.
    The elite simply want a war with China.
    That,s how it is.
    Same old same old.

  89. Avatar

    Awful sound break up in this.

  90. Avatar

    Were not on a globe.

  91. Avatar

    Most likely its a test, with the collusion of both the major alliances. Nukes have proven a solid mutual deterrent, but they are probably worried about a germ warfare readiness gap which would tempt someone to induce a real pandemic. The only way to get anything done in the west is fear, so cue the hysteria.

  92. Avatar

    great work, thank you! have shared over the net! are you able to cover the fact that bill gates is testing the vaccine in africa on kids and communities and there is already casualties (of course); testing on the innocent and poor to then mandate over here? truly shocking….also the massive question as to WHY 5G is being rolled out, against petitioning, at breaknet speed across the planet whilst everyone is locked in…clearly essential work? We are being tested on as no safety tests exist (of course)

  93. Avatar

    Humanity is not a virus. Covid-19 is an attack on humanity. Everyone in America can test positive for Covid-19 assuming they have an immune system. What they're calling a test is not a test – its a scarlet letter. The coronavirus is the body's exosomes. These are secreted by the cells under numerous conditions. Duke-trained Doctor Andrew Kaufman explains it all in a concise 30-minute presentation. After, you hear laymen like myself ask questions. Please share, steal, reupload, monetize, condense, and spread as you see fit. see reply for links. !!!

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