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    The British Bodycount Corporation.

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    Once Patricias hysteria is under control

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    5g causes exosome excretions from toxic cells, which is a normal reaction to EMF exposure etc. These exosomes give the false positive PCR test which is a scam as it does not test for covid 19, nor any virus!

    Watch connection betw covid19 n 5g in clips below.
    D Icke
    Dr T. Cowan:

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    My jaw is hanging. Your guest claimed 3,000 may die if we do nothing because 3,000 died in China?!?!?!?!?

    China had the most brutal and stringent lockdown in the world. The 3,000 deaths are contingent upon that. This guy is a complete clown and fool.

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    Look at what’s happening in Pamplona Spain , RT reporting troops on the streets testing the waters for a more Draconian lockdown. Your analysis is making more sense every day. Have also studied Event 201 which was held in October 2019 . Promoted by Bill and Melinda Gates and The John Hopkins Institute. It is all planned out what could happen in a Alleged Pandemic. We are being played imo and they are using this to gain World domination and destroy all Countries Individual Sovereignty. They even publish their video sessions

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    🙋‍♂️boy !!!! 2020 is truly a breath of fresh air ! I don’t even no where I’m at anymore 🤷‍♂️. Right about now I wish I had severe Alzheimer’s !! 😢🙏good luck and hope that a huge astroid hits 🙋‍♂️

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    Difference is when die all have corna put on cert lie lie lie lie this is all about control

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    Scary living with so many brainwashed humans …… wakeup and stand up

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    Hi Mike and Patrick. You are right to be suspicious of gov't and the plutocrats but if evil men could cook up a hoax to destroy the world's economy, what makes you think they couldn't pull off the real thing.

    You are wrong about the seriousness of this pandemic. And the UK and the US (where I live) are the most in denial of the dager and most ignorant of the difference between this virus and even SARS and MERS (both of which are also corona viruses).

    This one spreads differently and has a longer hidden incubation period.

    Coronaviruses 101: Focus on Molecular Virology

    UK and world statistics from Johns Hopkins University


    The doubling period for CoV-2 (as it's called in the first video above) is about 6 days in the US, you are right. But it's about 2 and a half days in Russia. Why the difference? And why is the US responsible for what will be 1/3rd of the world's covid-19 cases by next week?

    This formula gives us the time it takes for the doubling of the number of cases.

    log(2) / log(day_last / day_first) x number_of_days

    From Apr 2 to Apr 1 -> log(2)/log(38.7/34.2) = 5.60735

    Looks great, I suppose. But taking a 4 day average up to when there were half the number of infections, we see that it has barely even started to taper off.
    -> log(2)/log(19.8/11.8) * 4 = 5.35681 days to double.

    About those evil men. We see in the virology video that the covid-19 is an exceptionally complicated virus with about 30K bases in its RNA and that reminds me of this footage of a project to alter the gene pool of a target population using a virus to delever the genetic payload.

    Just The Facts
    Weaponized Genetic Alteration
    DoD proposal in 2005 to produce weaponized gene altering vaccination targeting specific genes associated with religious extremism in order to create docile populations. The "vaccine" was to be introduced into the target population by a virus.


    Checkj around. There IS apparently a cheap cure.

    From the political Left,
    Best regards.

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    Im interested to see what happens with our prison populations (I have no evidence of prisoners being released for flu epidemics (it also goes against government policy to let em out) However in light of how this is being rolled out they will have to let some out on tag. Maybe you could cover this topic (will they or wont they ) I would think as events unfold their can be much money to be made by releasing low risk offenders.

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    "this generations dodgy dossier" in a nutshell

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    I want to know what the current figures are for deaths associated to normal influenza (corona virus), from the beginning of the 'flu' season?

    They can't say they don't have them because then that leaves them open to accusations of data fixing.

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    They'll hire people who need money to act sick so they can fill up those beds in that new Critical Care facility! It happens in the mainstream news all the time! It's sickening! And the actors who agree to it are just as sick!

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    This is a False Flag.
    The elite simply want a war with China.
    That,s how it is.
    Same old same old.

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    Awful sound break up in this.

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    Were not on a globe.

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    Most likely its a test, with the collusion of both the major alliances. Nukes have proven a solid mutual deterrent, but they are probably worried about a germ warfare readiness gap which would tempt someone to induce a real pandemic. The only way to get anything done in the west is fear, so cue the hysteria.

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    great work, thank you! have shared over the net! are you able to cover the fact that bill gates is testing the vaccine in africa on kids and communities and there is already casualties (of course); testing on the innocent and poor to then mandate over here? truly shocking….also the massive question as to WHY 5G is being rolled out, against petitioning, at breaknet speed across the planet whilst everyone is locked in…clearly essential work? We are being tested on as no safety tests exist (of course)

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    Humanity is not a virus. Covid-19 is an attack on humanity. Everyone in America can test positive for Covid-19 assuming they have an immune system. What they're calling a test is not a test – its a scarlet letter. The coronavirus is the body's exosomes. These are secreted by the cells under numerous conditions. Duke-trained Doctor Andrew Kaufman explains it all in a concise 30-minute presentation. After, you hear laymen like myself ask questions. Please share, steal, reupload, monetize, condense, and spread as you see fit. see reply for links. !!!

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    Here's another good one from the U.S., Channel 4: Start watching at about 2:45. What do you notice about the intubated "patient" being treated for COVID-19. Hint: He's a dummy. Lies, lies, lies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16qGIVtrHI8&feature=youtu.be

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    im just gona leave this here my prediction
    lets hope my math is wrong, im a dumbass and you guys are correct
    amusing decreased deathrate % every 2 weeks

    look after each-other folks, stay safe

    Date /"TotalDeaths uk " / "Change in Total" "death rate increase(%)"
    Jun. 20- 902,826 23,992 1%

    Jun. 5- 570,179 20,665 1%

    May. 25- 361,579 16,955 3%

    May. 15- 213,191 13,245 3%

    May. 5- 108,422 8,330 5%
    Apr. 30- 72,359 6,526 8%

    Apr. 20- 28,566 3,023 8%

    Apr. 16- 18,553 2,222 10%

    Apr. 15- 16,533 2,020 10%

    Apr. 14- 14,697 1,836 10%

    Apr. 13- 13,027 1,669 10%

    Apr. 12- 11,510 1,518 10%

    Apr. 11- 10,130 1,380 10%

    Apr. 10- 8,876 1,254 10%

    Apr. 9- 7,735 1,140 10%

    Apr. 8- 6,699 1,037 10%

    Apr. 7- 5,756 942 10%

    Apr. 6- 4,900 857 10%

    Apr. 5- 4,121 779 10%

    Apr. 4- 3,413 708 10%

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    Imperial college are intimately connected to Mr. Rothschild. Connect the dots.

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    Patrick, I think you are right. I find this hospital building programme very sinster, especially in conjunction with iscolating the elderly from their true family members – it all points to something very evil trying to establish itself Heads up, protect your loved ones at all costs.

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    The UK Column is Her Majesties Official Opposition. There is no one else. Well done Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish..

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    You need enough doctors who specialise in Anaesthetics. They put people to sleep for ops & for ventilators in ICU.
    You cannot bring back retired docs or nurses or student docs & nurses who have no background in anaesthetics & expect them to do the job of an experienced doctor of anaesthetics

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    I think Patrick gives a very "innocent"" picture of reasons our gov. Is behaving in this bizarre manner – to gain public confidence as did not act fast enough to begin with.
    I doubt that reason as where we're at is very sinister.

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    This is not a pandemic. But they have frightened us into feeling that if we mix with others, go back to work and socialise that we may kill our older relatives. I truly believe this is a total scam. But after this our world will never be the same again.

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    50 mins in speaks of Swine flu epidemic in 1976 & how people were coerced to have a vaccine. Many went on to have neurological disorders.
    We should remember Dr A Wakefield being vilified in UK for warning us against vaccines as they can have serious adverse side effects esp. Neurological.
    See Vaxxed on http://www.vaxxed.com
    To be aware that this gov may well go on to force us to have a vaccine for Covid-19

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    Ive been living in crippling poverty for years anyway, collapse of the economy wouldnt be too much of a change for me. Infact id love to see some of these posh folks throwing tantrums

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    Brilliant news guys, thank you indeed!

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    Where is the link to American hospital

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9GYTc53r2o doc from new York telling a different story and worth watching

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    Don't waste your time with these comments. Most of these people are legitimate conspiracy nuts.

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    Are we not experience the Chaos that the Tories were talking about not so long ago – as previously mentioned by Brian Gerrish

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    The NHS that people are worshipping today is going to be the death machine the elite have planned it to be. End of life pathways i.s euthanasia of the elderly, dissabled, homeless, and abortion for the unborn, vaccination and drugging for the rest. If you're on the wrong side of the tracks the NHS is a killing machine, and soon many more of us will be.
    Unfortunately most people rather be lambs to the slaughter than see this for what it is.

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    This should be compared to the cancer death rate, which is the real pandemic 🙂 450 I think in the UK daily…

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    Strange they are running out 5G in London

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    I think we need a Petition:……. https://youtu.be/7a8Wg0BzhUY

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    Newly Discovered footage from 2017 shows Dr fauci predict disease outbreak

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMyba8hlc0E 1m41sec.

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    It's such a pity the sound quality for Andrew's interview was so bad. Can someone put subtitles on this please?

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    Lol. I was with you guys until you shifted the blame from China. If youre going to blame anyone, clearly, youd blame china…

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    Zika virus pandemic was also totally fabricated. The 'shrunken baby head' pandemic never happened, why? Brazilian Gov. allowed Monsanto to test mosquitos for stemming their breeding. They added the product to one lake in Recife, Brazil, which supplied the drinking water to the local area. Only babies born in the surrounding area were born with microcephaly. (This disease occurs naturally in a small % of world population). Zika virus was unleashed via mosquitos in Brazil to cover up the mistake, so the government wouldn't have to pay out damages. See Rockefella patent selling this virus developed in 1947: search google images, Zika patent. I was living in Brazil two states away from the area of microcephaly. Everyone in my household got Zika virus and it swept throughout Brazil (symptoms, rash, itchy hands). No microcephaly babies born in my state (RN) or anywhere else in Brazil after this event and yet USA was setting up vaccination stations. Same for Ebola check patent. We must all look for the truth and not blindly believe what the F…..ing media says!

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    no mention of the 5g 4g 3g risks that have resulted in the global epidemics? just look at the launch of each and what pandemic has occured. THE DATES MATCH

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    I just found ur channel and i am so happy to see PROPER INDEPENDANT REPORTING. New subscriber. Thankyou guys keep up the good work ❤

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    "5G, 'Weapons-Grade' EMFs and COVID-19" – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBRMghZrVXg

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    Well well, i posted this to my Facebook time line as I often do, I did mention it was nothing special in the header but did i get some flack, right on target ? well maybe but I think this is more about conditioned minds. I didn't buckle of course.

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    Very interesting video.

    However I have a slight concern around Andrew's claims regarding the exponential growth. His graph does indeed show exponential growth with the virus, it's just his line is exponential growth at a different rate (for example doubling every 2 days vs doubling every 3 days).

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    Sometimes the "Cure" can do more damage than the very thing it's trying to cure…………………There must come a point when the devastating effect on the economy will do far more long term harm than the virus, maybe we've passed that point……Do the so called "experts" know?

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    Just watched V for Vendetta again,the parallels are uncanny, what a great great film …

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    Its nice to see the truth the truth sets you free

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    Thank fuck for this report , I’ve been trying to tell these fucking sheep exactly this but the media has done a cracking job on them , hay lock yourself indoors and watch the news all day we’ll keep you well informed, ok will do thankyou for saving us government your amazing 🙄fuck me

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    Relevant. The WHO's suspect motives and its ongoing ties to vested interests:

    Feb 5, 2010
    Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic – Forbes

    13 August 2010
    WHO swine flu advisers' ties to drug firms: Experts linked with vaccine producers | Daily Mail Online

    "This evidence fiasco creates tremendous uncertainty about the risk of dying from Covid-19. Reported case fatality rates, like the official 3.4% rate from the World Health Organization, cause horror — and are meaningless."

    March 17, 2020
    In the coronavirus pandemic, we're making decisions without reliable data – STAT

    March 25, 2020
    Oxford-Based Group Stops Using WHO Data for Coronavirus Reporting, Citing Errors – Foundation for Economic Education

    "Despite the huge 2009-10 conflict-of-interest scandals linking Big Pharma to WHO, today the WHO under Tedros has done little to clean out corruption and conflicts of interest."

    02.04.2020 (F. William Engdahl)
    Can We Trust the WHO? | New Eastern Outlook

    "Notable about the Fauci-Gates Moderna coronavirus vaccine, mRNA-1273, is that it has been rolled out in a matter of weeks, not years ..human guinea pigs, ..not mice"

    18.03.2020 (F. William Engdahl)
    Coronavirus and the Gates Foundation | New Eastern Outlook

    A broken link from the above article:

    Mar 14, 2020
    Inovio stock rallies after company gets Gates Foundation grant to test device for coronavirus vaccine | Morningstar

    The world is being played–again…

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    Please look at the financial shenanigans that are going on while everybody is focused on this virus. The central banks led by The Federal Reserve are using the virus as an excuse to QE to infinity. They lost control of the REPO market on 17th September 2019, and it became inevitable that they would need to print and not stop printing. Then the oil price cratered by some inexplicable action of Saudi Arabia. A perfect storm. How fortuitous that this "virus" appeared as a scapegoat. They have got the protesters off the street, locked us away and destroyed millions of jobs. Wait for a global digital currency and global government as already promoted by Brown and Blair. We are looking at a global depression worse than the 1930s and most idiots will welcome their solution.

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    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Just like the former Soviet Union was a FALSE enemy of the United States, China, Russia and Iran are also her false enemy. They're all co-opted in in playing their part in the New World Order in the overblown reaction to the real or imagined coronavirus. Make out of that what you will.

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    The group Bill Gates and Rockerfeller belong to are the behind the coronavirus. The World Health Organization is owned by Bill Gates more than rest of the countries of the world combined.

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    This time last year seems like dream compared to how things are now.

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    Where is the link to the NYC video you mention please, thanks

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    This is what cherry picking data to support your hypothesis looks like. So many shortcuts and irrelevant comparisons in so little time, it hurts my brain. The wrongful use of Euro MOMO data is abhorrent. Maybe start by comparing week 13s between each other, instead of comparing with peak influenza season? That is either lazyness, dishonesty or a lack of understanding of the data. Also, would anyone tell these guys that the numbers they are looking at, especially total number of cases, are simply not accurate? Next, please someone explain to the "mathematician" that the total number of cases are not following an exponential curve because 1) WE ARE ACTUALLY IN ISOLATION, therefore the data you're looking at (which is not accurate, underestimating the amount of cases and overestimating mortality rates) expresses the result, not the cause of isolation and; 2) An exponential function can be negative as well as positive, and the base number is too high (in this case around 1.4^x – also, why chose 1.4? my guess is because it suits his argumentation). God so much bs in this video, and people eating it up because it is "dissident".

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    Why have the comments stop on here , nothing for 6hrs are other people seeing this ?

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    The NWO is using dystopian China as a way it wants the West to become. Covid19 came from NWO, Bill Gates, Rockerfeller and so on.

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    Patrick almost sounds like an American

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    thank you for this information. my question is what does a government gain by sending a country to house arrest? Is it just a diversion? or that after we hail them as heroes for saving us from certain death? it seems strange to cripple an economy for this. keep up the good work.

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    Is there a link to Gates donating to Imperil college/Neil Ferguson research.

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    Yep.. the rich buy gold and the poor – toilet paper. Says it all huh?

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    Why are not you both not sitting two metres apart

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    Several pastors have started saying the following, ….."THEY never let a good crisis go to waste"!

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    14:40 hang on a sec, ive been collecting my own data and the uk has 47,806 confirmed cases, and thats the who data, why does this say 75,619????

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    ive noticed that what wiki is saying the who stats are different to the actual who stats

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    Fear. Poor Kids. Hope they look up from their screens.

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    They are now FORCE VACCINATING people in USA , hey Mike if you read this please check this link and cover it . One of the most disturbing videos I've ever watched . This is getting absolutely crazy now we have to do something about this or it's all of us next . https://youtu.be/F1RvjFTmerM

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    the Swedish prime minister seems to have changed his tune today

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    Global “lockdown” 2020…are we proud of this frontal attack on America and the American System of Economy?

    The PIED PIPER speaks: https://youtu.be/C95ECjxgcJE

    From the GatewayPundit


    What is also interesting is the number oftotal deaths this year is lower than the same time period in previous years! (percent of expected deaths column in chart)

    According to the collected data as of 4.4.20 :

    **79% (910/150) are over the age of 65
    **90% (1033/1150) are over the age of 55
    ** 3.5% are under 45
    **0.7 (9/1150) are under 35

    Like other reports the VAST MAJORITY of the coronavirus deaths are people over age 65 — nearly 80%.




    The rats represent usury, or Cov19—Eating Out Our Substance; and Fauci—the Pied Piper (Faust)—that must be paid with the Peoples souls of the Futures… 

    Also, the Pied Piper represents Federal Government and the CDC…or, ”another but not me”…

    Because the people would not solve their own problems with meaningful industry, and their own auto-immunity; looking for a quick fix, (vaccine)—bail out, bail in—stock market wealth of the "1%-ers”(Gates, Fauci, Congress, Presidents, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Weinstein, Epstein, Hillary et al)…

    I say NO to IT.

    I for one will NOT pay the Pied Piper!

    Doc Carlson

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    Good stuff guys + nice to see the Hoe Plymouth as well!

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    In 2035 the United States will still be a global leader in economic prosperity and strength. Yet while economic strength persists, its economic hegemony will have ended. China will have reached economic parity with the United States and together they will dominate the new economic landscape

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    Best UK Column EVER!

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    A good watch but I think the reason this is being exaggerated isn't so much because China's figures are accurate – I doubt they are – but because of how "deaths" are being recorded, e.g. in Italy. Generally deaths are being attributed to the virus where it was simply present, and not where it's causal. In cases where it contributes, there is the question of how much time did it really shave off the person's life, e.g. a few months? There is also not enough testing in most countries; most cases are asymptomatic, so that would further drag down the mortality rate. Italy and Wuhan also share the trait of being high pollution areas (China is markedly worse in this respect, but n Italy is quite bad too), which can also give rise to pneumonia and allow even a mild virus like this to score some deaths.

    What they ought to have done is told the "vulnerable" and the elderly to self-isolate, recommend social distancing and just test and contact trace aggressively… no need for "lockdowns", which may end up damaging the economy so badly they actually bring down life expectancies… the cultishness around the NHS that is emerging from this is rather alarming.

    A Swiss Doctor on COVID-19.

    None of this exonerates China and its conduct, in tandem with the WHO's, has been shameful and caused much of this panic. There is evidence it was potentially researching this virus but had inadequate security protocols at the relevant labs. This isn't just a "blame China" game.

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    So why did they do it and how have they gotten so many people to be a part of the scam all over the world???

  79. Avatar

    In 2018-2019 flu season in the US 60.4 million people had the flu, nearly 500,000 were hospitalized and 80,000 died. 80,000! There was no hysteria, forced isolation, masks, compulsive hand washing, nothing.

  80. Avatar

    @uk column – Do you have facts that the Italian Doctor on that page were truly retired when they died as you stated ; or were the doctors supporting their communities when they were diagnosed with COVID19?

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    Thank you UK Column. I'm so glad I became a member, we need you. I intend to get the World Health Organisations stats and some other scientific research and write (not email) to my MP Geoffrey Cox by registered mail. The Government need to know that we do not agree with this lockdown. I shall await the response. I admit I'm jaded but can it be helped when one does any research on 9/11. If they did that they are capable of anything. Boris Johnson is in intensive care now and all I can think is clever boy, clever Boris. Yes as a decent human being it is sad to think this way but I am a product of their doing.

  83. Avatar

    To find out what they are saying is true, simply go find out yourself in a hospital . Is the hospital nearly full, are there many patients in the ICU? Is this an unprecedented situation or has this happened before? Talk to the Doctors , nurses and the people who work there. This can be so easily verified. Please do not believe the nonsense they say here. More people will die if we do not following the social distancing measures.

  84. Avatar

    Please redo the audio on your guest please. Or possible ask the gentleman to present his findings again in another interview as this is crucial. This information has to be spread far and wide like a …(the word escapes me).

    Thanks gentleman for this excellent article that has to be heard all over the world.

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    What are peoples thoughts on when 'They' (Cabalist Freemasonic Illuminati), bring people into the ICUs with an order not to resuscitate, with the knowledge that once you die, your organs will be reused.

    As we know human organs can be bought and sold for a lot of money 💰 what if this part of the SCAMDEMIC is nothing more than, Organ Piracy! 🤑

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    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Ron Carlson <ddscarlson@hawaiiantel.net>
    Subject: Fwd: "The numbers are going to be much, much, much lower than would have been predicted by the models." says CDC!
    Date: April 7, 2020 at 3:26:17 PM HST
    To: ddscarlson@hawaiiantel.net

    Begin forwarded message:

    From:Ron Carlson <ddscarlson@hawaiiantel.net>
    Subject:"The numbers are going to be much, much, much lower than would have been predicted by the models." says CDC!
    Date:April 7, 2020 at 3:20:13 PM HST

    Look ya all…I got a “model" that Redfield may like!

    Each day for 30 days it is predicted from our numbers that…. 

    10 "new" people come into my clinic… and 5 out of the 10 will have a “TOOTH ACHE.”

    The “MODEL” is: 10 / 5 (50%)…..TIMES 30 DAYS == 300 / 150…projected 150 tooth aches!


    THAT 150 OF THOSE 300 NEW patients have "tooth aches” that will need treatment….

    …That my Model predicts ”ROOT CANAL CADAVER HEAVEN.”! 

    For all like the Vaccine for Cov19!

    So I call out my “CULT OF DEATH CREW” 

    …to order more Anesthesia, Oxycontin, Penicillin, Bleach, Root Files, Gutta Percha, MTA and be prepared for the worst

    …yes, inevitable is it not? 

    Make sure the CC machine is working and that the Office Manager is Prepared!

    As dental surgeons we know this is a "bogus boondoggled model.” (a "double BM MODEL.").

    The people of the American Republic know that the CDC models are “triple BM MODELS.”

    Appearing Monday on AM 1030 KVOI Radio, Dr. Robert Redfield, the Director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), predicted that the death toll from the Chinese coronavirus will be “much, much, much lower” than the models have projected due to Americans following social distancing recommendations.



     "I think it’s really important. First,models are only as good as their assumptions. Obviously, there was a lot unknown about this virus. 

    The ability to actively make a lot of assumptions was much wider than if this was an Influenza B outbreak. Second thing, I will say from a public health perspective, to me, the real value of models is to have a model and then try to understand — if I invest resources here, what does that do to the model? 

    If I invest in intervention strategies here, what does that do to the model? It’s a way of beta testing how you’re going to respond and what it does to the different models. Andmodels should never be used to assume that we have a number. 


    You saw those numbers are quite staggering. You’ve got 200,000 to 2 million Americans are losing their lives before the fall. That’s a pretty staggering number.”



    "I think different people may look at it in different ways in terms of transparency. 

    CDC had models early on. We didn’t really publicize the models. We used them internally to understand deviation strategies. I think part of the importance of getting the American public’s attention that these models did, we really need the American public to be fully engaged now with great rigor and vigilance on the social distancing. 

    As you pointed out,those models that were done, they assume only about 50 percent of the American public would pay attention to the recommendations. In fact, what we’re seeing is a large majority of the American public are taking the social distancing recommendations to heart. 

    And I think that’s the direct consequence of why you’re seeingthe numbers are going to be much, much, much lower than would have been predicted by the models.”


    Here are truthful stats from some one reliable:

    Must view for a few…


    ————————> https://youtu.be/5KmyHP5szGY

    Start at 10:22 and stay with it…to about 34:30…I recommend watching it completely now that you are in LockDown USA… 

    What Else Ya gonna do?

    The Cat is out of the Bag and is HOWLING MAD.

    ——————————————> PEERLESS READ’S LINK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuODZ4njtgc

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    Keep your sanity intact and your stress levels to a minimum – dont watch the mainstream news! Any of it! Same negative shit being shovelled down your throat every fucking day. What will you be missing? Fuck all! Keep watching that and you'll just stress yourself to hell and then sooner or later you'll become ill. Dont read any newspapers either.

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    Look up Forbes 2010 article


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    these are heinous monsters. these evil evil controllers .

  90. Avatar

    Something I don't see covered here is a really important consequence – that social distancing has actually reduced the number of other contagious illness deaths. If you look at the numbers for March compared to previous years, they have dropped dramatically. People that would normally die of flu are not dying of flu, but some are still dying of Covid19. Which explains why, even though there is a number of deaths by covid19, the overall number of deaths are not only not increased (which everyone expects) but decreased, because all the other causes of contagious death have been reduced. A side-effect I'm not seeing discussed anywhere.

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    Utter bullshit all of it…

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkYen0g4TRU please what a conflict of interests here

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