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    Governments will learn from this. Probably next time efforts will focus on protecting the vulnerable as it seems the virus in those aged 16-55 (or whatever) without any complicating factors isn't so severe. They will maybe acknowledge that they over-reacted. It's a wake up call for us all. But you can't make people get up off their arses and away from the goggle-box and their other indulgences. We'll always be scammed and manipulated until the majority catch a f-ing grip.

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    Massive deception… massive!

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    The Youtube live stream "broke" after 30 minutes. Strangely the Facebook stream did not. The full programme is here:


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    It would have been political suicide for a national government not to have gone along with the global trend of shutdown city, because any deaths would have been attributed to the government/s which hadn't been seen to react proportionately to the coronavirus. The media make it that governments can't win. If they react it was too late. If they reacted early it would have been irresponsible because of the economic consequences. And if they hadn't reacted they would have been grossly negligent. That's the media take on things.

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    Good work – send the link to everyone and ask your MPs what they think?
    By the way, in the same time period in the UK, 9000 people died of Cancer. But for some reason, thats not a problem.
    Status of COVID-19
    As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.

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    Today's show is like an A-level lesson in statistics. I took woodwork.

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    NWO must be laughing so hard how easy it was to take control.
    Ticks all the boxes .
    Frank zappa needs a shrine for his quote about the illusion of democracy

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    I personally don't know anyone with Coronavirus do you?

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    awesome content bro

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    great video keep up the good content

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    I just had a jobsworth employee of boots the chemist tell me it's now the "law" that we have to stand 2m apart in the queue. I'm fearing the worst is still to come, God help us all.!!!

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    Italy is suffering the fact that every death is recorded as corona virus !

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    Anyone got a link to the original downgrade page ?

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    Sure, China shut down 750 million people over a nothing burger.
    Increase the number of simultaneous cases and soon there's more sick people than medical care can look after, pushing death rates up. People are recovering because of intense medical interventions, overload the system and watch those figures grow.

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    UKC!!! You absolutely rock.

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    I've managed to stop worrying so much about the coronavirus outbreak since I started following the chief medical officers advice on boosting your immune system. High strength vitamin D and a glass of urine in the morning and I'm ready to take on the world. Stay safe everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

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    What test EXACTLY are you expecting the NHS staff to have had in order to come up with the stats on how many NHS staff have it Brian??

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    Is HMS Prince of wales a hospital ship – we are told they will be using one.

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    " Protect our NHS " There's an inversion ! No one seems to want to protect the generations that created the NHS. I love the NHS but the lack of accountability culture that has infected it recently really IS epidemic.

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    World Health Organization STARTED BY THE ROTHSCHILDS!!!!

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    I find it rather strange that the markets are now showing a great improvement now pretty much all the western world have a rescue (UBI) package in place.

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    What if it's all in Bill Gates's imagination. ???

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    A University study claims that 50% of us already had it, I had all the symptoms from Boxing day for a month and carried on walking 15 miles a day in a picking role. Also https://www.ft.com/content/5ff6469a-6dd8-11ea-89df-41bea055720b Oxford University claims 50% have had the virus already, low requirement for people to go in hospital.

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    Q has the answers.

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    Yesterday I posted the link to the gov.uk March 19 update, asking why this wasn't being mentioned, on a couple of news media videos, including the Guardian. It was shadow banned – no responses, no comments. Surprise surprise.

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    So the virus was in these countries. I thought it was China that was lying about it.That's what I was told

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    THEY have found the man responsible for SPREADING the VIRUS in CHINA HIS NAME is AH CHOO ..AND Putin's brothers GOT the CORONAVIRUS his Name is IVOR CHESTIKOV

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    Can you upload the full video on YouTube please only got the 30 mins

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    Took a stroll to Asda today…they have a burly security guard at the entrance two more security staff directly inside telling me to follow the taped arrows on the floor which direct me the full length of an isle and on round to the next isle and so on…no cutting across isles or someone in a yellow overall tells me "follow the line"..
    At the checkout more social distancing tape on the floor with the checkout girl double checking for disenters…tomorrow there might be snarling dogs on leash…ROUSE ROUSE…

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    Hiding the Rollout of 5G

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    Are the deceased all getting cremated?
    Better to burn the evedience before the truth comes out of what exactly kills these people because they may be getting injected to finish them off..
    This needs looking in to!!!

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    and what did they reveal? cant leave us on his cliffhangar ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Because there is scientific evidence to show the downgrade and because nothing has changed direction, now we know that something underhanded and sinister is going on. A cull on the elderly. The panicked reaction of the masses. All to be recorded and re-used.

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    The King is in the altogether, the altogether, the altogether…

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    Come on spit it out. Theyโ€™ve gone overboard with this virus scare because the globalist have told the countries to do so. Also itโ€™s another step to bing in more draconian laws

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    If this diease is so virulent doctors and nurses should be dropping like flies.We have had project fear,this is project plague which is rapidly becoming pure theatre ,but what are they doing while we are not watching?

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    Bryan Gerrish has corona-iris

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    Well keep it going for as long you cam guys.

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    Less important than that the BBC has not reported on this – surely the government needs to respond.

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    This video contains evidence of actors pretending to be victims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVn-XweKESo&t=49s

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    Covid Coalition FFS their ALL in on the scam every single MP and Lord and civil servant to boot MMmm

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    "The Virus" was first identified by the US Rockefeller Biomedical Research Laboratory/Facility on Plum Island off New York, NY State. It is known that this research facility was experimenting with Biochemical Warfare Agents, and the virus is a laboratory-manufactured manmade device. The 1916 "discovery of the virus" was quickly followed by the infamous worldwide so-called "Spanish Flu Pandemic" which is now consensually-agreed to have originated with a 'chicken farmer' not many miles away in New York State, and then allegedly spread worldwide via overcrowded troop-ships docked in New York Harbour and is estimated at having killed between 50 and 100 million people (actual number of fatalities unknown).
    The development of the Polio Vaccine, its contamination with SV-40 believed to be a precursor to the onset of cancers, SIV and HIV due to indiscriminate slaughter of chimpanzees combinedwith the use of eggs as vaccine-incubators. Whilst far more complex, independent researchers have retraced the jungle-overgrown now ruined remains of the laboratories used.
    Further inland in the Congo (formerly Zaire) the deep jungle leads directly onto the Burundi/Rwanda borders where much present-day bioresearch continues. From Lhassa Haemorragic Fever, various strains of other Haemorragic Fevers, some named after the nearby Nile to Ebola, I personally having engaged in many hours of research, believe these secretive government-agency operated 'research laboratories' are responsible for the manufacture of said "viruses".
    My interest in this subject is deeply personal in origin. I witnessed my partner diagnosed with HIV in the late 80s and sat with him when blinded by herpes, a 5 stone skeleton resembling some victim of Bergen-Belsen or Aushwitz as propaganda portrays, he finally expired his last breath at 6.55am on January 7th 1990.
    I of course I was subject to innumerable tests – and at one point diagnosed with "ARC" (acronym = "AIDS RELATED COMPLEX" – a now-redundant intermediate stage allegedly between HIV symptomatic expression and so-called "full-blown AIDS", whilst I have NEVER shown Positive on ANY HIV TEST !
    However, I declined and have ever since declined "treatment.
    I was given 18 months to 2 years to live in 2008 but am still here and fit and healthy for a middle-aged man in his mid-50s (the thumbnail photo of me was only taken last year – most people take me for someone in their 30s).
    However, that is a different story I may relate in full one day.
    My partner however immediately began taking massive-doses of the deadly and toxic AZT (Zidovudine) combined with twice-weekly visits on which I accompanied them to the Royal London Hospital at Whitechapel where he was given hour-long Pentamadine Gas inhalation sessions.
    I witnessed him develop the classic symptoms of full-blown AIDS and LITERALLY WATCHED HIM DIE as a direct-consequence of the pharmaceutical drug regimen he was administered.
    Of course, not many people are aware that the one-and-only time – to this day – HIV was (allegedly) photographed under electron microscope has NEVER been replicated, violatinga primary law of all empiricalscienceas far as I am aware. An HIV diagnosis is also bizarrely NOT BY ANY MEANS congruent with empirical scientific theory or Medicine since its diagnosis criteria is NOT SOLELY reliant upon an examination of the blood sample to detect whether the result is "HIV-AB+" (HIV Antibody Positive) but also dependent upon an accompanying "lifestyle questionnaire".
    If you explore the research and evidence (which I strongly recommend doing) you may be amazed to learn that the answers given to said "lifestyle questionnaire" are taken into consideration when giving someone a "Positive or Negative HIV Diagnosis" with different countries having wholly different criteria, the result of which being the phenomenon whereby the same person tested in London or New York may take "the test" – often now given with results in half-an-hour in shopping malls and other similarly non-medical conditions, can test "positive" in one continent and "negative" in another.
    Utterly flawed and scandalous and an outrageous fact of which too few are aware.
    Therefore, as long ago as 1990 I became fascinated by "HIV/AIDS research", that propagandised by the UN and WHO but especially the "nay-sayers" and those highly-qualified and formerly well-respected and renowned physicians and scientists who DARED TO DISAGREE with the commonly-peddled narrative.
    There are those that claim no link, others that HIV is in and of itself harmless but other co-vectors being necessary prerequisites and there were many great documentaries on YouTube covering such issues which one by one have all-but disappeared. (I see in my personal "saved library" that virtually all have been 'deleted' and no longer available – the suppression of scientific facts concerning HIV, whether it exists or is causally-linked to AIDS in any way, being based upon scientific fact as opposed to flawed theorem, with many more experts, physicians, biologists and virologists than one could have imagined openly disagreeing with the entire hypothesis – to be met with the same derision, shunning and attacks as those who talk about climate change as largely determined by solar activity and the other fact that the entire solar system seems to be undergoing dramatic changes (the 'Great Spot' on Jupiter having all but disappeared, Uranus having "gone rogue" and out-of-historical-orbit plus other aspects of magneto-electronics impacting Earth with hastening shift and movement of both 'True Poles', not least the Solar Minimum and decreased Sun Spot Activity, etc.)
    [ ASIDE: In other words, this accusation of being a "DENIER" akin to WW2 historicity which is also fascinating – the known-time period the few c.rem.atoria were in operation combined with time required for disposal, statistics announced by World J.w.sh Congress in 1939 giving world population and that number being larger following the end of the w. ar. I don't wish this comment be c.en.s.o.rd however so am not denying just personally believe numbers need revising just as the plaque at aussch. no longer reads six mil but "1.2 million died of whom 80,000 were j.e.da ash.]
    HIV/AIDS is unique in being the only known 'disease' wherein an 'antibody positive test' (developed and patented on the same day by the same doctor who claimed to have isolated and identified HIV.
    In every other illness, the presence of antibodies shows immunity to the claimed infection and the human body's immune system having kicked-in producing leucocytes, phagocytes, and antibodies.

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    sinister coup de dant

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    Why no mention about 5G? Wuhan started testing 5G around the same time this so-called virus outbreak appeared. People randomly falling over with breathing problems but no medical symptoms? Yet many were complaining of a dry cough, fever and breathing difficulties. I had bacterial pneumonia and pleurisy in 2012, your lungs are full of fluid mucus so breathing is very difficult, your constantly coughing up phlegm and vomit blood if you also have pleurisy as well. But you don't suddenly fall over or get violent convulsions. This is a psyop to bring in 5G globally.

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    Top Harvard Doctor specialising in Virology and Genome Sequencing states emphatically that SARS-CoV 2 is a bioengeered laboratory man-made virus.
    It combines SARS found in bats with human H1N3 SARS and has 4 HIV markers.
    It has "gain-of-function" as opposed to the attenuation typically found as natural viruses are poor replicators.
    Dr Cotterell dismissed the consensually-peddled concept of Covid-19 being of zoonotic origin, since said animal (eg Bat) would of necessity be a host carrier of Bat-SARS and also have human SARS as well as HIV-AIDS – an absolute impossibility.
    There are also 3 different strains of SARS-CoV 2 and it's of note that caucasian males are more impacted than Asian, with particular protein differences and uptake.
    GAINGAIN-OF-FUNCTION means as opposed to immunity in the human population being generated, less is, with the immune system responding with cytokine storm.

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    This virus is controlled by 5G whilst we are all in lockdown they are rolling out 5G at spread without opposition


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    From all the information you have given out today, it is looking like the whole covid-19 virus has been a worldwide exercise in how easy it would be for the Globalist Elite to close down every democracy and replace them with an authoritarian faceless cabal that has the backing of all security forces! This has been at least a decade in the making starting with the downgrading of the UK's Treason laws, followed by the losing side in the referendums not accepting the result and being determined to do all they could to reverse the democratic process with the BBC and MSM fully behind them to cause as much disruption in the country as possible! Support for outfits such as ANTIFA, EXTINCTION REBELLION, being given preferential treatment by the authorities, while those trying to uphold the democratic result were lambasted for their views!

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    Brian – Most of the world is in lock down not just the U.K.

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    Thank you, this time. You are doing a great job. One world governance, corporate power, and soon the real culling. But why? Could it be that this planet is teetering on the edge of biosphere collapse? I believe so, and I believe those pulling the strings know this absolutely.

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    Oi! 2 meters between yourselves! I'm joking as I personally believe this coronavirus nonsense is exactly that. It keeps people's eye off the ball as intended societal changes take place in the wings ready to be implemented

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    This could be the biggest scam played on the human race and we have enough proof of a conspiracy to hang all those involved but instead we are just going to sit back and let it happen and our lives will be 1000 times worse for it.

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    Brilliant stuff
    Got the link and have shared it far and wide

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    Thank you.. though the big question is why the stringent methodology.. ritually the 6 feet..elderly isolated..โ€˜donโ€™t see yr mumโ€™ one Sunday paper. People in fear..
    lockdown..? Why. The indoctrination.. lies and manipulation

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    But not to worry, all of the extraordinary legislation and powers have been seized and financial damage done.

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    Why has this transmission of UK Column News ended so abruptly?

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    cut short!? medical martial law, social engineering, cashless and dependent,restrictions with the many opportunities for corruption , under the guise of THE STATE …..all coming into play….a GLOBAL installation…….come on you apes , you wanna live forever?! become a "citizen" today!

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    But… but… but… Didn't BoJo say on numerous occasions: "…we're following the science…"?

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    It is interesting how easily world population got seduced in believing this fairy tale ! I

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    Great find, thank you. I have just sent the link to DCC in reply to their COVID19 email I have just received.

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    Today in Lidls I was loudly abused by an elderly woman, for standing too close to her husband. He had his back to me as I queued for an item. The Government has not only closed down the whole of Britain, it has managed to make individuals terrified to talk to one another or even in a reasonable distance. Apparently out of a population of around 600 000 there are 30 confirmed cases, none it appears life threatening, yet Cornwall in common with the rest of the country, is closed. Not even healthy children are allowed to use the outdoor skate parks. This is hysterical nonsense. Yet no one seems to oppose it.

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    Prince Charles. Isolating. At Balmoral with COVID-19.
    Prince Andrew. Isolating At Windsor with Jenny 14.

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    7.8 billion world population

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    Now Parliament is suspended 'until further notice'. So the whole country is under curfew and no democratic representation. Isn't that a definition of a despotic tyranny?

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    This video cuts off abruptly at 31:13. Could someone explain why?

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    It's all a matter of minnowes and whales.

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    You show the deaths by age but then show the underlying issues count not by age at 13:27. So if the six with no underlying issues are 70+ then Iโ€™m with you, chances are they were going to do anyway. If those 6 are spread across all ages then thatโ€™s completely different. No good curve fitting data to match your agenda.

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    I work for NHS on frontline. I requested to be tested on return from Europe a few weeks ago, but was told I couldn't. I wanted to self isolate, but was told I would have to do so with no pay. Since then ,Government has said I can self isolate and get 80% pay, but I was already back on ward working with vulnerable people by then,. Nobody seems to know what's going on and so many staff are off with common cold, as they can't be tested, so self isolating for 7-14 days. This is why the NHS is at breaking point, not the virus, but the lack of testing. There are no statistics because nobody is tested.

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    If you go out with two friends you risk being shot. Sound familiar…

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    Like attributing deaths to AIDS when it was really some other infection.

    It sounds like your daring us to ignore again? Hmm… BBC reports people dying.

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    Your stats are summative: the past. Decisions are being made based on infection models and survival predictions: forward looking forecasts.

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    In the UK we have all these statistics floating around Where are they coming from. We have no one being tested. Yet all these claims of people having covid19. The only people who have this confirmed are those in hospitals.

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    my bet ….war with Iran …no protests allowed

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    I can't find the Public Health England covid 19 status. Does anyone have a link please?

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    In addition, I also can't find the WHO questions and answers on comparing covid with flue. Does anyone have a link?

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    Today's UK Column News was an excellent example of how to do proper investigative journalism. The BBC and other mass media consistently fail to put the situation, especially mortality, into any relevant context. All reporting is at the level of headless-chicken emotionality; common sense and rationality never get a look in. Keep up the good work UKC!

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    there are nurses saying the beds are empty at there hospitals ? i am not allowed to go to the hospital? as i am still under chemo i wonder why not ? i was told i am at high risk so stay at home and do not go out for 12 weeks .the more this goes on the more it looks like a hoax .

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    There are currently 20 GP's at my local surgery, 5 nurse practitioners and numerous support staff. It is now closed. A sole receptionist stands inside the door trying to dampen the rage from the queue at 8am yesterday morning.

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    Fantastic investigative journalism blowing the cover right off the plandemic. I believe we are witnessing the biggest transfer of wealth ever seen in human history going on right now under our noses.

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    Why the abrupt end?

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    Things will never be the same again. But since the mass introduction of mobile phones, things have never been the same. Life is always changing. Read Thackeray or Trollope and you'll realise that things will never be the same again. Whether the horse-shit on the thoroughfares has been replaced by the black discharge which follows hydrocarbon combustion. Who ever writes a letter these days with a quill pen, ink well, and seals the letter with a wax seal?

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    Why isnt this being announced by the british government? we are on lockdown for absolutely no reason and yet Public Health England have downgraded this as it not being serious..what the f*** is going on here..

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    The best and only News worth listening to in this country.you guys are heros for telling the truth.

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    No Planes = No Man Made Clouds and wonderful Blue Skies… Covert Geoengineering on vacation !! Enjoy and notice the Natural weather !!

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    Christ i need a lie down(no human collective pun intended).

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    We must never forget that flu and the common cold are symptoms of a detoxification process. No human can possibly 'catch' a detoxification process. The infectious politics that we are now experiencing are based on the hoax Germ Theory of Disease, which was always deeply flawed as to be ignorable. What this means, is that disease is now 'translated' by default into 'infectious' language, but flu isn't infectious, so the statistics must be deeply flawed and misleading. Let Aajonus Vonderplanitz explains what flu and the common cold are in fact.

    The WHO / UN Agenda 21/30 Depopulation plan


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    The thought occurred to me: they're conditioning us for the restrictions of living in the glorified prisons called 'Smart Cities'.

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    USA Today Digital Dollars and Technocracy on Steroids – #NewWorldNextWeek see reply for link. !!!

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    Really informative – thanks! Great to have such calm voices in the middle of all the noise

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