Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

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START – Julian Assange jailed for 50 weeks over bail breach
Imperialism on Trial event: 1 May, London
3:42 – Jeremy Corbyn: Parliament must declare an environment and climate emergency
Piers Corbyn (Jeremy’s brother) there is no climate emergency, it is orchestrated hysteria
6:09 – Brexit: Best for Britain ‘most constituencies would now back remain’
The propaganda: the ‘swing to remain’ fake news
7:56 – Theresa May has been brainwashed into a state of monomania
Report author Dorothy Bishop: to me, she looks like a victim of mind control…
Bishop cleverly weaves her dialogue to suggest another Brexit vote is the only way
Who exactly controls Theresa May…?
Express: MPs take mindfulness course to tackle depression in Parliament
250 Parliamentary staff have also attended mindfulness courses…
Mindfulness: applied psychology combined with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Why are there no risk assessments for mindfulness, NLP & other forms of psychology…?
Have MPs been reframed to ignore the chaos and crisis in UK and think all is well…?
UK Column articles: Behavioural Change in a Common Purpose
British Cabinet Office Collaborates with French Brainwashing Guru to Change Way We Think
From Magic to Madness – the Government’s NLP Assault On Our Minds
The NHS Common Purpose: Towards a Million Change Agents
Professional Story Telling Coach Peter Botting is also training MPs…
When politicians speak, are their words really their own…?
Cabinet Office Mindspace document refresher
24:17 – Robert Green’s funeral and memorial
BBC: Children’s services ‘at breaking point’, MPs say
25:43 – G is for Google: Google stocks slump dramatically
Google has been undertaking far more control over YouTube and free speech…
26:58 – Uri Geller is using ‘telepathic mind control’ on Theresa May to stop Brexit
Geller demands an end to Brexit – ‘I appeal to you to stop the process immediately’
29:58 – Oxford Research Group: improving the UK offer in Africa
UK Foreign Aid money being squandered in Africa…?
EU military and NATO to be used to stir up Africa next…?
34:57 – Government wants to improve Internet Of Things – why now…?
Five Eyes must lead the way on 5G
Public should be concerned with the availablility of their data to unknown actors
41:53 – US National Security Advisor John Bolton on the warpath
Some very worrying statements from Bolton…


  1. Please Register to vote …….Vote UKIP . …..and forget Nigel and his 'so called Party ' …

  2. If you want to know whether climate change is a danger to humanity and other biological organisms, listen to Dan Pena.

  3. Petition for May's removal!
    Her mental breakdown is not going to support her victim card for the May bot Trojan horse deal!

  4. Thank goodness for UK Column! Great information and views. Thank you!

  5. Mindfulness = Witchcraft.

  6. Make sure you don't vote for an establishment party tomorrow.

  7. Mrs May will go down in history as the woman who destroyed the Conservative Party.

  8. The problem isn't Corbyn, it's Tom Watson who has effectively usurped power. This has happened in part because Corbyn didn't push back hard enough against the antisemitism slurs, in part because of his due concerns about being undermined by Chuka and chums of the funny tinged party (a de facto coup that represents an ongoing threat). In short, Jezza is embattled in ways Piers simply isn't and his strategy remains constructive ambiguity, especially around Brexit, where he is outnumbered about 50 to one within the PLP whilst also trying hard not to alienate his base and the unions. I don't defend his call for a climate emergency, but once again it is clearly a strategy, and one that he no doubt feels he could rework to his advantage in a number of ways – most importantly, in calling for an end to our non-stop military adventurism (the biggest part of our so-called 'carbon footprint'). Jumping on bandwagons is a dangerous business, of course, but then gaining power in politics is inevitably and always a game of expedience. Corbyn remains anti-austerity, anti-war and anti-neoliberal which makes him the only genuine alternative to the status quo. The problem, as I said already, isn't Corbyn, it's Watson and the rest of the unabashed Blairites who still infest the Labour Party – Mandelson who once said he spends every single day trying to figure out how to topple Corbyn and a hostile media that ceaselessly acts on his behalf, working to undermine Corbyn at every turn.

  9. Don't forget to go out and vote tomorrow! If you haven't got an Independent candidate, spoil your ballot with 'None of the Above'

  10. Mindfulness should not be in Parliament. What happened to good old-fashioned reading the Holy Bible and praying to God?

  11. Climate emergency? What a joke, we can't even clean the plastic and litter from our bloody roads and motorways.

  12. J Corbyn's brother has obviously got all his brain cells working. His brother is a physicist I think.

  13. She obviously hasn't done any research on May herself, otherwise she would know that May commented that she was bitterly disappointed when Thatcher became PM as May said she wanted to be the first female PM!

  14. can we vote for piers corbyn rather than his SECOND REFERENDUM brother


  16. A "climate emergency"..? Well we are headed into Grand Solar Minimum" so it might be? Let us Tax the Sun…?

  17. Geller is a fruitbat.

  18. TM is controlled by the Jews

  19. Guard of honour need to sort their belts out!

  20. I can remember being in UK mid 1970's my ex. was convinced CO2 would be an issue then. But had no science to prove it. Yet when we travelled to London the smog was apparent from all that leaded gasoline fuel. Lead now gone but "Climate Change" due to CO2 remains? Now all the people that would have laughed at my ex. now are fighting to prove her point…? Hehe.

    Ms. May likely runs a coven? Don't feel for her, except sorrow for her evil.

  21. Mr Geller won't have to use ALL his power to control the Maybot's mind.

  22. Brothers disagree could hardly be more of an understatement.

  23. Why can't somebody just pull the chain on that arsehole Blair?

  24. Yes, Mr. Gerrish that is a direct threat from Uri Geller. Implying that he has the power to stop the will of the People…?

  25. All the taxpayers money goes offshore … duh! So, convenient …

  26. Oh how I laugh that the parliamentarians can't cope with some actual work that theyre paid to do and immediately they get a mindful course not so for everyday people vets on the street suffering from ptsd hungry cold frightened and now waiting for arrest I've soldier f . Kids and the elderly starving or in pain who need it to just survive a day people being forced onto the streets through successive government policies the amount of pain I see around me the kids who don't knowing they're Arthur or Martha who are beyond damaged by paedophilia the county's in one almighty mess and the state has collective hypnotherapy to tell them it's not your fault your a spineless treasonous thick selfish traitor its the peoples they're thinking forthemselves what are we going to do well I'll give these dishes free advice leave the eu now no Deal wto now then the pain will go you won't hang for treason you will be a hero to the majority and we'll massage you to sleep and spoon you. You'll have saved democracy it appears I owe you an apology so sorry I said a government wouldn't hurt it's people and then I saw France oh my God is all I can say you were right ps uri Gellar is memtal he also took credit for the sewerage pipes bursting in parliament it's a bloody cheek that people don't even live in this country feel free to tell us how to live anyhow to vote nb please don't show creepy b liar war monger and war criminal without a warning attached to your video

  27. food banks ,child poverty ,universal credit,demonizing the disabled ,ect ect I'm surprised any of them could sleep at night ,maybe thats why we see them sleeping all day in the house of commons??

  28. I'm going to telepathically make Uri's penis fall off! " I'm in Israel, but still British " bender!

  29. Hey world: Boycott everything British! Don't buy the products!

  30. Corbyn jumps on the climate change agenda to further his Trotskyist global revolution and that is also exactly why he U turned on Brexit.

  31. Mindfulness is mindemptiness.

  32. A warning needs to put up before any Tony Blair clips for the safety of those with blood pressure problems.

  33. I am dismayedthat neither of youseems aware of the destructive effects that 5G has been found to have on the human body. What is the point of rolling out a system which has the potential to destroy reproductive systems and brain function and, at the same time, enabling those in power to track and control the masses? Please listen to what Barrie Trower has to say about 5G. He worked for the Min.ofDefence as an expert on the use of microwave technology as a weapon of war. He and other experts have been warning about the deployment of 5Gand the saturation of antennae that this system will require. It has multple applications, none of which will be to the benefit of mankind. What is being said in defence of security is a deception.

  34. Once 5G is up and running, Israel won't need Yuri Geller anymore.

  35. The Bolton quote is straight out of the Hobbes Leviathan beast system.

  36. 32:53 Blair wants us to help him deal with exploding populations in Africa …. leave them alone Blair you have done enough to fraudulently use us to help you explode Iraqs population already … get out of this country , and leave us alone once and for all

  37. The SNP make a statement at their conference to declare their Climate Change Plan while cutting back services to clean the roads and parks, We look more like a 3rd world country, the People of this country need to withhold Council Tax it is not unlawful to withhold CT especially when it is funding Terrorism, Wars, and the Eu Mafia. The People need to challenge their Corporate Fictional Entity called Council.

  38. Corbin pushing everything except the anti democratic line re Brexit he lied about students fees and he’s now trying to get their votes re climate does anyone believe anything he says or his party all parliament are a disgrace. Remainers want to include ten and under voters next I bet to get their own way. May is a puppet of merkal obtaining wages under false pretences. The problem is with May who doesn’t want Brexit her failure is intentional referendum is right they finally got what people wanted not parliament corrupt views .

  39. Wellsaid Brian re war mongerers! hah

  40. 01/05/2019 18.00 UK Breaking News – Gavin Williamson caught red-handed by his housemaster passing documents 'obtained' from the Headmasters office to the school magazine. Parents informed. Culprit sentenced to expulsion but reduced on appeal by 'Pops' Williamson to 30 day consecutive after-hours detention and immediate stripping of position as treasurer of the Chess Club. Reuters…

  41. Hit the nail on the head at 20:24 re "mindfulness" – this is a technique (also taught to children in schools) to train people out of their natural stress reactions to harmful situations. It's alright really folks….and breathe….

  42. One of the things NLP is based on is General semantics. General semantics was popularised by a book called the tyranny of words which is about politicians using language to influence people.

  43. why is no one mentioning VAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 165…is they the same number as on sE X r e g I sat e r …? . ?

  45. Mindfullness teaches people to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable.

  46. Seriously… mindfulness is not a scary thing lol. Its simply focus on breath or sounds or whatever. Are you suggesting that the course is more than mindfulness? you should make it clear if so. Very strange take imo.

  47. Now for the Intel screwup against American president D J Trump! Obama used British GCHQ to spy on Trump! This is a sign of the divided house of Intel?

  48. wow, thanks Brian & Mike full of great articles…. 🙂

  49. Obviously the kind of mindfulness dished out in parliament and the civil service is that of the damaging… brainwashing common purpose type… mindfulness is a marvelous thing… done correctly.

  50. Uri Geller is a debunked, deluded twot. The only thing he's bent is himself.

  51. Stazi sends in the heavies to arrest someone for telling the truth, but Blair a war criminal who is responsible for millions of deaths gets government protection. Says it all really on the priorities of the UK authorities.


  53. The Sahel Region predominantly comprises such majority-Islamised and Arabised [ the Kairouwan mosque's minaret or dominating 'tower' was completed as early as 710AD/CE – a mere 80 years after the death of Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Muttalib, Islam's traditional founder ].
    The Sahel extends South encircling Khartoum in the African 'East', styled 'the British Sudan' upon colonisation, in its 'West' the even more historically-important capital, trade and religious centre of Timbuktu, almost mid-point of the Francophone colonies which are likewise styled 'the French Sudan'.
    'Sudan' itself has its etymological origins in the Arabic language term meaning "black"; "as-suad".
    Overtly Anglicised and transliterated into the French tongue, pejorative names first used during the colonial period (in reality ongoing and never-ending) remain styled "Nigeria" and "Niger" to the present-day.
    Utterly divested of all natural resources of financial value and import, today Mali is little more than the physical landmass where the French harvest Uranium for use in its nuclear industry, and provide the naturally-occurring element which is laboratory-weaponised & synthesised into Plutonium.
    Nation-States have long since been ungovernable, fallen prey to Tribal, Ethnic, Linguistic and Religious "divisions". Although little reported in the lamestream western news, they lie today in a worst state than the Levant and Near East, and I invite everyone to research the truth about Libya under the Gaddafi regime, its free-at-point-of-delivery cradle to grave healthcare and educational services, its more than generous state benefits and pensions, the Great Inland Waterway or the long term scheme whereby once arid, infertile desert was transformed into an oasis. Nevermind the conditions in the CAR, South Sudan, Somalia, or the entirety of the Sahel nowadays. Criminal acts of ethnic-cleansing and genocide about which those responsible actively brag and boast. Incredible iin its literal sense.

  54. Uri Geller owns a little island off the coast between Lindisfarne and Edinburgh.. The interfering egotist..

  55. MP's wouldn't be getting 'depressed' in Parliament if they told we the people the truth. The truth will set you free!…& save us all. 🧐


  57. May's connection of China & 5G internet of everything! Has been >exposed<  May should be imprisoned for high treason! The prophetic rise of the NWO. 24:25 show's the whore of Babylon & look's too much like the anti brexit PM! May 1st was the Illuminati inception date! Too much of a coincidence:-/

  58. Dorothy Bishop is partly correct. However, the brainwashing could be simply the so-called "Advisers".

    We all know who really runs every modern institution. Thus, the Sayanim, ((( helpers ))), are naturally at the sides of main political leaders.

  59. Theresa May just looks like a satanic rat who lies so unconvincingly.This batch and the rest of the tory paedophile coke snorting scum are passing all over the peasants and slaves who pay for everything.

  60. vote my honourable ass!

  61. oh and the witch to be a christian.Horrible,nasty plain,bland bores,who have destroyed everything that was right about the UK before the EUROPEAN Smellies took over the asylum!

  62. DWP murdering bastards.All these counts need to burn.

  63. Theresa May is a nasty,evil,bland witch with a coven of equally detestable female MPS who bar being bland,plain,ugly make the males look like fairies.Well that the aim isn't it Empower women and belittle men.Foff is my advice.

  64. Thank Christ,I will be dead in 30 years….

  65. stressed Politicians???They need to claim ESA

  66. David Icke,Jordan Maxwell absolutely correct.These elite are absolutely nuts,well look at the 1st Roman Empire,run by psychopaths like Nero and Caligula!

  67. Finally,politicians are not to supposed to be role models,simply OUR SERVANTS!

  68. old men cause war,young men die in war.

  69. Tony Blair and many others like him will not be prosecuted under the '' law'' as it stands because he enjoys sovereign immunity. This video particularly from 26 minutes in explains it.

  70. Minister for war no more!

  71. Maybot or not,mis-direction aside.Corbyn also seems no-longer hava mind of his own!He displays all the mindfullness of a dog being wagged by the tail wile,it seemz, leaving his bro.2 speak his tru-view…I wonder whooz wagging the Maybot!!.. ?

  72. Assange gets 50 weeks in a british gulag over a leak. Williamson still gets a season ticket on the parliamentary gravy train.

  73. Monomania? shes as mad as a rabid bat who belongs in a padded cell!

  74. uri geller? is he looking for a job on the BBC?

  75. Bolton is the president,Trump is a half wit, does what a clown does

  76. I AM A CITIZEN JOURNALIST for patriotsoapbox TR news if that is useful

  77. Well! I've said it before & I'll say it again..n again..n again..n again..n..

    "..n..I'm NOT! A eUnion Gran! &..
    …I'll be Dead before I am!
    Whilst it was never just me…
    …many more now see!
    Your Treasonous Paedophile Scam..

    You don't get me! I ain't part of your eUnion!
    You didn't get 'Qui'.!
    Mais Non! Quité! Eur..Union! &..
    ..if you think that Treason can't Dance?

    On the End of a Rope? SHE CAN!! Oh..oh..0"? o O..

    ..I did forgot to stop! Sorry? Just enjoying meself..& trashin that 'Oldie but Goldie'? Well..mebe not Goldie? (Goldie was a Labradoodle mefinx?) But the song was..'Slaggy the Snatch'..Inspired'..?
    (Maggie Thatcher did it..Treason? May as

    Lurve & Peas! ;Q xxx

    Psst. RIP Robert Green! Thankyou!
    (& my card to ukc office should be, I hope..on the way..tomo or Sat..ain't fogot! Fyi..x

  78. Certain Truth Channels will NOT LET ME COMMENT IN THE CHAT!!!

  79. great work guy's, if TPTB want to know the public's opinion its easy in the next ballot add another nominee for "none of the above"

  80. Your green screen projection, had it's first glitch at 33:41

  81. REMINDER; PLEASE WRITE JULIAN letter/cards as, he could be LOCKED UP FOR UP TO 24 HOURS PER DAY depending on STAFFING LEVELS?


    HMP Belmarsh PRISON

    Western Way

    Thamesmead London SE28 0EB


  82. Mr. Bolton has all the appearance of a masonic demon…? Outwardly he looks like Mr. Pastry but underneath is evil …

  83. RRRRRRRR 5G needs to be BAND WORLD WIDE, 5G is not only a weapon against humans, its a weapon against all living beings,,,,,,, Mother Earth needs help, please help. xxxxxxxx

  84. During meditation people are 'open' to suggestion. Makes one wonder about the insertion of brainwashing mechanisms huh?

  85. Treason May is Mind Controlled by Pillow Talk, from her Husband who tells her what to do… They have Business interests in the EUSSR & probably Huawei…

  86. The EU and New World Order is controlling her.

  87. Bugger off Uri Geller!

  88. Gella occultist 👎 and she's supposed to be a' Christian '!!!??????!!!??😑

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