>In this video, we delve into the SD-CN-Animation extension in Stable Diffusion. Creating new videos or modifying existing ones has never been easier. With detailed prompt descriptions, ControlNet, and LoRA, you can produce beautiful animations. The RAFT method significantly reduces the flickering problem.

Although the additional settings in vid2vid remain a mystery, I will share any new information on my Discord page once I discover more. Keep an eye out!

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📌 Links:
– GitHub SD-CN-Animation: https://github.com/volotat/SD-CN-Animation
– RAFT paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2003.12039.pdf

00:51 Discord Page – JOIN US 😉
02:15 Install the SD-CD-Extension
04:25 Text-to-video animation (txt2vid tab)
07:31 Processing strength (Step 1) and Fix frame strength (Step 2)
08:52 Where to find the outputs
09:16 Video-to-video (vid2vid tab)
15:07 Conclusions

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