>Learn how to train your own LoRA model using Kohya.
In this tutorial, we will build a LoRA model using only a few images. We are going to understand the basic theory behind how neural network works, and will understand how to tweak the key parameters to achieve better results! Hope you enjoy πŸ™‚

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🎨 AI Art:

00:33 What is a LoRA model
02:06 Build your database
02:48 Training images
04:22 Captioning (BLIP)
09:57 Regularization images
13:10 Choose your base model for training
16:09 Create folders to train the model
21:48 Theory: What is a Neural Network?
23:40 Theory: Batch
24:50 Theory: Epoch
25:20 Theory: Iterations, or Steps, or Repeat
26:00 Theory: Loss Function
26:49 Theory: Learning Rate
27:43 Set the key training parameters
32:12 How to use a LoRA model

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