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Bourouiba L. Turbulent Gas Clouds and Respiratory Pathogen Emissions: Potential Implications for Reducing Transmission of COVID-19. JAMA. Published online March 26, 2020. doi:10.1001/jama.2020.4756

Turbulent Gas Clouds and Respiratory Pathogen Emissions
Potential Implications for Reducing Transmission of COVID-19
Lydia Bourouibia (26 March 2020)

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    do NOT go outside around others EVEN AT A "SAFE" DISTANCE without a well fitting FILTER mask, gloves and eye protection, at least.. get a bandana mask AND WITH a filter insert material folded inside, like safe vacuum cleaner bag material or safe furnace filter material or AT LEAST several layers of coffee filters ect! lol AND make sure it is tight fitting, the bandana or regular mask can BE MADE MUCH SAFER by having folded aluminum foil or flexible wire or twisty ties ect. inside and using rubber bands or rings cut from tights or socks ect.. to hold it tight to the face.. with the filter insert material folded into the mask, you are good to go ! if you HAVE TO go around others, Plus, when you get home, disinfect the mask & filter, gloves, glasses and soles of shoes right away! you can use 70% alcohol, 150 proof booze+citric acid, or 170 degree oven heat for 30 minutes to disinfect 🙂 then rub the filter material with a balloon, thin silk or pant hose to recharge the electrostatic filtering effect..

    If nothing else.. effective homemade chemical masks can also be made by soaking then drying the bandana ect. or standard mask in a certain chemical solution then drying it, one chemical per layer or mask then doubling up the layers or masks.. citric acid or lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, and zinc+copper sulfate have all been used for different layers ! each layer or mask with a different dried chemical impregnated into each, then the layers made into a single mask or one mask just nested inside the other mask..

    NOW THOUGH.. 🙂 if you are not allergic, be taking 5000iu vitamin D3 daily and if you have symptoms.. take 50,000iu D3 for FOUR days in a row !!
    i want you to live, aggressive use of vitamins WILL HELP NOW!
    get a cheap digital thermometer and get a fingertip oxygen saturation meter NOW, if you have a temperature or your oxygen saturation is much less than 94% then PLEASE do the extra vitamin dosing of A, C, D3, & Iodine for four days !! then keep taking normal levels of daily vitamins including zinc.. do NOT take advil, tylenol, ect. do not inhibit a fever, help the fever and your immune system fight the virus instead !
    Low oxygen saturation can show the infection WITHOUT any other symptoms Many days earlier. This is your window of opportunity! This thing will KILL some people, do NOT infect others & possibly kill them ! do NOT put yourself or others at risk of such a horrible death !

    love love love !
    i want you to live

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    Makes sense if you have ever in the past walked through someone else's sneeze. Such a terrible, gross experience.

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    10 to 30 m/s is 36 Km/h to 108 Km/h !!!

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    I live in a small village in Andalusia Spain
    Been in the house 5 weeks on my own
    Yesterday I was in the village shopping social distancing
    The village is in lockdown 5 weeks
    Can't understand why people are wearing masks
    We are going to get it anyway in the future
    I just live a normal life I've always covered my face coughing or sneezing
    I use hand sanitizer when shopping

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    I go outside, I wear a mask.

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    This is why the lockdown should be longer so that our health professionals can figure out what's going on .What works and what doesn't how it spread to the health professionals so quickly and how to move forward from here .If we make our doctors and nurses work like they are at mc Donalds by slamming the ERs a lot of people will die not of covid 19 but of mistakes done by an exhausted staff .We can print money and borrow from the future in a few years automation along with AI will be doing all the work for us so why not just stall that and instead we keep working to make up this money we owe simple as that .Its not free money its just pausing the economy ,restarting it in a month and then we make all of it up in the summer .During this time we mass produce PPE and N95 masks to prepare for winter flu and covid .We can do this if we don't fight against each other instead help and work together .

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    You're right dr John

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    If your immune system is good, what the hell are people scared off. This is a mild disease with only 1.8% mortality rate. Danger to – the weak/ compromised immune system/
    old/pre-existing health problems (who would of died from seasonal flu). It's not the plague you bunch of cowards, get off your knees. Biggest sponsor of WHO is cuddly Bill Gates who open admits that there are too many people in the world but wants to save you with a vaccine!

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    just like mask, hand glouse, and even cough and sneezing if engineers with medical support brings proper devices that could support great life saving tools , we still under previlege member to understand the how to dilute sneezing caugh and every men and women sweat how to dilute in closed place that is also a part

    today environment issue carried more hospital not even bother to plant to purify air circulation be it fan or air conditioned circulated air should be avoided just by using proper herbal plants that can reduce the level of momentum air and bringsto purify
    so many devices has come to purify the circulated air in closed rooms or open rooms how for user or buyer understand the part of it

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    Thank you for educating me . I hung with you all the way to the end . I always do . Thank you again . I have no medical knowledge or interest . You make that knowledge accessible to me . You and Governor Cuomo tell the truth , I appreciate that when facts are few on the ground .

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    Interesting video on the effectiveness of N95 vs Surgical masks,

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    I have to disagree slightly. Masks can protect you from other people. For example, you're in the supermarket and someone sneezes or coughs in front of you, aren't your chances better if you're wearing a mask? It seems like basic reasoning.

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    Doc, what i'd like to know is, do people need to wear gloves? Isn't it enough to just wash the hands after? Can the virus enter through the pores in the skin? I'd really like to know.

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    This Chanel is for the sheepled!!!!

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    I'm Registered nursing In CNS ,CERTIFICATE OF NURSING ASSISTANCE!!!thanks for helping us all procedure!!God bless for long life!!! I'm from #Tanzania 🇹🇿

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    Well, you could always drawing!

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    Thanks for the information. I heard a number of doctors and people working with infectious dieses and researchers saying that you shouldn't ware masks when you are healthy because it triggers the immune system. Greatful for a reply

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    Wear a mask you old fool.

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    What do you reckon, if i jumped up and sneezed could i get 20 metres………and why are children not getting this oh clever one,,,,,,,why are children not getting this…….stop telling us what we know……a lot of people are losing there sense of smell and taste when they get this why ? and now we know it was in this country in december…….how?

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    thanks doctor. good info

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    I really love watching your videos. They are very informative and well-explained.

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    I so much hope everyone can see this video in Europe!

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    Right. Dr. John I want to know if this is anything more than the regular flu in terms of numbers of death? I don't believe it is any different then total flu season fatalities. Please could you answer this Morris

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    I think this whole thing was pre-planned and is ruining the economy on purpose I can't believe people are so stupid to stay in their house this long. It's just simply a way to bring the New World Order into existence and the One World Currency and anybody who gets that vaccination risks Hellfire why because the Bible clearly states that if you take the mark of the beast you forfeit all rights to what Jesus did for you on the cross and that means hell. What are some other people's thoughts on the matter other than Panic on the Titanic. And by the way Doctor John this is the only calming source of news that we have of the Cove in there is such a thing. It certainly is not a 1918 Spanish flu.

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    1. Masks are counter productive. Masks inhibit the free flow of O2, which creates a buildup of CO2 and inactive viral agents being looped back into the system. This stresses the system which can active your recessed or dormant RNA viruses in the body.
    2. Masks are ONLY needed in acute environments where blood or body parts are exposed like a hospital ER or OR. Your grocery store, dry cleaners, restaurant are NOT acute environments.

    Again, there is NO scientific data that supports 1. 6ft or 2 meter distancing and 2. that social distancing works in any measurable capacity. Two meter/6ft distancing was literally just made up. There is data that supports a one meter or 3ft distance, but not one meter/6ft.

    No sneeze ever – and I mean ever – travels 24 ft. I don't care under what conditions. There is NO DATA, anywhere on the planet that supports such an absurd notion. I wish you wouldn't cite non peer reviewed papers, under controlled conditions as fact.

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    The comments under this video are what you would expect by people gripped with fear and uncertainty on a subject they know nothing about. When people are scared, all sorts of reason goes right out the window. Dr. Campbell – as well meaning as he is – is perpetuating bad science by reading non published and peer reviewed papers by scientists and researchers looking for attention for grant funding.

    There are already tenured, retired and active epidemiologists, virologists, internists and microbiologists who have the knowledge and experience from working in this field for decades, who should be the source for information, not some single research lab or single scientists in some govt funded university.

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    If it is also aerosol and not only droplet, then how could it not be exhaled through your nose when you exhale with your mouth closed?

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    Let the virus spread and burn itself out. By wearing a mask, we are not allowing it to spread fast enough, thereby lengthening the duration of the virus, because not enough people are getting the antibodies. 80% of people who carry the virus have zero symptoms. All you scared little boys and girls who cower away in your homes and wear masks are the PROBLEM.

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    This "doctor" is elegantly telling you that you should give all your freedoms and rights for his safety.

    First step, masks. Second step, tracking. third step, abduction.

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    Thank you for this info, and I really appreciate your explanations. They’re thorough enough for me to understand.

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    The WHO and china should be put in prison for their lies and deception

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    Thank you DR John Campbell this has been very informative even the other video regarding the corona virus have been very good . will Share it with as many people as possible . TC

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    If you're under age 29 you're more likely to drown than die from the Wuhan virus.

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    A new medical breakthrough has been achieved, a 100% COVID-19 CURE, WITHOUT HAVING TO PLACE PATIENTS ON RESPIRATORS by Dr. Thomas Yadegar, ICU Director of the Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center in California. Due to his success with COVID-19, he is currently supervising the treatments for the COVID-19 patients at 6 hospitals regionally in southern California. A transcript of an interview with Dr. Yadegar is online at the Glenn Beck radio show website in the news section for the news of April 28, 2020. NBC TV interviewed him before that on April 6 and his approach was published in a California newspaper on April 7. Why hasn't his cure been adopted nationwide or worldwide already? I'm doing my part to try to get the word out about the 100% cure. Everybody out there reading this, make a difference. Contact your government and medical authorities about Dr. Yadegar's cure. Submitted by: Herman Garrett, BS,MS, Franklinton, Louisiana, May 17, 2020.

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    I've often wondered how air systems work in large box stores, especially Wal-Mart. I know there is a law that requires a certain amount of "air exchange" within buildings. But what does that mean? Does my air conditioning bring in fresh air, cool it then circulate it?

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    Who Owns WHO and CDC?, is it an actual government entity?, or is it a private entity giving instructions to government entities?

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    Never will I get a vaccine.

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    The Netherlands still suffers from the incompetence of RIVM (Dutch Healthcare Authority) director Jaap van Dissel. Ever since his first public appearance, he insisted that wearing masks would be pointless. Even after evidence to the contrary, he still defends this statement, probably to save his face. In addition, Van Dissel is responsible for the initially very limited testing for Covid-19 infections. The encouragement of the WHO to "testing, testing, testing" did not convince him otherwise. Compared to other EU countries, the Dutch approach to the Covid-19 pandemic therefore has been regrettably poor.

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    We should be wearing masks in public spaces, definitely the underground and other forms of crowded public transport. If we are caring for, or living with someone with the virus then we must cover our mouth or wear a visor and ventilate the room the ill person is in! Other than this, I would not wear a mask for long periods as we rebreathe our own CO2 and viral particles. This is important if you are asthmatic or have reduced lung capacity. Put a finger oxymeter on and watch your oxygen saturation reduce. We must all get plenty of fresh air and buy masks made in the UK to help businesses of which there are now a growing band of suppliers. I note that Germany has vending machines at railway stations selling masks. The UK must up its game. Public Health England have shown themselves to be useless.

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    If you are going to wear a mask you shouldn't do it for long periods of times. It is also important to wear a mask that is going to protect you from any possible infection if that is how the infection occurs. Have they even proven that it is the asymptomatic carriers who are actually doing any of the infecting? If you aren't sick, then that raises the question of why you would need to wear a mask much at all. There are so many conflicting points of view and so many expert opinions out there, that it has become difficult to know who or what to believe. People should just use good judgment, and not go overboard with the mask wearing in my opinion. If you are sick with something then perhaps you should stay home. But I guess if you have to go out for whatever reason, then maybe you should wear a mask.

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    I was in my local supermarket doing my weekly shop. Only me and 2 other people that I noticed that were wearing masks, out of 50-60 other people that were coming and going. Shocking to many uneducated people about.

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    Where did you find your research? Can you site your paper?

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    Wearing a mask can breed germs and cause hypoxia. We are not made to Made to inhail co2 .

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    So you are saying only sick people should wear mask .

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    There is some evidence to the contrary on the effectiveness of masks however: And reviews of literature conducted on the effectiveness of masks in transmission of viruses in general is inconclusive at best.

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    Thanks for the information ..what about H1N1 (Flu's) , Corona, (virus droplets) or pneumonia styles ..what percent of virale is evident for a person infected 1 day 2 days 3 days etc. so far no one has shown what is the contagious time frames of the virus vs flu virus in the body and what percent of virus are in the exhaled or coughed or sneezed possibiltiies … this is nothing new it is how breathing, coughing and sneezing of the body operate … so is everyone saying this is the only way the virus is passed along … remember in the air there are particulates in the air which droplets attach to…so the key is to stop breathing till the Cornoa Virus Passes being outside is much better than being inside.. What the the Contagious Period for the Virus or Flu Virus or Pneumonia in this medium of exhaling ?

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    JAMA September 3, 2019 "N95 Respirators vs Medical Masks for Preventing Influenza Among Health Care Personel" shows no difference in health care personnel getting infected between the 2 different types of masks, probably because Surgical Masks were still good at stopping droplets. If I go into a grocery store, I'm going to wear a face shield too, to protect myself, and they are not in short supply and also easily made at home. In both cases about 8% of the health care workers were getting infected.

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    Dr Campbell, thank you so much for doing this video. It has frustrated me so much that the UK Govt and its' scientific advisors have almost obsessively focussed on dissuading us to not wear masks, even telling us it could put us at more risk at some points, and even now only "if we want to – not mandatory" when in public internal places.
    I have had really positive personal success with reducing colds by wearing them in planes and public transport for months before this outbreak happened that I have been convinced about their value also for reducing risks. Before I would get regular colds and this often resulted in 2-3 months long exhausting coughs and it would have roll on effects to other aspects of my health. So finding ways to stop this was very important to me for my quality of life. Mask wearing in public transport myself has made a significant difference to me.
    And as you say, the empirical evidence is also clear from the countries which have worn them in public and also had best success in reducing the scale of the outbreak. I understood from a presentation by Professor Lum as part of the UK Health and Social Care Committee expert panel discussion the other day that in Hong Kong they also didn't really lock down – but they had 97% of the population wearing masks by March (along with the track and trace and quarantine) and in January they mandated all care workers must wear masks. They did not have a single COVID infection in care homes and not a single health worker death. Now that's really impressive.
    I have seen in my own work over the years that sometimes an 'expert' has a particular take on something and then because they say it loud enough and they are respected, many other people start saying the same thing and it becomes a kind of 'fact' that others are looked down upon if they contradict. I think that is also what has probably happened here and it hasn't helped that the WHO also didn't come out and strongly advise to wear them, giving more justification to a government like ours to ignore the experience in the countries which previously fought SARS.
    Hopefully now that we can see how badly we have done against these other countries, this will be revisited, but that needs the experts advising the government to also be a bit humble about their misjudgement… I am doubtful as to whether that will happen… although I guess they can just say… "with the new evidence… we are now changing our advice".. even though the evidence has been there for some time.
    In case you are interested please also see this post re some mapping we did on the UK govt guidance to care homes and the major issues with it. We continue to be very concerned about the fact that the government still continues to not talk about asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission (thank you also for raising this in your video) – as until it focusses on this in its guidance to care homes the risk of spread will continue:

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    I'm sorry I don't have time: wear or not wear????

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    Dr Social Distancing! Lol. This guy is hilarious, he wants either 8m social distancing or enforced masks! If he is still here believing the UK and US narrative after 3 months and making his scribbles (amusing though they are) he's either a braindead news mouthpiece or a plant.

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    isnt the virus dead DNA material?So infection is not possible…so mask or not it doesnt matter besides that it is anti-social and unhealthy…

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    Wearing mask and walking is unhealthy. You are getting your own carbon dioxide back in your lungs.

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    Why don’t all you people where a mask when you get a cold or flu?

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    I would not go around wearing a mask all day like they are asking. Workers to.

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    I'm willing to bet there hasn't been a single verified case of infection via touching surfaces and all this hand washing/disinfecting mania is based not on a shred of science, but rather pure speculation.

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    Ridiculous to go through all the studies without doing the most basic scientific work of isolating the virus and transmitting it from one living host to another. Otherwise, this is just a lot of theoretical hocus pocus. Especially when you are promoting something that has been proven to cause a weakening of the immune system, migraine headaches, and even loss of consciousness.

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    Thanks Dr Campbell .

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    I am in social care and always telling people to wear a mask but no one seems to care much. I blame the government for this. It should be compulsory inside any area eg shops. No one is doing this.

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    All this mask wearing and there is no change in the trend of covid. Wearing a cloth mask is pointless. It's more a security blank for those who are scared.

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    Fresh Air sound like a plan.

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    Dear Dr. Campbell, the public needs to be informed of the hazards as presented in BMJ. Here is an excerpt: "Face masks make breathing more difficult. (…) Moreover, a fraction of carbon dioxide previously exhaled is inhaled at each respiratory cycle. Those two phenomena increase breathing frequency and deepness, and hence they increase the amount of inhaled and exhaled air. This may worsen the burden of covid-19 if infected people wearing masks spread more contaminated air. This may also worsen the clinical condition of infected people if the enhanced breathing pushes the viral load down into their lungs. (…) If face masks determine a humid habitat where the SARS-CoV-2 can remain active due to the water vapour continuously provided by breathing and captured by the mask fabric, they determine an increase in viral load and therefore they can cause a defeat of the innate immunity and an increase in infections. This phenomenon may also interact with and enhance previous points." Please note that being exposed to the virus and being infected is not alarming given the fact that over 95% of people, those who are healthy and especially under the age of 70, have no or mild symptoms and would in deed be contributing to herd immunity to protect the vulnerable; wearing masks when visiting the elderly and immuno-compromised during an epidemic makes more sense than wearing masks when going out in public.

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    Thankyou Dr. for educating us. Your videos are very informative!! Love from India. Namaste 🙏

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    Wrong wrong wrong

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    John knows more than he's letting on. He says he's going to give us the BOTTOM line. He farts to hide a cough, for sure. But he won't say, as he's masking it. If you sneeze it can go up to seven Metres. But if you fart it can go up to five miles!! Seems like we're done for. To me, the whole thing stinks. He's now taking about gas clouds. Hmmn 🤔

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    Taiwan has 23 million people. They have had 8 people die. Everyone wears a mask. All the proof we need.

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    I live in California in the U.S. and this doesn't surprise me one bit. Everytime I go to the grocery store, there are one to three people that had mask on waiting in line. Once they've gotten into the store they pulled down their mask down. They are no longer wearing them while shopping. I am seeing the remaining people that are wearing mask, at least half of those people don't have the mask pulled up to cover their nose. So it won't surprise me when we all get it. But till then I will keep taking the best precautions I can and hoping I don't get it. I am 69 yrs with a heart condition.

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    Breathing CO2 = POISON

    NASA Clearly stated their greatest challenge in sending Astronauts to space was not providing oxygen but rather Dealing with the POISONOUS CO2 we all breathe out!

    Trying to Mandate Masks that have killed people worldwide

    Including a woman who was wearing a mask while driving & blacked out CRASHING her car
    Healthy children (I have heard of 5 but there are more unreported to be sure) in China
    wearing masks at school during sports

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    (… that is NO LONGER THE QUESTION )

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    Why cannot people work out 2 metres is roughly 6.6ft, it isn't very difficult. 2 metres isn't not 6ft or 7ft!

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    Remember 2 metres is not a scientifically proven. The government made it up. I agree. It isn't a safe distance.

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    Wearing those kinds of masks have never been to protect the person who's wearing it. The same goes for surgical masks. Even though I have never seen a person cough or sneeze straight out like that in the "real world" its still good that people know the application of the masks.

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    Thank you, Dr. Campbell, for this video and all of your videos. Very informative. I’m a fan.

    I am definitely in the pro-mask camp, however, anti-maskers have presented Dr. Jim Meehan’s information. Would you mind reviewing it, please? Thank you.

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    erasing critical comments, doctor? Not very sporting of you.

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    Good video, good info, however I dont see where you specifically explain the % a paper N95 mask will restrict/contain the airborne elements or if it is effective in suppressing the transmission all together? Basically, does the paper n95 mask keep me from getting infected from the air if others in the room are infected and are wearing a mask? Another way to ask: Everyone is wearing paper masks n95, there is an infected person in the room, can we still breath in their infected exhale and receive the virus?

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    Thanks again, John, the go to source for accurate information. I wonder where we would be now if our government spoke to us in such a way rather than trotting out pathetic whack a mole “strategies…”

    Apologies in advance if answered elsewhere, but is there a type and/ or brand of mask that is recommended for civilian use as having done some research a bit of a nightmare finding a reputable brand/ type? Or am I overthinking it? Also, given the potential for the virus to be absorbed via the eyes, would eye protection be a good idea too or os that over the top? Finally, would normal glasses, with the obvious side, below and above flaws, at least offer some protection?

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

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    Of course masks are the key to beat the virus! Can't understand why so many brits just don't believe it, and let tens of thousands of people get infected and die .

  79. Avatar

    In hindsight, you were wrong.

  80. Avatar

    What a load of crap. Look up real doctors like rashid buttar. People that believe this must be stupid.

  81. Avatar

    What about the actual studies on masks? They don't conclude we should be wearing them, yet we get spun a web of psuedo science based on what we think we know by well intentioned Drs like yourself.

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    Just like to make a comment about wearing Mask's. I personally do not see any value in this method of protection as it is not protecting anyone. There are TWO Open Wounds in every human body……. THE EYE's, remember Eye's, Ear's, Nose & Throat, came about for a reason, they ALL link to the Nasal, throat and Lungs. We have been walking around for thousands of years with all of these viruses, dust and pollution . The Human body is a marvelous creation and will do very well on its own, so why are we not wearing goggles and sanitary Ear plugs, sounds like the BURKA may be a good option.

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    No i can freedom

  84. Avatar

    A professor no mas or mask why

  85. Avatar

    Yes Mask no freedom . yes Freedom no mask

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    if your ill wear a mask, if you want to wear one all the time go for it. but dont impose your belief/ religion on others and make them required to wear one.

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    People NOT wearing MASKS and wanting to party around children and OLDER adults should be MANDATED to TOUR THE COVIT UNIT at Hospitals for an hour without PPE

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    L’ opération “cov-19“ est essentiellement une entreprise de déshumanisation de la société, à travers la destruction des rapports humains, de communication, de contact et de socialisation, via les masques et les “gestes barrière” ou “social distancing” (même le lavage de mains permanents est une espèce d’indication que : l’Autre est sale!)… résistance aux masques et autres “social distancing”! Le “cov-19“ est une chimère……….

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    So cheap masks that are as thin as a sheet are basically useless because sick people will still create a cloud around them and infect others.

  90. Avatar

    back when masks weren't political

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    A new cdc study link the covid19 n 5g radiation as ppl we saying for a long time but nobody want to believe
    So sad the lack of info of ppl

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    Dr. John Campbell, Could you be kind to the point of reflecting and explaining about the possibility of 'corona' or other 'virus' to be exosomes? You are so good as a teacher and the Science about Health is proving to be fake like a lot of other things that make the base of our believes!… Should you take the COVID19 Test? Top7jecxUMpQ2C56Q7Eki6rM Dr. Robert O. Young: Dr. Andrew Kaufman: Andrew Kaufman David Crowe: Dr. Tom Cowan:

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    Here’s what the CDC have to say about masks in a study reported May 2020 –

    In our systematic review, we identified 10 RCTs [Random Controlled Trials] that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946–July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found NO SIGNIFICANT reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks.

    it goes on to say it doesn’t matter whether you are sick and infected and trying to protect others (stop the spread), or well and uninfected and trying to protect yourself – masks offer NO significant help in doing so either way furthermore it concludes-

    “There is limited evidence for their effectiveness in preventing influenza virus transmission either when worn by the infected person for source control or when worn by uninfected persons to reduce exposure. Our systematic review found NO significant effect of face masks on transmission of laboratory-confirmed influenza.”

    Also DR Fauci at the start of this madness had this to say –

    “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think it is. And often there are unintended consequences – people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.”

    I wonder what changed his mind? ……🤔 hmmmmmm

    No it’s clear Blood Hypoxia clot risk can result from prolonged wearing of a mask Just a 5% drop in blood oxygenation is considered “abnormal” but a 15% reduction will cause noticeable symptoms. These include headaches, dizziness, nausea, and cognitive impairment. Even surgeons can suffer low O2 and associated symptoms merely from wearing a surgical mask … At sea level the air we breathe is 21% oxygen. High altitude where pilots can suffer ill effects begins at even 5,000 feet. The N95 mask commonly worn eclipses that elevation; it’s well known to cause a 20% reduction in O2, which simulates the 16% O2 of 6,000 feet. As the N95 simulates a similarly low oxygen saturation, this indicates wearing a mask may decrease your natural ability to prevent blood clots by 50%. This has potentially serious implications. Yet everywhere daft people panicked by a lying corrupt MSM walking about outside in the open spaces like beaches and parks wearing masks 😳 absolutely amazing to see how foolish and easily led the masses are.

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    COVID-19 = CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION ID. THE 19 IN GEMATRIA IS Ai (artificial intelligence)….

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