>In this brief video Dr. Frank (the founder of addiction mindset) discusses three ways to balance dopamine after quitting smoking weed aka quitting weed. If you are struggling with weed addiction, marijuana addiction, weed withdrawals, THC withdrawals, taking a tolerance break or have cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome AddictionMindset recovery coaching videos are for you!

Do you know why people get anhedonia after quitting weed? Do you know why we get cravings after quitting smoking? Its because of dopamine!

If you are looking to boost dopamine levels naturally in your sobriety and addiction recovery process this video is a must watch. Have you considered a dopamine detox? If so this video on quitting weed is for you!

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EPA Fish oil to help with dopamine

L tyrosine to help boost dopamine

Acetly L Cystine to help with cravings

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